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End of year Tat Accounts.

warren t claim

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If it's how much spent on bits, then I did ok.


Escort front struts - £100

Sd1 Alternator x 2 - £150

Sd1 services - £80

Tyres on 635 - £80

XJR service - £80

318is headlamp - £10

various mots etc - £150

road tax - £225 (most of the cars I bought came with tax, ones I sold with tax I included the tax in sale price)

Insurance - £660

406 VIC check - £40


So, not including fuel.... £1575 on running costs (all prices are approximate)


2011 is gonna cost more. Just taxed the Jag now, so there's £112.75 already gone, and it's going to need rear tyres soon. They're down to 3.5mm so I reckon there's another 2-3000 miles in 'em, and it's going to need an oil service in the next month or so.

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Gah! I can't believe you bought 'my' National 2 for half the price of my Landy! Mind you, my wife actually agreed to the Land Rover purchase. She gets very unamused whenever I contemplate owning a bus. Not sure one would fit down our track annoyingly (though there is someone not far away with a Bedford OB coach on his driveway - nice work!)


Must get to see 89 again one day. I was the last person to drive it at NBB. (Down saarf in company of several Atlanteans to a dealer) To anyone who wants to try bus preservation, I say go for it! (Hmm OB on a drive eh? Any idea what reg?)


What can I saw DW... 89 was on the 'bay initially at £3995 - one for the bargain thread - but didn't sell. After about a further six appearances she was down to £995... offered £750 to see what would happen, got her for £825... doh! Planning to travel a bit further with her and the other one if diesel doesn't hit a million quid a litre, will see what looks worth attending and keep you lot up to date...

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  • 2 weeks later...

This year


1991 Saab 900 Carlsson sold to pay for Australia - Not going now :( Made £1500 profit though

1998 K11 Micra - Sold

1996 Volvo 850 2.5 20v - Sold to mum for dog walking duties

1991 Peugeot 205 1.1 - Sold to my brother

1981 Bedforce CF1 Autosleeper (from DW of this parish) - sold on to a US dude

1991 Mazda 323 GTi Swapped for

1994 Audi A6 2.6 Avant Sold


Ended with

1997 Xantia 1.9TD - runs on 100% SVO at 90p litre.

1996 Astra 1.4 - GF new car, she loves it.

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  • 2 years later...

Mine has been even more hopeless - nothing bought or sold in 2013. 


Verdict - Must try harder next year.


Current status -


R4 F6


Tidied a few bits of paint up over the year, now garaged for the winter. Not getting used enough.


Seat Toledo 20VT - Becoming Shite
Slightly damp footwells and a grumbly wheel bearing aside it works pretty damn perfectly. Pretty much all I need in a car but after almost seven years of ownership I do fancy a change although it'll stay as changing makes no financial sense.
Mazda 5 - Thirsty future shite.
I like it and its ideal for family stuff but the boot isn't as useful as it could be and the insane fuel economy is starting to get a bit wearing. Not impossible that it might be replaced by a Dacia next year...
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I was thinking I've not had that many this year but..


I bought this in October as Mrs C was waiting for her new Citroen to arrive. I felt sorry for it after she was done with it for some reason so set about giving it a full service, welded in a new wheel arch and painted it the fitted a replacement door. The door was such a nightmare to change it took me until after christmas to change it


This is what I had to do to the door to get the pins out.

puma door by cort16, on Flickr


Came out well though.


puma2 by cort16, on Flickr


I then bought this Smart ForFour diesel that had an interior that smelt like a tramps underpants. I got it cheap off ebay because it was supposed to have a borked injector.

After taking the injectors out and having them tested it turns out it was full of petrol. A set of used injectors off ebay and draining about 5 gallons of petrol diesel mix saw it running sweet so off it went. I really like this little car I'd have another one.


Smart by cort16, on Flickr



The car I always promised myself (I'd never buy). I bought it off ebay with a short MOT so lobbed it in and it failed. I fitted new rear shocks and went to change the oil when the oil pressure sensor pinged out the filter carrier so I had to take a deep breath and order one from Vauxhall. All in all I actually quite liked this car. Much more than the one I swapped it for anyway!


disastra2 by cort16, on Flickr



I put it on swapz and got the offer of a SAAB 93 Convertible. At that point the sun was shining so I did the deal even though it had roof problems and big dent on the door! Note to self, lay off the class A drugs.


