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  1. Changed the oil on the Seat. It was the hardest oil filter I've ever had to remove. Needed a chain style oil filter grabber and a 1M breaker bar to loosen it off, the sump plug was the same story. It does not help the ABF engine really does not feel like it was made for the polo chassis. Turned out the heater valve on the 416 was so nasty and rusty the bowden cable was not moving as it should. Cleaned it up and now I have perfect heat, no issue with the matrix as I thought. Put two new decent tyres on the GPZ and noticed the rear wheel bearings and carrier bearing were well past it. Changed house around and found a lot of vertical slack on the swingarm. Turns out the shock mount had a bad bush. Figured out the choke was not applying as it should, it was due to the loom getting in the way of the linkage. Not really sure if I'm missing a bracket or clip, I just cable tied it and get all the full choke range now. Fitted a new clutch cable and clutch lever (old one was bent). Stuck a new thermostat on it as the temperatures were always a bit funny. I don't really feel much of a difference from all the changes. Lots of little fixes, so it's far nicer now. Brakes are so much nicer now!
  2. Need to get some rover photos put up, cleaned the interior and made it far nicer. Blower motor was only working on speeds 3 and 4 so got a new risistor pack and got it blowing on all four speeds, only £8. Sadly the heater matrix is clogged, I might have a go filling it with vinegar to clean it out. Anyone tried that before? Got a couple new tyres fitted to the gpz, weirdly the front tyre had a inner tube in it, so we left it in there. Messed around with the clutch, does not slip now but I'm out of adjustment on the cable so ordered a replacement.
  3. I've been so busy so have not been keeping this thread very well updated. Went collected a rover 416 the other weekend. Its got the honda d16b2 and a auto box and a little rot! Bought it between me and a buddy and the plan is to drive it accross Europe this summer.
  4. Got a caliper off a er6, rear master cylinder rebuild kit, some new stainless lines and new pads and had a go replaceing all the old stuff. Never messed around with brake hydraulics but it seemed to be simple especially on a motorbike. And after: I did not get a front master cylinder rebuild kit but after I got the brake fluid out I relied it might not be a bad idea, front; And rear; No wonder the rear felt so spongy, probably should have done this all ASAP... Or bought a better bike, Who knows? Still got the clutch to adjust and tyres to change for now.
  5. Just agreed to get it, Collecting it on Sunday! Thanks
  6. Went to the dealer and got the speedo cable guide. Small thing but i guess its important. Got a fuel tank mount bushing as well but I've been two lazy to fit it yet. Went for the first ride out and put my first 50 miles on it. Was good fun, not as fast as the ninja 650 but all the power I need for now. But I ran into a few issues the more I rode it. It's running a bit cold at speed, maybe I will just fit a new thermostat. It got louder and louder the more I rode it, was coming from the front of the engine. I went back to the kawasaki and got new exhuasts manifold gaskets, one stud (incase one snapped and new bolts). Took it apart and that was indeed the issue. I'm glad I bought the new nuts as the old ones were not correct. It went all back together and It was as loud as it should be again. The final issue is my brake performance is very poor. My buddy said after I did a hard stop my front brake was smoking. I can only guess the pads are in poor condition or just crap quality. Any ideas? Will probably get some EBC organic pads and service the slide pins when they arive.
  7. Today I passed my mod 2, very happy as now I'm able to ride anything. Need to get out this weekend!
  8. Time to get the gpz ready for the road as my mod 2 is coming up. First thing was first was the chain. I got a new fancy did chain but it was slightly too long. I took the old chain off with a grinder and removed four links off the new chain with the grinder. No matter what I Did I could not get the master link to click in so I left in my freezer for a half hour and with some grips it all popped together again. Then adjusted the swing arm assembly, I think it needs a new front sprocket someday. I also noticed the Silencers are off a triumph, seems very autoshite. I then did a oil and filter, realised the lower cowling was hardly held on so it got some new bolts to hold it all together. Adjusted the carb so the idle does not work itself loose (as much). And pulled out the right spark plug, it was iridium. I was tempted to put it back in and forget about it but I thought i might as well replace them both. The left sparkplug came out very rusty and it was a diffrent type. Trying to put the left one, but I had problems. It just would not thread, i was worried it was somehow crossthreaded. It turns out the remains of a previous plug was still somehow stuck in the well (you can see on the photo) one that was fished out it threaded in without a problem. Immidietly the bike revved so much better, the revs no longer hung like before. It did not need as much choke to get it running when cold, but the strangest. It warmed up so much quicker then before (even considering the colder conditions it used too never warm up). No clue why but I will take it. Topped up the front brake fluid, seems to be ready to go! Probably best do some work on the brakes and replace the ageing tyres but I want to get it on the road first.
