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Secret Santa 20.....My work this year is done

95 quid Peugeot

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On 11/12/2020 at 22:29, tul66 said:

Shite posted today. Pity the poor sod that receives it though👍

I have recently "recieved" and in a prang of guilt also "shipped".  The received is now under the tree.  The shipped is not worth posting.  Pity the poor sod that has it chucked over his back fence by the delivery person. 

Incidently I've found a parcel shipping price comparison app on the internet, as I really think the race to the bottom is the way forward. 

I also used it to send a present to a great niece for Christmas.  I don't know why I bother. Won't get a thank you.  Daft thing Is that I got that off the internet and then was forced to pay to send it.  Doh. 

Not made that mistake with my parents and sister in Wales.  Delivered in October via an online shop that is neither eBay, Amazon or etsy.  

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Got back home from the garage and recieved a gurt parcel. Thinking I must have ordered something online I opened it. When I realised what it was I shut the box. Who ever sent mine out many thanks I will take a proper look christmas day but what I did see I'm pleasantly surprised with. 


My last secret santa I did on a motorbike group I got a pair of blue y fronts so I'm glad I haven't got another. Thanks again Thomas 

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The bloody reindeer went on strike due to not wanting to wear masks, so had to take it to the winged messenger depot myself. Good news is Venison for tea, bad news is it will take me a while to eat 10 of the buggers!

I wont be at home for receiving tat gifts for a few weeks so apologies if anybody could be arsed sending me anything, I am not being ungrateful and will acknowledge it on my return in many weeks time.

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