I fixed the door and the roof, did a shit job of painting it then stuck it on ebay . Really not my kind of car. Glad to see it gone.


saab by cort16, on Flickr


Next up a car I always wanted. An XJR! This v8 one popped up at a price very similiar to the price I sold the Smart for. It's a lovely car even though some of the paint on the panels don't match. Soon to be up for sale as I fancy an Avantime or a 3 dr Range Rover


XJR by cort16, on Flickr


Finally I got this super clean 520i that was traded into garage of the guy I rent my lockup off. I always fancied doing an Alpina replica and just at this time a bumper popped up on gumtree in the right colour. Nice car but now up for sale to contribute to th Avantime fund.



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I've spent a frickin packet on my Rover 220 this year, not sure how much really but getting close to 4 figures. Asset value of Rover = £175 or so (weighbridge price)


This had better not be my update on this thread next year.  It probably will be though.


Sold the Vauxhall Nova in January, by March it was crushed for some unknown reason.  Bought a ropey Honda CG125 which turned out to be a writeoff, broke it and lost a fair bit.  Bought another, even cheaper one with a seized engine, spent about £150 repairing it and still got it.


Aside from that it's just the C'eed I've had since new in February 2012 and the aforementioned Rover 220 which I took custody of in September.  A busy year!

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It's been a pretty busy year in Trigtowers for me.




This was my wifes car at the beginning of the year, It was a nice car but I fancied a change after 18 months so sold it in March to a car collector friend who tidied it up gave it to his wife for the summer and sold it on again.




The Golf was temporarily replaced with the mightly Alto which I paid £135 for, It needed a head gasket and few other little bits, Mrs Trigger spent most of the summer using it but I never gelled to it finding it too small and slow for me, I was also worried about something going wrong on it and not being able to get the parts, I ended up selling it to a young lad who works at the local transport museum.




My Acclaims now become the Altos replacement, I bought this of flat4alfa on here and after some teething issues, manly the head gasket going and the indicators backing up it's proved itself to be a excellent daily driver so far, Mrs Trigger even likes it!.




This was an impulse purchase back in June after spotted it for sale locally after a link from Cort16 on the ebay thread, I needed a replacement for the Alto and this looked ideal but after going to view it and hearing about it's history I decided it was too nice and special to use as a daily, I've spent a lot of time getting the bodywork sorted and the carb running right but now it's like a new car and probably one of the best of the early one's left in the country.




This is still with me, It's seen a bit of use over the summer and is driving lovely now but now it's back on SORN again and in storage, in the new year it will be going up for sale as I don't use it much and have started to lose interest in it.




I bought this Vectra in June for very little money of a workmate one Friday afternoon, I spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning it and sold it Sunday evening to a friend for a nice profit.


And now boring stuff, I sold my Mondeo ST TDCi in April and bought this a Focus Titanium instead. I miss my Mondeo.





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Sold: Black mk5 Cortina (to MonzaE of this parish)

Bought: Cosmos blue mk5 Cortina - £1100 purchase, £102 insurance

             White 735i - £565 purchase+£1900 in petrol+£420 insurance+£200 service items+£150 replacemet doors. (my arse hurts just reading that)

Given: '02 fiesta - £41 VIC check + £390 insurance+ £40 for a back axle.


Looking at that, what the BMW has cost would've gone a long way towards the 2.3 resto........

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Hmmm.... I don't have 'Auld $hite'... but it runs the same motor as a Dacia, so fall into 'future$hite'... sortof!


This whole year [less petrol @ 40.1 MPG] I haven't spent a cent!!


Just done my Comp Ins @ £312 + TAX of £125.


MOT straight thru... still gloating over my 'Bleach Bottle' screen washers... :smile:


Oil and others will be done in Spring 2014.



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started the year with this....


sold for 400. t5 auto, nice reliable hack. Great heater, and in many ways wish i hadnt sold it on (see below)







was sold in january for 500, what i paid for it. 93 eunos import. Lovely rev happy thing cost me an oil change and thats it. Almost the most fun car i have owned,

pipped at the post by a 2cv

I wasnt trying to be 'scene' the number plate just fell off!




sold this


E39 528i manual touring. Bought on the cheap and basically a disaster.

Collapsed rear self levelling, loose and baggy with various bushes shagged. Had a battery drain somewhere, driver door handle snapped off which was the last straw.

I bailed out and sold it losing a couple of hundred. Good riddance.