  9. Me and a freind had been talking about buying a mk3 golf gti 16v for a while but prices just kept going up. Then saw a seat cordoba 16v for sale on ebay. Bid on it and lost out but of course the winner messed the seller around so we got in touch and went to go look at it. Inspected it and we made a offer and took it home. It has the abf engine we wanted and ought to be fun once sorted. Thrown some water over it but it really does need some work so will be a slow project for us. All the Amber had flaked off the indicator bulbs so replacing those was a easy job. The boot light was unplugged so I plugged it in, strangely then the number plate lights lit up when I opened the boot. It turns out the loom going to the boot had become damaged. Probably why the number plate lights and both front a rear fogs were not working, both fuses had blown. Fog light fuse was over rated too. Stripped apart the interior and boot and pulled the loom out, took it too someone who makes automotive looms and he built us up a new one with new ends! Really nice to do the job properly instead of patching or crimping wires half way. Fitted the new loom and all functionality returned. The weird little oil dip stick guide had failed so we replaced that for a couple pounds. Weird little thing. The key fob also did not work but it had two cr2032 batteries installed. Swapped them out for cr2016 batteries and the remote central locking worked! Then we took the seats out as they were stiff and vacuumed out all the runners and cleaned them. This also allowed me to do some poking and find five rotten corners of the floor pans, it seems the grommets retained moisture and rotted the floorpans around them. Also vacuumed out so much crap. All went together again fine but I have ordered a new set of door nylon runners to make them slide perfect. Central locking knob had snapped off so ordered that as well, and fitted a few new bulbs behind the dash so all the backlighting works as it should. Still got a long list of things to do such as the rust, abs issue, terrible clutch feel (we think it's the cable), needs a new grill, passenger side wing, broken passenger side electric window mechanism, cracked front fog light, oil leaks and gear shifter bushings. But we are getting the simple stuff done fast, at least the aircon works. Probably best to do a service next anyway.
  10. Fitted the new crank sensor and had no luck, then saw the ignition module was unplugged. Runs like a champ nowI. Really feel like a fool, Did not waste that much money on it anyway,Time to get the rear main seal done next.
  11. It might just be the crank sensor even though I thought it tested as OK. Ordered one for good measure.
  12. Good news, I passed my mod 1 today! Mod 2 is booked. Bad news, I can't get the volvo to run, no spark, kinda odd. Crank sensor seems fine. Ordered a set of ht leads as I have 12v at the coil but maybe the ignition coil is faulty. Apon removing the crank sensor I saw it was covered in oil. So it probably needs a new real main seal pretty bad. Still happy about my mod 1 though.
  13. I had that car a couple years ago and sold it too the current owner. Was a perfect car, just uncomfortable for me. There is no issue with the airbag system, you just need a fiat tool to turn the light out. (I replace a seat belt tensioner and caused that issue)! Some information about it is in my thread! It's pretty solid for a marea and had working climate control. Was a one owner car when I got it in 2021
  14. Just noticed this thread, will keep a eye on it! I just failed my MOD 1 last Monday but I'm confident for the retry next Monday. Its exciting though Picked up a Gpz500s I need to do some work on ready to get on the road. So learning too mess around on that but it does not seem too hard.
  15. The choke adjust felt weird on the gpz so I bought a new cable for it, I was advised to stick to genuine parts as they are not very expensive. Started it up today but it would not idle nicely and would stall out. So fitted the new choke cable. I feel like the old one could have probably been adjusted and worked fine but now even in the cold it runs as it should. Kinda feels like I should lubricate all the linkage on the choke/throttle body, but now it does not die out on me! Really simple stuff but the first thing I've ever done on a motorbike. Will need to get on getting some tyres and a chain sorted for it in time. Failed my first attempt on a mod 1 this Monday. I put my foot down on the figure 8, the instructor let me carry on and I did the rest with no issue. Annoying as I was good at that when I practised, I need to go faster next time. I'm Pretty happy that was the only issue though I was very cold and nervous.
