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  1. A lot of old cars here in Sweden and Finland. People seems to take care of cars better and keep them indoors. Some of my spots however their was so so many more! Lots more American cars from the 60's and 70's. It's a lot of fun, you also see a lot of w123 merc's around.
  2. I will get a photo when I'm back home! I'm out in Sweden now Will upload some cars I have found soon.
  3. I knew someone would snap it up. Its not in the best of shape but these days finding a roadworthy Montego is a challenge. Whenever they come up they have always been laid up a few years. It just so happened to be relatively local to me. I've just been interested in these as I'm just young enough to miss out when they were common. Maestros seem to have a much higher survival rate. It feels like a lot of montegos were fleet cars and were driven into the ground almost immediately while maestros were bought as a car "to see someone out" and were garaged and cleaned after every outing. I love the chin on it, but I can't understand why they made it from two pieces and put that silly lip in the middle, adds to the oddball charm I suppose. Why does the Intake pipe span across the whole engine bay? I did think it was odd. It appears to have the single ecu, I did not know they used MEMS on these. I don't see a fault light on the cluster, I wonder how it tells the driver their is a fault, if it even does. Today I took the tailgate trim off too poke at the rust, it kind of feels like the best option would be to cut the entire lower lip off and start fresh on it. Took the dash apart too change the bulbs behind the buttons and clock. The buttons now work but the clock never lights up even with the new bulb, maybe it has a dry joint somewhere in it. I took the heater controls out and found the bulbs that I need for those but I forget the name of them. Will need to do some googling. I have some but in the wrong size. And I replaced the old bubbling with rust wipers with brand new bosch ones... That came with the car but were not fitted for some reason. Will order up some parts and hopefully get some more content up soon! Sadly it's feeling like I need a offside rear quarter panel. I might get away with a arch on the nearside by the look/feel of things but I've got no idea what I'm talking about!!!
  4. After almost a month of only having the one car I went out and got this; A 1994 (rover) montego countryman estate. It's a O-series which is rarer, most the estates I see come up now are diesels. It must be one of the last o-series engines ever fitted, I can't think of a later car that had that engine. Picked it up on Thursday and went on a trip for the weekend with zero prep work or checks. Even went over a chain ferry which was odd. The car seems good, I need to look at the blower motor but from the look of the stack of paperwork it's not worked since 2000. It's possible the dash needs to be removed and no owner has had the confidence too do so yet. Windows, original radio, sunroof (although very slow), both mirrors and switchgear all work. The rear doors Don't work on the central locking, I will need to take the cards off and even see if they have solenoids. The tailgate loom is damaged so everything electrical in the tailgate does not work. Unfortunately the rear wheel arches are full of filler as is the lip of the tailgate. Will require some surgery and maybe some donor panels to sort it out, seems to be the way with these cars. A little bit of the boot floor also needs cutting out. Will need to inspect everything further. The shocks are a bit crap so it bounces around a lot on the road. I'm having a hard time figuring out what shocks I need to buy for it. It returned around 38mpg. I was probably doing between 60-75mph most the time. If you guys want some a photo of anything ask me. I need to give it a clean up though. We even came across another montego on our travels. Just the other type, the driver did not seem as interested in us as we were as him and his car!
  5. Car Obtained, I should get some photos on my thread!
  6. This was @Austin-Rovers one from a few years ago. Disappointing that people can screw up a decent car after work was put in to make it nice.
  7. This is very local to me, he has it listed on Facebook for £550. It's nice colour. I would look on someone's behalf but at its current price I think you would just be tempted to buy It anyway.
  8. Looks like a Peugeot engine with a jaguar plate stuck to the intake. Probably taken from a LDV van, very odd!
  9. Looked alright till the doors were opened. A bit of a shame as if the car wizard is anything to go by, those buick 3.8 motors will go forever.
  10. If you look in the backround you can see my old 405 diesel!
  11. Is It me or has the autoshite grade cars kind of simmered down in the last month or so? I see some great examples above however on the whole (on forum and off) it kind of feels people are hanging on too what they have.