With the news of a Brookjm_jr on the way i got this


Drove well, 1.9TDI PD 130. Let down by niggles and sold when i became bored of it. Decent enough.


This w124 200te


Was a nice runabout despite the 225k mileage drove nicely and sold for what i paid to Negativecreep of this parish


Later in the year i had this for a fair while


Later Mercedes e220 estate. Not as well built as the earlier one, and not as rust resistant. I ruined the ride and made it tramline by fitting those alloys.



In a deal with the e220 i became the owner of my current 1992 e34 touring which has been much kinder to my spine

What I think is the oldest one still on the road in the uk (uk launch april 1992, this was registered that month)



The only car ive owned all the way through is this


My 64 s type 3.8. Ive spent a bit sorting the rear bodywork, My bodywork man was shocked by how much filler and chicken wire was stuffed into the rear arches.

I overhauled the cooling and igniton system with an alloy rad and kenlowe fan and 123 electronic dizzy respectively.

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1979 Lancia Beta Spyder

1983 Lancia Beta HPE VX

1998 Daihatsu Storia X4

1995 Citroen XM



Volvo S80

Saab 900 T16s

Citroen XM


It feels like there should be other things on my ledger, but that's all I can think of for now.

I was supposed to be decreasing the number and increasing quality* of motahs this year, but I seem to still be in double figures.

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Hmm I'll have to give this some thought...




'03 Citroen C15

 Bought last year for £120 having been off the road for 2 years, a fresh battery, a sill repair and travelling to Halifax for a better bonnet, a bit of a service & freshen up before running it, loving it and then sold to Wilko of this parish for £600 (I think?) It was for me an expensive van in a way, as it made me realise I enjoyed driving it a lot more than I did my Ax Vts.



'00 Citroen C15

Bought locally for £150, I robbed a good selection of bits off of it for the '03 and then flogged it to a motor home dealer for £200 a week later.



'00 Citroen Dispatch 1.9td

Bought whilst I was still using the C15 daily, it was more practical and I ended up with the engine out, putting a fresh cambelt, clutch and water pump on it, along with a boatload of other little dramas along the way, sold to Father Ruff at cost in the end after my sister's Ka expired and his car was sent back to Brizzle with her.



'00 Fiat Scudo

Bought as a parts mule for the Dispatch, came in for £280 in total, stripped it out, loaded it with scrap and it cleared the books at £296.91. Tidy!



'01 Citroen Xsara Hdi estate 

Traded in against the C5 and a mass of parts for the Dispatch, no pics as I liked it that much!





'96 Citroen Xantia TD

This one fell into my lap via a friend of my wife, it came to me for £250 and needed all road spheres replacing, the Acc. sphere replacing, front pads, once I'd dropped a fair chunk of cash into it, the C5 arrived, so this was sent to Scotchland with the Moog.


'00 Citroen C5 Hdi

It arrived, it has 160k and it does what I ask of it, not as good as a Xantia. nothing further to add.



'95 Fronterror

I have no idea why the fuck I bought this.


I think that is it so far, excluding the Royal Enfield which barely counts as a vehicle since in spite of it being a complete bike, it is a completely knackered bike.

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1979 Lancia Beta Spyder

1983 Lancia Beta HPE VX

1998 Daihatsu Storia X4

1995 Citroen XM



Volvo S80

Saab 900 T16s

Citroen XM


It feels like there should be other things on my ledger, but that's all I can think of for now.

I was supposed to be decreasing the number and increasing quality* of motahs this year, but I seem to still be in double figures.


You missed the RVR you should have kept for me, you git!

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Started the year with:


The Audi. I took this photo as a selfie for the bad parking thread but think I forgot to post it up.



The GT6




The Lancia which was owned with Volksy




and of course the Imp still waiting for me to have more money to finish it....




By the end of the year the only change is that I have sold the Lancia and got the Visa.







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I started the year with the following four cars.





Three of them are still here. The Fiesta is as marvelous as ever and has now been in my ownership for over 4 years, I keep considering selling it, but as soon as I drive it again I suddenly have a massive smile on my face.


The Rover now has an MOT and is marginally tidier in some places and a little scruffier in others. It leaks like a sieve full of Swiss cheese, the electrics are inconsistent, the suspension is falling apart and it drinks fuel, but I like it.


