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Lazy spotters thread


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Saw some great chod today, first saw this nice pair:


Then I came across this garage which specialised in Italian classics:


First time I had seen a Montreal in the flesh since Motorclassica:






My favourite however was the Fiat 130 saloon they had. A local car that a guy had inherited from his dad after he passed away, now being worked on to get back on the road:

IMG_5174.thumb.JPG.9cddc417977ce48866cda11f78753d07.JPG IMG_5175.thumb.JPG.b882dad3808acb20e7ec1d6bb8aa8eed.JPG

Coming back home I then saw this very nice HK Brougham...



... followed by this Type 3 Fastback:



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Since we've got a dog I've found some local chod less than five minutes from our house. We've been here eight years but I'd never walked up these roads as they don't go anywhere. 



I don't think Chieveley understood what I was trying to do here. 

The Transit I had seen from a distance. Having a dog gives you a reason to wander nonchalantly past these things. It looks even more impressive* close up. 


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On 18/12/2020 at 07:01, SteersWithThrottle said:

I want to say Lotus Esprit, but not with 5-stud rims. Hmm, maybe a TVR 350C 350i? And some kind of yank-tank, Ford LTD maybe?

Later Esprit wheels are five stud. Probably started with the turbo.

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On 12/19/2020 at 8:51 PM, barrett said:

I think it is an Esprit, and is that an Opel Rekord? Are they 'local'? Never seen those before and I've driven most of the lanes near Horsham

I was further out in the sticks . I think it was an Esprit and maybe a ......., I'll have to go back and get another pic, they both had reg plates on

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