  12. I know the owners of both of these cars, The Micra is actually local to you! If anyone is interested in the buick the owner might want to sell it, however it's not being given away!
  13. I will need to take your offer up in that, I'm only up the road in Northamptonshire!
  14. I'm not really sure, my first one (w124) was a diesel and I did a lot of reading up on them and always kept interested in those. I've always loved seeing the huge mileage. I suppose I could just wait for a 200 to crop up for a cheaper price and try that out.
  15. I suppose these are good cars to learn on as the metal is relatively thick! The blue one seems a little odd too me, get all the welding done the get rid of it immediately after. But it's worth a look if I find the time to go down that way. It's just very rare too see a 602 in a 123 chassis car. I've seen a few om603 swaps from back in the day though.
  16. Here, Here and Here. The last seems to be a OM602 though, which after doing a lot of looking around appears to be a real thing but they don't seem so common. Probably a good match for the W123 though. He is a dealer, he was very happy for my too poke around the car twice. Let me take my time and just let the car do the talking.
  17. The last w123 had a rotten parcel shelf! So I practically climbed in the boot of this one and it's all clean, same for the bulkhead and rear of the battery tray! I went for a second viewing and offered £3000 but he was keen too let the auction run out which is fair. Says he can put it in storage and sell it when it's 40. The auction is now up too £3601!!!! I wonder if this is a silly price for a W123 or if prices are just on their way up for usable classics that are soon to be Tax/ulez/mot exempt. The issue I'm finding is LHD automatic om617 saloons are really uncommon now, so even when they are naff people seem to buy them up for a high price. Finding a manual om617 estate or a auto or manual om616 saloon is not nearly as hard!
  18. Went to look at another W123 OM617 yesterday! Seems fairly solid, any thoughts? Needs a bit of work to get it back on the road but mechanically it was healthy. Although scabby and welded in a few places it looked like all the metalwork was original or at least very well repaired. The last w123 had some drastic surgery! A little fabrication is needed here but it's not gotten out of hand yet. (I gave everything a good poking) It was at least a lot Cleaner then the prelude. Its the right spec being a om617 auto saloon. I'm not a fan of the green exterior, lots of overspray! The interior carpet where Missing and a lot of trim was damaged. The wipers did not work but I think that was due to the weird after market wiper stalk fitted. Will need to give it some thought
  19. "also not sure about v5" What's there to be unsure about? hopefully someone can help the guy out!
  20. Once I drove a long way to see a "great" honda prelude Mk4, when I turned up the windscreen was smashed, the bonnet had not been latched shut and had swung open, bent the hinges, bodywork and wings and smashed the windscreen. He offered me £100 off because of that... Wish he had told me before I left so I did not need to waste my time. The car had failed it's mot then a month later passed with no advisories. It was clearly a dodgy mot as the battery was still insecure like in the older mot... I don't understand why people don't just put a big cable tie around it (at the very least).
  21. If I had a account I would put a bid on the merc, but I only hear bad things about co-part, so I don't bother!
  22. Please don't change/paint the wheels, They look great!
  23. Absolutely poverty spec except for the automatic transmission, Cheap though.
  24. Montego guy got in touch with me, he wants £1700 as a minimum. I don't think that will quite work out for me but hopefully someone will get it and use it!
  25. Assuming petrol over the life of the fiat was £1.20 a liter, and LPG was £0.60 a liter. The car should get 46mpg on petrol so i would assume 42mpg on LPG. Assuming the LPG system was fitted when the car was new. That would Mean you would spend £5550 on petrol, or £3050. (and that is assuming you never put petrol in it, which you need too for warming it up). So £1500 savings worth it when you consider the install cost around of £1k, uses boot space, and needs servicing and inspecting. The only way you can make lpg make sense is fit it too some big yank tank or do silly miles. At least its not started rusting around the LPG fill point yet!
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