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  1. Its illegal to piss about with your mobile when driving, & understandably so, so, how is it legal to have to plough through 3 menus on a touch screen in the middle of the dash to do a basic function that a simple button would do with ease? Maybe if they routinely did voice control combined with touch screens (as a few already do) it would make more sense, & still be cheaper than the buttons & knobs they`re trying to avoid designing & making. On Fifth Gear Recharged yesterday, Vicky B-H was testing a new "Genesis" which had a screen in the middle of the dash (literally) which displayed a real time video monitor of the view ahead with the satnav overlaid onto it.. sounds great in theory, but, she found mega distracting & found herself repeatedly looking at the screen to see what was happening ahead, rather than looking out the actual windscreen, which I can well believe.... So, I`ll expect to find loads of front ended Genesis's at Copart once they take off..
  2. Exactly like that, in a narrow Walthamstow back street.. Was one of those double take moments.. Must be really weird to drive.
  3. A neighbour displaying electronic handbrake issues last weekend.. Turned itself on as they pulled away & refused to come off. (was there for 2 days & hauled off on a transporter)
  4. Am I surprised to see that one owner (when it lived near me) Belmont up your end? Yes.. Yes I am..
  5. Has anyone ever Cozzied one of these?
  6. Am I the only one looking at this pic imagining the 7 on a custom roof rack atop the Vic, with some drop down folding/extending ramps... 😕
  7. Here you go. The Fiat 500 in the last post still exists! (but in now red & has a matching trailer!), the custom Firenza droop snoot belonged to a racing driver at the time & allegedly still exists, despite not being taxed in over 40 years! I`ve been checking 100`s of plates on this website in the last month to find out the average lifespan of the motors back in the day (its very addictive, I`ve wasted wayyy too much time on it), I`ve only found a few that still exist. I`ve saved 1000`s of pics, I wont flood them on here though.
  8. I can see where your coming from, it is a bit C1 in proportion, but I don't think it is..
  9. Anyone recognise this? I cant work it out (feels a bit Japanese?), & its plate isnt coming up..
  10. I took a picture of that Stanza in 2015, & my picture came out just as bad! 😂
  11. About 5 years ago I saw a 90`s Mercedes truck in a similar style to that in east London, with the cab at car level, but it had no trailer. It looked really weird, so I did a bit of investigating at the time, & if I remember rightly, it was some kind of airport vehicle, I think to load food containers onto planes? Wasnt a million miles from city airport..
  12. Guys, we`re in a agreement in some regards, but definitely not all... I don't want to clutter up N19`s thread with what will almost definitely escalate into a potentially messy & divisive political debate. I/we`ve been over this before in the ULEZ topic, so, I`ll leave it there..
  13. I think that just went past mine, his tail lights aren't working! (pretty sure I noticed his brake lights weren't working last year as well!)
  14. I regularly come home late, the amount of times I`ve been behind busses with 1 or 2 people on, & seen them coming the other way, also with a couple of people on... As well as that, my brother & one of my friends also live overlooking busy bus routes, obviously I tend to gravitate towards the window to look at the road numerous times when I`m at their places, & again, sooooooo many empty or neigh empty busses.. How "eco" is that? How much do they weigh? 12 tons? Even when they arent diesel (& most are), how much 2.5 do they put out in the form of tyre & brake dust? To transport half a dozen people 3 miles?!?
  15. Compared to the Corsa, it isn't that bad really, especially compared to the more normal local mummy choices, like Range Rovers, BM X5`s, Outlanders & other gigantic SUV/4x4`s I see every morning, usually carrying 1 kid...
  16. Terrible still (from my dashcam)
  17. Oh right, so this is what was hiding behind the van for decades then?
  18. That is a great quote.. I have no problem with Khan for the most part, but I do have a problem with gross misrepresentation of figures & the unfair way the whole systems been implemented.. £12.50 is bugger all in the grand scheme of things, a third of a tank of petrol in the Uno, but, I`m already struggling financially, so I could really do without it.
  19. And a few more recent ones.
  20. Recently emerged from a local garage.. Last taxed in 1978...
  21. Oh right, well, easy enough to deal with then, I expect it`ll extend from the pillar into the firewall anyway? I`d like to keep one of the Uno`s on the road & swallow the £12.50 when I do use it.. probably the 60S, as I`ve had that one for 15 years, so I feel more loyal to it than the others.. I can probably leave the 1993 Uno 45 in my mates garage for now, as he`s not bothered about it. I think the rest will have to go.. I`d like to find something pre 82 & historically exempt as a daily, but 1. reliability, 2. rust resistance, & 3. prices...
  22. If my entire family (including kids & elderly parents) & friends & contacts weren't all here, I would..
  23. Off the top of my head... Alfa 164 x2 Austin Princess x1 Austin Ambasador x1 Audi 100 C3 x1 Audi 100 C4 x2 BMW E21 x1 BMW E30 x2 BMW E36 x1 Citroen LNAII x1 Daewoo Lanos x1 Fiat 126 air cooled x1 Fiat 126 water cooled x2 Fiat 127 x1 Fiat Panda classic x5 Fiat Uno x15+ Fiat 131 Supermirafiori x1 Fiat Argenta x1 Fiat Tempra x1 Fiat Tipo x1 Fiat Seicento x3 Fiat 500 (modern) x1 Ferrari 308 x1 Ford Ka x1 Ford Fiesta Mk1 x1 Ford Fiesta Mk2 x1 Ford Escort Mk1 x1 Ford Escort Mk4 x3 Ford Cortina Mk3 x1 Ford Cortina Mk5 x1 Ford Sierra Mk1 x1 Ford Sierra Mk2 x2 Ford Granada Mk3 x1 Honda Civic x1 Hyundai Scoupe x1 Jaguar S-Type (original 1966) x1 Jaguar S-Type (modern) x1 Jaguar XJ Series III x2 Jaguar & Daimler XJ40 x6 Jaguar X300 x2 Jaguar X308 x2 Lada Riva 1200 x1 Lancia Thema S1 x1 Morris Marina x1 Nissan Bluebird x2 Opel Kadett x1 Peugeot 104 x1 Peugeot 205 x2 Peugeot 309 x1 Peugeot 306 x1 Peugeot 505 x1 Porsche 924 x1 Porsche 944 x3 Porsche 928 x1 Porsche 911 x2 Porsche Boxster x1 Renault 5 x2 Renault 14 x1 Renault 18 x1 Renault 20 x1 Rover P6 x1 Rover SD1 x1 Talbot Samba x1 Talbot Horizon x1 Triumph 1300 (FWD) x1 Triumph Dolomite x2 Triumph 2000 x1 Toyota Corolla x2 Skoda 120L x1 Vauxhall Viva HB x2 (one was my first car @15yo) Viva HC x3 Vauxhall FE (1.8-3.3) x5 Vauxhall Carlton A x3 Vauxhall Carlton B x2 Vauxhall Senator A x2 (one an Opel) Vauxhall Senator B x3 VW Golf Mk2 x2 VW Golf Mk3 x1 VW Beetle (modern) x1 VW Sharan x1 I`m sure theres more, but I cant think of them at the moment..
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