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Lazy spotters thread

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On 11/6/2020 at 11:52 PM, LightBulbFun said:

(originally the cut off for white on black plates for private cars was the 1st of January 1973, but more recently the rules where amended that any vehicle over 40 years old can wear white on black plates as well)

I saw a '78 T2 with said plates just this morning and thought "R IT LEGALZ?" Every day is an education.

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9 minutes ago, davocano said:

I saw a '78 T2 with said plates just this morning and thought "R IT LEGALZ?" Every day is an education.

Yeah, also while im at it, white on black plates where legal for PSV vehicles up until Y prefix I think (not that I know of any that wore a set that late) but its why you see some Late suffix and early prefix London Transport buses on white on black plates



where funnily enough on those it does not actually look wrong, I guess A because im more use to it there, and B because they used proper number plates/actual white and black plates, and not modern tacky cheap pressed silver on white plates or what you have, that you see on a lot of cars these days like that allegro

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I papped this sad trio on a small industrial park at the rear of Ebbsfleet (Northfleet) football ground.

Looks like the stretch limo game has taken a severe kicking during lockdown.

Also the mot history for the Chrysler is a bit grim as most years ball joint wear and brake efficiency is mentioned.

You would have thought if you were running a business carting young 'uns around the vehicles would be spot on or at least get them fixed before presenting them for a Mot.

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