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  1. In my totally non-scientific analysis of emmpeegeees, i attribute it to the following factors: Pointy nose Whomping great diesel engine. Same reason the ZX could deliver such economy, when Ford et al could only dream of such figures
  2. They're quite capable of being staggeringly good on fuel. I think i shit out at 750 miles from a tank, and put some more in, rather than run out. But also iirc, either DW or beko got a thousand mile range out of theirs. I don't even know if that's possible.
  3. He's prioritising two categories of his other customers over you: the ones with lucrative easy* jobs, and the whiners. You need to get a bit more whiney. HTH
  4. "I am unsubscribing as I'd rather not be reminded of how your other customers are ruining old vehicles with fake patina, lo rider stances, bogus roof racks, stretched tyres and ill advised camber angles, because undoubtedly once any of this has been done, the venerable motor is at the end of its life, the market for such molested cars being non existent. A perfect example being your current Customer's car of the month, which saddened me."
  5. Sorry to hear that, Max
  6. from a time when Citroen styling was still sufficiently different to stand out from the crowd. XM and 605 shared a platform. XM is the one people of a certain age will stop and look at. The 605 is a handsome car sure, but doesn't stick out. See also BX and 405.
  7. I reckon that used to have a cap and plunger, but it's fallen off/been removed. That dirty cream disc is the diaphragm, no? I think they're the same construction - the new one has just a peined-over cap with the plunger in it, on top of the diaphragm...
  8. F181DGE, a white TZI (or was it TRi) estate, dubbed The Fridge, for obvious reasons, owned briefly by a mate. Despite being far from concourse, or even previously well maintained, it flew and was very comfy while doing so. Why he sold it on is a mystery to both of us.
  9. The youngsters love a lo-rider. Just don't let them see it lift up before you drive off
  10. Looked at the pipes yourself? Could it be they've received rodent attention? Last time i was stood in a puddle of pez, it was mice/rats that had been putting rubber on the menu
  11. K782TDD A 1.9 TXD, dark blue with a lovely velour trim interior. Smelled gloriously of rubber and adhesive. A company car for me, from new, alas for less than a year iirc, as i moved jobs within the company and 'couldn't take it with me'. Went to a very young colleague who said he wrote it off "at night, avoiding a fox. But its handling was lethal anyway". Yeah, righto. Tbf, it was a Friday car, often leaving me stranded when it refused to pump up. Garage, a main dealer, were perplexed, so it never was conclusively fixed. I was still much aggrieved at giving it up though, and would gladly have another, though a TZD Turbo would be better. Oddly, it seems the V5 last moved in 1999, so perhaps it survived the fox incident, but 7 years is still a woeful short life.
  12. If I'm lucky, that is... Often it's 25% getting it up on ramps/jacked up 25% looking for tools 30% trying to remove/open parts with the incorrect tools 5% drinking tea in the hope that a break will prevent me breaking something 5% breaking parts/tools/bits of me 10% taking it off ramps/jacks
  13. Which bookshop? Asking for a friend... (No, really, asking for a friend)
  14. I am at once relieved and disappointed! Relieved, because i thought you had made a device based on a house alarm that somehow could decode radios, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how you'd done it... And disappointed, because i imagined that you HAD made such a device, created in a sort of Brainiac/Dick Dastardly mash-up universe... Dick Dastardly: "Mutley! You unscrupulous hound, now that i have created the RaceWinningDecode-o-matic, all that you need to do is pull that lever and stereo sounds will be mine, MINE! you hear!" Mutley: "eechk eechk eechk" etc etc
  15. I liked driving mine so much, I got my first speed awareness course for a decade
  16. ...though, listening to it again now, it doesn't sound like him. I don't remember him sounding quite so affectedly posh. Anyhow, my favourite line from him is from Butterflies, describing his status as a dentist, (which I'll probably misquote as) "I fix women's teeth. Make them look beautiful. Puts me on a par with God"
  17. Wasn't it Geoffrey Palmer of Butterflies fame* who voiced the "the Werners, the Schmidts and the Bergers are all driving to Marbella" Audi ad? ...which in turn was the springboard for his legendary* "Slam in the lamb" ad series for the UK's Meat Marketing Board
  18. He may piss off other motorists. Apart from that, especially as regards the law: in my opinion, absolutely sod all will go wrong for Maxxo
  19. And i apologise to your garage for casting aspersions on the work they've done!
  20. Oh FFS. You have my sympathies/congratulations
  21. Looking at the advisories, a cynic* might say they've ahem, 'downgraded' the corrosion issues they don't want to have to resolve, for a pass. Still, a pass is a pass, and an XM back on the road can only be good for it.
  22. The pass has pleased me no end. An affordable* repair would please me even more.
  23. They eloped, but it didn't make it to Gretna Green
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