  16. Had a go at taking the radio from the Dynasty apart. That was not made to be repaired. Lots of tabs bend over pcb's the fixed down with a blob of solder. Eventually I got down too the bands but they were not broken. I put it together again and the tape deck is now more broken then before. I feel a bit defeated over it but at least the radio still works.
  17. The Dynasty has played up a few more times but I seem to have gotten it down to the ASR (anti start relay) or the fusebox around it. Will have a go taking it apart at some point but I can always get it running now. Need to start sorting more issues on it but now I have another distraction. It was the right price and local, Hopefully it will behave. I've got a bunch of work to do on it in prep for when I pass. Hopefully won't be long, I've really been stringing it out!
  18. I bought that clk thinking "at least I get this private plate" then reliased it was a bit naff! Glad it's still about!
  19. Tempting!!! I would be bored of it in a week and have it up for a roffle!
  20. One thing of note did happen, was driving along the A43 right next to Silverstone and heard a huge bang from the passenger front of the car. It sounded like the radiator had blown or I hit something. I pulled over when I could confused by the fact the car still seemed to drive just fine and saw the white wall trim had torn in half and flown off. But it had belted the side of the car before it detached and flew off. I will probably just bite the bullet and get a set of four tyres with whitewalls on them when the time comes. These tyres are actually getting pretty old now.
  21. Nope nothing has been happening, been keeping myself busy and not even had a chance to do more bike lessons. It's gotten too icey to safely learn to ride. I've just came back from a new york trip however the oddball cars out there are starting to dry up. Still a few crown vics as taxis but not many! Some of my spots And some absolute Chad that lives in mid-town manhatten drives a Citroën Bx! I like to imagine I would get on with it's owner. Driving an American chyrsler beater import in the UK seems similar!
  22. The Dynasty, I will upload another photo when the door warning display has been repaired!
  23. Its gotten intermittent enough now that it's a pain to diagnose. Speedo has also died on me now. Maybe it Hates the wet. Just ordered this from ebay, it may or may not help but ought to good to skim over!
  24. I found I had to put some work to get to 50 and really had to be working it to stay at those speeds. Then as soon as I was on the bigger bike it was no trouble. I was mistaken when I thought I could just throw £500 at someone and get a 125. When I reliased the cheapest 125 I could buy would probably be £1000 or so and be a bit naff I just thought I should go for my full licence. For now I'm still enjoying the lessons.
  25. On Friday I went out in the dodge to get some food, Apon retuning to the car it would start fire up for a second then die. I thought maybe the fuel gauge had broke so got more fuel in a can and it made no difference. Had to call the RAC out but was able to confirm I had fuel at the rail and the pressure seemed alright. I was not getting any fault codes either. The rac guy checked if it was flooded... Which it was not, and I was getting spark even when it was dieing. But after a hour we were out of ideas and I called for recovery. I went home with a buddy. On Saturday morning recovering still had not made it so I went over with my work van to take a look in the daylight and it started immediately! Drove it home, got a taxi to collect my van and canceled the recovery. shopping centre was nice enough to waive the parking fee as I called them. I've been going out too it every day trying to make fault again but it's running just fine. I can only suspect its something called the ASR (anti start relay) which I think cuts power to the injectors when it detects some kind of fault with the ecu sensors or loom. Not really sure what my next step is now, probably hose the engine bay down to see If the fault is moisture related. I'm going to order a new crank and cam sensor to chuck in the trunk incase it might be those. Apprently they can be weak on these cars. Other then that I've spend a few hours extra training on the little 125 honda grom so my instructor put me on a 500cc honda (possibly a CB500). Maybe it's because I have had all that time on the 125 in a car park and had quality training on the road beyond the basic CBT But the 500cc was no problem, even with my lack of skill it was much eaiser to ride. I really can't see a good reason to jump on a 125 again! Will keep at it!
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