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  1. One for the furthest away thread? Sack that over 10k and no test drive! Whats wrong with it M8?
  2. Morris 8 I'm not sure if the finger is supposed to be blocking the number plate or not? Plus bonus shot of Kenith the local smack ed sparkin up in the back.
  3. Mustang. Good or bad I dunno, but the black convertible with five spokes reminds me of Patrick Star.
  4. Most of the air flow comes from under the front bumper with some kind of air scoop iirc.
  5. TV Star Cadillac. Always makes me wonder why when selling "TV star car" they never seem to say what programme it was on. Makes me think it was a "star" in Exposing Jimmy Savile or The Harold Shipman story.
  6. He got if from a museum in the States, I can't remember which State he said. He's got it road worthy and is now driving it like it should be. Some more pictures of it from local shows. It is a thing of beauty, love the little details like the indicators matching the grille. Edit I found a link to the very car. https://drives.today/articles/461/retro/1954-kaiser-darrin/mike-renaut.html
  7. I have seen this at many local small car meets. But it was wonderful to see it out in the wild. Giggles at the Google it sticker. It got overtaken by a Model T center door, by some strange coincidence. The Matrix must have spawned the wrong cars that day. Note Passenger took the pictures.
  8. This Lancaster flew over the house today, what a sight and sound. It was doing a fly by for the armed forces day bash in town.
  9. Get back yer basterd I'll break yer legs!! Shame it's at one of those tarting up old cars places and wanting the earth.
  10. I think this should be on here. FOTU is getting closer, it's 4K mind.
  11. 57 Buick with chop top. Airbrushed artwork depicting the night when Reg Varney, Tony Blackburn and Ben Fogle try chatting up Viv Nicholson to get her pools money.
  12. Looks a bit like... Don't say it... Just don't even bother saying, what it looks like... Looks like that mystery car that is still a mystery. Think I'll do some 3D CAD work on this.
  13. Lovely. I wonder how much it will go for?
  14. Interesting Morris 8 Shame about the new squeaky clean RED interior, oh and lack of V5.
  15. Got out of Work early today and decided to pop by Tescos. Picked up these two, finally got a Honda. I'm sure the Landy is in the same box as the Kadett and 36 Ford but no sign of them. There was also a 48 Willys in Khaki, White Food van , Road Roller & a rubbish self driving bus thing. In other news these are in the works. Chopped up to make a crew cab to go with a single cab I made out of a ruined older matchbox. El Camino that I'm turning into a El Vanino
  16. Odd ball Nissan pickup.
  17. Just been playing about with AI generating images thingy. This comes up for Autoshite. Link if you're as bored I am. https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini Edit. Top right reminds me of @vulgalour Princess.
  18. Bluebird Reminded me of this.
  19. Looks like some kind of film set with that back drop. Early Citroen DS and the two inanimate passengers in the back.
  20. Ever wanted a retractable hard top sports car 4x4? No me either I introduce to you the G -Wagen Intruder Concept by Heuliez Thank goodness for that. Yours for only £174,995! g wagen intruder concept by heuliez.html
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