The Lancia is closer than before to its next MOT (failed on 1 small patch of welding in May 2012) as the last bits of rust are ground out and replaced with actual metal. Hopefully this will be done before this coming May.


Finally the Alfa Romeo 156 which was my daily. I loved this car, it was fast, practical, exceedingly comfortable, handled well and was all round superb except for the fuel economy. It was sold for £670, a massive loss on what I had spent on it over my 6 month ownership and bought this:


Which was the opposite in every respect apart from the handling. The economy levels made up for it though and it never saw a fuel station in my ownership, being run on veg oil, used engine oil, kerosene and boiled linseed oil. For a few months it looked like this:


Last month the paper was removed and the Pungent was sold to make way for this:


Which is almost everything the Alfa Romeo was (if not as fast) with more economy. The joys of a turbo diesel. This is still here.


Others which have come and gone are:


The Orion. Bought for £120 with a smashed rear quarterlight, and a broken steering lock and column shroud where some mouth breather had failed at nicking it. It still had a fair bit of MOT and tax so I repaired and replaced the broken parts for the grand total of £15 and cleaned it as it was a one family owned tidy car over-all. Sold for £600 very soon after.


The Vauxhall Frontera. Bought for Shitefest 2013 with Ovroad Mongfest. I didn't much liek the car but it was surprisingly good of road. Was good fun blatting around the Yorkshire Dales in it but I was not at all saddened when I sold it for £450 very shortly after Shitefest.


The next job is to get the Lancia on the road and then we will see what 2014 holds...

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had kawasaki versys that i did 35k on in two years


selector went on 4th in january so it got sold and i bought a crap honda hornet with cooling issues (hondas r shit shock) cos i was going on holiday and needed transport


stranded me in ireland and spent the best 20 quid ever buying a recovery policy (lucky me nahhh)


which got me home 200 miles :D


came home and sold it and only dropped 150 :D


bought honda revere ex training school bike 104k from bristol with months test on it :D


came home straight for mot and only thing was adv for fork seal :D


it had 12months tax in it i paid 300 quid :D


had fiesta for 4 years and despite regular servicing omghgf imminent meant mum wanted something she could trust and me to go london and bristol now and again


sacked it off to billy for cheap and bought 01 civic :D although nearly bought 7 skoda fabia and two xsara disels in the process :lol:


cant believe we've waited so long to buy a japanese car :D


2 blocked washer jets all its needed :D


might be buying 15 year old 900 suzuki soon (wish i could buy tat) half mile to new workplace means it would prolly do 1500 a year - shame to be an ornament

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Bought: Nothing

Sold: Nothing


I'm not doing very well with this... Still running around in the 740GL bought in August 2012 to replace the small Japanese hatchback that I bent terminally by falling off the road.

In no particular order it's had;

Four new tyres (£200)

Bits of exhaust (£120)

A new distributor (£175)

Two brake calipers (£60 each)

Timing belt and water pump (£55)

Carpet headlining (£12)

Power steering pump (£30)

Money spent at my favourite garage due to mechanical ineptitude (£Loads)


There's been sundry other bits and bobs as well that aren't even worth mentioning and it passed the MOT in February without any bother. Since January it's also consumed £1800 worth of petrol so the maintenance bill is a bit of a drop in the ocean really. It sounds daft but I've become quite attached to this one and have no plans to move it on any time soon. I reckon it'll need a clutch in the next 12 months though but we'll see what happens then. Unfortunately due to space/money constraints I can't have a second shiter either so it looks like this'll be the same in 12 months time. 

Sorry and all that. 


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Been a busy year on the car front for me, for all I tell myself I want a car to keep forever and never sell, I seem unable to manage that.



Ledbury Maestro - Bought: £450 - Sold £250 (I think)

Utterly, worryingly reliable but also spine destroyingly uncomfortable.  A worthy steed, but one I lost money on when I sold.  I didn't care, I was happy to be shut of it as my back was ready for replacement when it'd done with me.  Would have another, if I could find a Maestro with decent seats.





Citroen BX Estate - Bought £250 - Scrapped £160

Ex-Dollywobbler, delivered via Dugong Couriers.  Possibly the most Autoshite thing I've owned to date.  Another worthy machine, not as reliable as the Maestro but infinitely more comfortable.  Big plans to keep this veg powered wonder machine were utterly destroyed by galloping rot, which is a shame as it cleaned up pretty well on top.  I thought it was crusty but when I started to clean it back to good metal there was very little left.  I don't regret scrapping this one, but I do miss it.  Another car on my Would Own Again list.






