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  1. She was just an innocent lady who happens to live at the address the fake seller is giving out. When I was speaking to her, we think the idea is people from further afield would be sending deposits to him to “secure” the car. It’s local folks who just went to see if it was real first that turned up and rang her doorbell.
  2. £700 Mini that has floors - It’s a con. But what if it’s not, but what if it’s not. I saw this when it had been listed only 1 hour, surely it’s a fake… But what if it’s not. The Profile is real, what harm in a message - it’ll probably be in garbled English and demands for deposits or clicking links… But what if it’s not. The seller replies, says he’s inundated and is available for viewings, gives an address and that’s real. 15 mins away, Streetview shows cars under tarps, looks plausible… But what if it’s not. I jump in the Sierra, he’s not asked anything of me he can con me on, maybe I’ll be stabbed, but it’s worth it for a £700 Mini… but what if it’s not… There is no Mini…of course there isn’t. (But there is a rather distressed lady at that address who has been sending gullible car nerds away from her home all evening) 🤣
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1455679901614207/ There is so much AutoShite about this! The perfect recovery vehicle for the HorseBollox ?
  4. I’m convinced this was at least part of my problem. Off the car the secondary side resistance was like 6kOhms when it should be about 10k or something from what Mr. YouTube was telling me. I put my “spare” coil on which reads ~9kOhms and it ran like a treat - right up until it cut out and now I have zero spark... After remeasuring the coil it still suggests that’s ok. My theory is the new coil somehow messed up a fragile old condenser (condenser triggers coil via points interrupt, right?). Maybe messing with the balance tipped something else over the edge. I think I will go electronic ignition. My other Mini had that eventually and it was a bit of a game changer to be fair. However, MOT is due on Friday, so I’ll limp it there on old school ignition as I’m expecting another metal work “investment” will be required. Prime Shite 👌
  5. Mini Shcity All this time while fancying around on the Sierra, the Mini has been sat as target practice. It’s not running right and twice I’ve thought I’d fixed it, just for it to conk out again. 100% convince it’s ignition related. 1st fix was descaling the rotor arm and cap. 2nd fix was replacing the coil (secondary circuit resistant was way too low). 3rd fix will probably be a new condenser. Basically it’s suffering intermittent loss of spark, which is apt because I too am suffering intermittent loss of spark for it; it’s getting on my nerves! Part of me thinks I should get electronic ignition, the other part of me thinks I should stop being a Millennial Snowflake and just deal with ropey ignition spoiling my Saturdays.
  6. That rear door is annoying me. It’s letting the side down, bah-dum-tish. My least favourite job on this Sierra so far was polishing the whole car, including two rounds of T-cut on that door… I hate cleaning cars in general and the more detail you get into the more bored of it I get. But it is looking too shit. So, after visiting the school of YouTube I took a brave pill and got the sandpaper out. 😬 Wet 1500 grit then compound then polish. The shine is returning. I wish I’d just got on with it and done it sooner.
  7. That one is a pre-production prototype on cold climate testing in Finland. And here’s one being used to carry test equipment
  8. Credit: Stuart Axe on Flickr
  9. Thorough enjoyment abounds. Due to my knackered old iPhone, I don’t get much battery time for photos but these were my (captured) highlights: MVP: What my Mini could have been, if it were a Metro. Underdog award: Obviously I’m picking a 440. Would have been gutted is no-one had brought one! Coincidental Reg Award: My MX5 is a fellow K_BOF Covert thy neighbour: Ooof it’s beige. But my DieseL does provide a certain lovable misery that a petrol can never achieve. Today it tripled its post recommission mileage and didn’t miss a beat rattle. I’m looking forward to seeing more photos to remind me of the great stuff that was there.
  10. What I love about FoTU: - my brother is on his way over to my house right now in his minty TR6, which will be intentionally left on the drive so we can go to the car show in a ropey old low spec diesel Sierra.
  11. A.S. Top Tip: Is your car overheating or running hot? Simply change your sender to something less sensitive and enjoy the feeling of calm when looking at the temperature gauge. ** Disclaimer: I’ve just changed over from the wrong one (Granada) to the correct one (Sierra), so I’m not really too hot. But a handy tip for the future lol.
  12. Thanks. I put a fair bit of effort into getting it on the road again, working on it as a weekend warrior. Pictures really flatter it TBH, but all it’s visual “defects” are just part of the life it’s lived… I think I’ll be moving it on soon - I’ve done what I wanted and brought it back to the road. Cars are a bit of a juggling act at Chez Harrison still and I’ve yet more projects to get stuck into.
