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  1. Yep, it’s for sale on here. Roffle had some initial interest which then totally died out. Can’t be that many running, driving, MOT’d cars around for under £750.
  2. After several years without selling a car, I've advertised Rover in all the standard places and I'm astounded at the number of absolute cuntwombles wasting my time. Just as well I'm dealing with it for my old man (who suffers from social anxiety) or it would probably be the end of him.
  3. Small wins for the morning. New pads for Mum's Twingo & wired in a recently-arrived-from-China £4 temperature sensor into E39 which now records 19 degrees on dash instead of minus 40.
  4. CLK made 40mpg on the 430 mile drive down from Scotland yesterday (including some shitty traffic on M6 & M25), still 3 gallons in tank. 23 year old V6 160k barge FTW.
  5. Afraid I'll be in Ellon that weekend but hope to make it to one soon. Glad to see DRU 464Y (belonged to me once upon a time) still alive and in ruddy health, has it ended up with a shiter?
  6. Beamer most definitely not for sale, apologies if title caused any confusion, now edited. However my Rover is for roffle/sale in the for sale section.
  7. Exactly there and for the first few cm continuing along the bottom of the car. Elsewhere it was all fine.
  8. The executive heights of a 620 Sli
  9. So after buying this £250 chariot from a drunk mate in one of Dorking's finest pubs it was time to get to work. Car had been sitting for a year and was covered in all kind of crud but I had 3 days to pre-fettle it in situ before its pre-booked MOT. Car wouldn't start by itself or with jump leads (making me suspect starter was seized) but fired into live immediately when I transplanted the CLK's battery, and what's more ticked over sweetly, which was a win. First thing to attend to were lights. Seller had swapped a front headlamp from his current E39 estate as some of the lights weren't working and the local garage he took it to had quoted £500 to sort "it needs a new 'edlamp unit mate". Check on multimeter and voltage perfect at all pins. New bulbs from ECP and hey presto, all working fine. Another side light bulb, N/S main beam, and a rear brake lamp (plus cleaning up the connection) and car was an MOT pass for lamps after a couple of hours cleaning with compound and meths. Next job was airbag lamp which needed to be turned out - there's recall paperwork in the file for the airbags to be replaced at a dealer which would presumably include a reset (not possible with my lowly code reader or by disconnecting and reconnecting the under-passenger-seat connectors did nothing). However, that's wouldn't help me with MOT unless it was MOT'd at same stealer which was never going to happen in my world. Ergo, dash cluster came out - getting to the LED's inside is incredibly tricky and it's easy to damage the connector to the cluster that need some wiggling to remove . Once out, umpteen star-shaped tabs need to be twisted at the same time as the side tabs are screwdrivered out of position. Black tape stuck onto the bastard LED, all reassembled and working, and job done. Car also got a Karcher clean which was satisfying. And I got underneath the car and attended to the loose heat shield over the exhaust that was a former MOT advisory, totally not secured and annoyingly flapping around. Then I took a look at the fuel and brake lines formerly advised. Only a 15cm section had surface rust that brushed off fine, followed by converter, zinc primer, and black gloss. Also saw some surface rust on the inner subframes and suspension top mounts at the rear, that also got treated, primed and painted. There will be plenty more rustproofing to do in the coming months but this is fine for the time being. Bottom of front wings got some converter and a small dab of filler and some old XJ-S silver paint as a very temporary patch. Arches will made perfect in summer. Beamer drove 9 miles to MOT without missing a beat. Amazingly, handbrake wasn't seized and brakes were working fine and tyres held air fine - up front are 2 £120 Michelins purchased just before the car was laid along with new pads around at £400 cost. After 9 miles the discs had cleaned up nicely and there was no pulling to one side or juddering. I gave it some E5 and Redex to drink too hoping there would be no emissions nightmares. Also topped up a small amount of coolant and a bit of fresh oil - oil in the car was far from new. One hour later - MOT PASS!!!!!!!! Car's got a good clean inside as it was a biohazard (and I'm extremely fastidious about my car interiors). And yesterday I go round to oil change (having been waiting for 36mm socket in post to remove the filter) & air filter (bottom of filter box got a good vacuum - wonder how a cigarette butt got there). Gearbox shifts fine, the steering is nicely weighted, and the car handles great. The undertray was foul and covered in about a kilo of caked solidified oil which has now been scraped off and thoroughly cleaned, along with the underside of the engine that has no visible horrors. Overall feel is a solid, well-made car and it's a very comfortable place to be. If I didn't have the CLK it would have become my regular cruiser. Instead it's been gifted to my 82 year old father whose mobility issues mean he's struggling to drive his Rover, but should be fine with this auto chariot. Rover is now mine and ready to hopefully be sold or roffled to a shiter.