Volkswagen Golf  - Bought £300 - Sold £300 (kinda, it was complicated)

OMG FIELD FIND YO.  Got convinced to buy this by my brother, who now owns it and is mid-way through restoring it in his garage.  It was appealing to me because it reminded me of my old Polo and I wanted to put my own stamp on it, but the fact was that even after a lot of work tidying it up and getting it running better, I just wasn't bonding with it and I was happy to get rid.  Did none of the things I wanted and just proved to me that I don't like cars with removable roofs.





Austin Princess HLS - Bought £FREE

Transported all the way up from Plymouth, this is now midway through being put back on the road with a head rebuild and massive deep clean.  Been off the road for about 16 years but is too good to break being solid in all the right places.  This car will likely be moved on in 2014 to make way for something smaller.






Austin Princess HL - Bought 2012 £400

This one is still with me and I've no intentions of moving her on.  Battered and bruised and a bit wonky at the moment, appearances are deceptive.  This is the car that has taught me the art of the Shite Balance, but my insistence to have everything working all the time seems to bite me in the arse a lot.  For instance, I fixed the boot rams and to restore the Balance, a sphere burst.





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In:BMW 325


004 by holbeck251, on Flickr


Still got it, still like it, but probably I'll re-MOT it and then move it on to have a go at something else.


In: Citroen Dispatch. £400


002 by holbeck251, on Flickr


Then out again after the clutch went during our house move. Unlike Mr. ruffgeezer, I got

£140 over the bridge (decided not to attempt the clutch after a conversation* with my other half).

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2013 was meant to be a quiet year on the car front. I failed.


Early 2013. The 2CV was naturally still on the fleet. The exhaust fell apart. Twice.



After some months of SORN, the stripey BX was back in use to start 2013 but quickly sold, then cleaned, then scrapped. I should never have sold it back in 2011. It never recovered from the year of neglect that followed. 



Car number three at the start of the year was the BX TXD Turbo. GR12 4 SKOKAOS.



In a fit of stupidity, I later sold it to GarethJ who soon sold it to Minimad5 who still has it. Best car I ever sold in many ways, though it wasn't perfect.


In February, I splashed out a load of money on a Merc W124. This went well.* (photo taken 200yds after purchase) Now with Chaseracer of this parish.



Then a knackered 2CV arrived. I got it running but conceded defeat when it came to bodywork. Sold for a modest profit. 



Then things started getting silly. I bought another BX before selling the silver one. Crowded.



In April, I borrowed this for a few days and fell in love. The 2CV came back much less rotten.



I made plans to get the fleet down to a sensible size. This went well when I spotted a Discovery in the parts section of Ebay and snaffled it up for £450.



Then I swapped the BX estate for a Golf. Failed fleet reduction, but the Golf was a nice enough distraction. Didn't last long though.



The Golf was sold in October and days later, I ignored the H8ers and those who can't ignore easily-removed pen and splashed out an entire £370 on this.



2013 start

1x2cv, 2xBX


2013 end (probably)

1x2cv, 1xDisco, 1xDaihatsu

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I'm the most boring person I know, so no surprise to find out I'm leaving 2013 in the same car I entered in. 




Total cost (exc. fuel) in 2013 (insurance, MOT, breakdown cover, repairs and servicing) £247.50. 


It's an awesome car. I considered changing it a few times over the year, but while Vulgalour was pining for a roof over his head I was discovering the all season joys of convertibles. Even in rain and snow, it's more fun with the roof down. And I can't really afford any other classic convertibles, so it looks like we'll be stuck together for a while. 

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Hmm, I thought I'd only had two more but here's some of the highlights*


corsa c to the maxi maximum mofosaaaaaaaaaa by Cavlover1, on Flickr


Obv. you cannot go a year without owning at least one Corsa. So the one above joined our other one for a short while.


This was ace, and stupid insurance aside would still be here. Had a magic trip to collect from our mate Ken too, one of the best days out I'd had in a  while

DSCF1098 by Cavlover1, on Flickr


This was great but a bit of a bad omen in some respects

tara puggy by Cavlover1, on Flickr


Couldn't get rid of this quick enough...

esc rear by Cavlover1, on Flickr


This came and went

4004 offsideb by Cavlover1, on Flickr


And there's still more to come...

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