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Lazy spotters thread

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I wonder if there's some sort of double bluff thing going on, painting it silver, like, 'anybody who made a copy of a Ferrari would paint it red, this is resale silver, so it must be real'.

I guess it doesn't look too bad if that's what you want, major disappointment though when the local tec' college auto repair candidates start burning you off in their lunch hour, driving a warmed up Fiesta.

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It had illegally tinted front windows , presumably so you wouldn’t be able to see inside 

 assume the Ferrari parts visible through the rear window are just plastic replicas 

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My mate sent me this picture the other day. 


There's a lot going on there. Big bore exhast, chrome arches, mirrored windows. 

Looking at the history it was originally black, then white (which its still registered as) and is now the inconspicuous red above. 

Makes me think it was used for funerals, then weddings and now for selling drugs to chavs. 

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18 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

The front of that microcar looks like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle...rough

It was parked next to me this morning in my residents car park (my spot being the one with oil stains all over the ground, naturellement).

Never seen it before, looked like it was held together with prayers alone. Definitely wouldn't fancy crashing in one of those.

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