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  1. G'day, I am trying to find out what cars the number plates on my garage wall are from. The issue I have found is my lack of british-ness is making all the reg check websites go FEK OFF AUSSIE SCUM, and all the ones that work require the Make/Model to check! I suspect the cars they were on have been exported to Australia, hence why the plates are here, but cannot confirm this Any Ideas? Here are the ones I have: EBD216C EGU353D N186RGA - Suspected Japanese OTF163R E762RNH - TWR Northampton Dealership NJH368H AYA272X - Serck TXC238M FCL712E WYF384G APT212L NVW298C GLB873C MXC276D C784CHT - Suspected VW or Audi C785CHT - Suspected VW or Audi KC06LBF OBF395 306KR Cheers!
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