  10. Managed to acquire this gem whilst under the influence last night for the princely sum of £250 from an even drunker mate who wanted it off his driveway. Been sitting since last summer when my pal replaced it with an E39 estate & forgot about it. Started and run fine off my CLK battery & brakes don't seem to be seized. Hope to book it in for an MOT in the next couple of weeks to get it to my olds & see what it fails on. Underside seems pretty solid. Perfect present for my old man to replace the Rover that will hopefully end up on here.
  11. This beauty spotted in Edinburgh yesterday.
  12. Naturally I pointed out the error. To their credit they’ve apologised & are pressing in and out the bearings on my CLK hub for no charge to make up for it.
  13. Got round to replacing Ypsilon's rear spring which it failed MOT on, only to discover aforementioned spring had absolutely nothing wrong with it. At least I now have a spare stashed away.
  14. Do everything myself except belts on the Mondial which I leave to a seasoned expert. Even still enjoy working on terminal rusty shitheaps.
  15. I think the 2.0 litre Honda lump is interference (though if I'm not mistaken the bigger Honda V6es of that era weren't). Sure there will be enough Rover nerds here to confirm either way!
  16. And in other news, I got Dad's "Petri" Rover 620 another year's ticket so it soldiers on with probably the oldest cambelt on AS. Not even an advisory.
  17. Friend of my missus recently passed her test and asked me to hunt down a first car for her that wasn't "boring like a Yaris". Cue this beauty which I found not far from Edinburgh. Almost a year's MOT, less than 60,000 miles on the clock and an absolute hoot to drive, just as fun as the reviews suggest and the 1.7 engine is a gem. Gear shift isn't the most precise but it's got great steering feel, sporty suspension and feels stable at all times. Only worrying rust I could find was a couple of ugly-looking patches on the rear subframe area, both sides - still solid underneath for the time being but will go right through if I don't treat and protect it soon. I was shocked to find the rest of the underside solid. Not much to lose at £900 with a year's ticket and 4 brand new Michelin tyres. I'd love to have one for myself now.
  18. Spent yesterday doing stuff on an SLK that lives outdoors in rural Perthshire - having once been a decent car it's now starting to resemble something hauled up from the deepest oceans. Broken spring took a while to replace - no chance of removing the shock to free up space - nut on one side ready to disintegrate and bolt welded in. Still, eventually got the coilf@cker out using a £70 made-in-China copy of the Mercedes compressor tool that seems safer than conventional spring compressors. Mercedes jack served a useful function of keeping lower arm in place whilst the compressing tool was wound in with a socket from below. Also took dash cluster out to remove annoying SRS light, got indicators working with some WD40 in fusebox, and reinstalled heater blower after water ingress had taken its toll on the connectors.
  19. As a trained professional in such matters I'll volunteer to do a blind sniff test at any meet I end up in.
  20. This beauty pitched up whilst Mondial was being MOTd last month. Some hefty bills ahead for the owner as I witnessed a bodywork guy taking a screwdriver to the roof where it meets the windscreen and the rot factor was considerable.
  21. Cheers. Most of the wood veneer is now peeling but the fabric's just about intact albeit rankstained. He's nudging 82 and after such a long (largely neglectful) relationship & being a creature of habit I can't see him getting involved with anything else. Ergo my keeping it on the road for him for the occasional local excursion. Engine still without a hint of misfire despite ancient plugs.
  22. FYI old thread and pics. Is looking quite a bit rougher now though amazingly I didn't need to do much more than fit a pair of drop links for last MOT. Even more amazingly there's still no structural rot to be seen anywhere underneath. I reckon these cars had better rustproofing than anything else from their era. Will soon be breaking all cambelt roulette records too!
  23. Old man's heap of a Rover now had ABS light on permanently. Primitive diagnostics (bridge terminal near passenger footwell with paperclip and count flashes on dash) flagged pressure in ABS unit which I'm sure has had it. New Honda unit seems to be nearly £2k. Car's worth £400 at most. Given the heap's doing almost no miles & won't end up anywhere other than the scrappie or here with all faults disclosed, it was dash cluster out time and you can guess the rest. Whilst I was at it I got the handbrake working for first time in ages - springs removed from the self adjusting mechanisms, followed by most of a can of WD-40 and vigorous freeing up with a 17mm spanner. Brakes got a mini-bleed as well and a job well done to compensate for the necessary bodgery to keep Rover on the roads.
  24. Mondial has a clean MOT for another year. Emissions perfect after my K-Jetronic tweaking earlier in the year. My new thermostat had also been opening at a slightly higher temperature than normal from cold start though working fine from hot and heat-gun showing gauge to be reasonably accurate. These engines are particularly sensitive to air pockets in the cooling system - I bled some bubbles from front and rear, topped up coolant (ideal level is a few cm lower than most people would expect) and fitted a new 0.9 bar expansion cap to replace the very worn old 1.1 one - Ferrari seem to have recommended a higher pressure sometime in the 1980's but I don't see what benefit it would provide given the standard cooling system on these cars is excellent if kept in good working order. Now stat opening perfectly again and whole system running a few degrees C cooler.
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