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  1. Looking for accommodation for FOTU then look no further.
  2. Yes it is. I bet the DVLA cocked it up when it got registered over here, and the seller doesn't know. Date of first registration. March 1971 Year of manufacture. 1971 I guess it was imported in 71.
  3. Do not paint. Must have been in the UK for a long time because of the low digit reg plate.
  4. PASSIO Debica tyre Headquarters: Poland Founded: 1937
  5. Another Farina. This time a Rustin Cambridge. Like buses, two come along at once.
  6. I wonder if that's why the MB Pontiac no 22 has a patent number on some but not others?
  7. If eBay tat thread did calendar pics.
  8. Yesterday I went to Doncaster Racecourse Antiques fair and bought these. £2 a pop for these two. That Zephyr has eluded me for years. Then £1 a pop for this lot. But the creme de la creme is this Vedette! I folded at £8 for this flimsy plastic wonder.
  9. I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning. Like a Spitfire, it never ends. And it's you, Triumph, making it spin. You're making me dizzy! First time that I saw you, Triumph, I knew that I just had to make you mine. But it's so hard to fix you with welders hanging round you all the time. I want you for my sweet petrol car. But you keep playing hard to fix. I'm going round in circles all the ti-i-i-i-i-i-ime I finally got to talk to you and I told you just exactly how I felt Then I held you close to me and I cried into my oily hands, and your chassis began to melt. Triumph, you've got control of me wallet. 'Cause I'm so dizzy I can't see. I need to call the AA Man for some he-e-e-e-e-e-elp!
  10. Not ont tinternet. I saw this at the side of the road and stopped for a butchers.
  11. Dave Angels meat & veg. Try my meat & 2 veg! Enjoy my plums.
  12. Sorry looking Moggy. I wouldn't mind a poke about this yard.
  13. Red touching yellow, kill a fellow.
  14. Looking longingly into the sea. Must be a good one then. Ah, looks like it's been in the sea.
  15. In other miniature news, I got these from a charity shop for 30p each. The Air France bus driver looks like he had too much wine.
  16. That Alfa must have eluded me. If only they had a booklet of cars you could tick off like back in the day. Missed some possible new ones? Golf Mk3 looks like the hatch opens. Greenbrier Loadside and Buick Riviera. RA28 Think this has been mentioned before on here.
  17. Some interesting stuff coming up from Matchbox. Opening doors Roadmaster. Harry Potter Anglia that looks massive GTA Wagoneer. The question is will we get them in the UK?
  18. Sidevalve six RHD manuel on the column.
  19. Stang The blurb will make you feel ill, but it's only 20K 😆 Looks like a bit of a dog to me M9.
  20. By jingo my Matchbox luck is still going strong. I think doing a big shop on a Wednesday is the key (keep it under your hat though). I reckon that's it now I'll not find another new 1:64th all year. It's like getting a few green lights in a row then expecting the worst. Have we had a Autozam in red before?
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