  13. The Sierra DieseL - Impressions With a few hundred miles under its belt (since 2003!), the Sierra has really been a joy to drive. Something about it feels inherently modern - the seating position, steering wheel, pedals and shifter are all in a lovely position. It is wonderfully squishy on its R13” balloons and 40 year old bushings and the interior has that unmistakable smell of hot dust. It feels reliable. It’s yet to prove that feeling is warranted, but the thrum of the naturally aspirated diesel just has that unending quality. I’m not finding it chronically slow either. It’s either geared well or the torque that it has is all usefully usable, no Top Trump figures here but it might* be able to chirp the tyres on a spirited roundabout pull-away. I even took it to a little show recently. There are some things I don’t like though. At 70mph it’s got a bit of a wobble on, particularly on deceleration. In theory the wheels are balanced, but it might need some tracking work and said squishy bushes looking at. The rear drivers side door is a respray and is very matte despite two rounds of T-cut by hand. It probably needs wet and dry or a machine cut, but then I’m not quite brave enough or bothered enough to go that far. The temp sender was dead (I snapped the blade connector off when doing other engine bay things) and I’ve temporarily replaced it with one pinched from the Granada. It was half the length and now reads HOT, I guess due to different resistance curves of the sender, but it plays hell with my unconscious brain! I also recognise it wants a bit more preservation work doing. It would be thankful of a clean up and paint underneath as it seems pretty good under there and it would be a shame to let it deteriorate any further unnecessarily.
  14. rob88h


    Is it so that useful speeds are in sensible places like 70mph at the top/12 o’clock? Massive guess but I know race cars do this with tachos and temp gauges and stuff; so the ideals are all 12 o’clock to make glancing them easy.
  15. 100 miles in after recommissioning. Fingers crossed I don’t break it before FoTU!
  16. The Sierra has been out on its first decent trip in probably 20 years... It behaved well which was a relief. Now that I can drive it, it’s time to start finding out what the next layer of jobs are!
  17. I had a go at diagnosing the Mini. My initial thought was that my random cut-outs were loose battery related as the battery tie down bar had come off. On looking in the boot I realised how bad things are getting rust wise, so applied some Chemistry to see if I can get a little more life out of it. Chemistry! Then a bit of “the good stuff” POR-15. I’ve realised I’ve essentially painted a shadow-board of the spare tyre, haha. Long story short. The battery’s not the problem. It’s probably something in the ignition circuit. A job for the future!
  18. M.O.T. achieved, The Ford Sierra DieseL, Is now road legal.
  19. The Volvo has done a solid and fixed itself. I think it’s that Intake Air Temp sensor again, only probably the connector or wiring as dismantling for a resistance check and putting it all back together again seems to have fixed it.
  20. I was trying to buy a spares car to pick up this weekend as the MOT on it would be out next week. The whole “selling for a mate” thing - I thought was a ploy for plausible deniability of any issues, but I’ve never had it go so far as this guy, who effectively doesn’t know if what he’s selling is even for sale!
  21. Sorry if you have this… It came up on my Marketplace feed and I thought of you. 🙃 https://www.facebook.com/groups/712366136149860/permalink/1033752040677933/
  22. Stunning result. I’m endeared to that little Rover even more the longer that it survives against all odds.
  23. Yesterday the Mini broke down. Today the Volvo broke down. Of six cars, I’m down to one. FML.
  24. The Sierra DieseL MOT was not achieved. Not today. BUT, ever the optimist, things aren’t that bad. 1) The horn was in-op, despite it working when I did the pre-checks last night and working still when I picked it up after the test. Maybe just some coaching on where it is and/or how hard to press it is required for the MOT Man. Or, there is a ballache mystery fault. Hopefully the former. b.) The exhaust is knackered. I’d eyeballed it at home (rather it had eyeballed me with rust flakes) when I was underneath messing about renovating the brakes and I thought it was* passable [literal] at the time. What I think has now happened is that all my thrashing about to clear the smoke yesterday has been a bit too much for the old exhaust and it’s blown and opened up along a rusty fault line. I’ve never seen anything like it. It sounds well fruity now. This probably helped it pass emissions lol, and if I can get it back in on time for the re-test, the emissions won’t need re-doing. Top Tip for passing emissions - use an exhaust like a sieve so at the tailpipe it’s effectively like taking the emissions measurement a car length away from the car! Then simply replace the exhaust for the re-test. Obviously Sierra MK1 diesel exhausts are seemingly pretty Unicorn. I’m trying to get one shipped from Motomobil. I’m not messing about with sections, this lucky Sierra is getting all three sections replaced. So for now it’s back to “driveway 1984” until the exhaust arrives.
  25. This was after about half a mile - from mine to “the estate”. When I first booted it out of my street the only word for the amount smoke it made is BIBLICAL. Caps required. It’s a pity I didn’t catch that! A mix of Blue, White and Black. All the smoke. It got loads better in just driving to where I could film. Then I found a dual carriageway with a roundabout each end and did a few laps. It’s calmed down now. Bear in mind this is the 1st time this thing has been out of 1st gear and idle since about 2003. I did a bit of revving when bleeding the coolant, but no load. I can’t believe they want these things banned from Cities. Nanny State.
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