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  1. How can a photo of an Aston Martin outside a fuck off stately home be improved?
  2. Yep, might try to fix it when I can be arsed.
  3. Looked a nice model in the packaging. Oh dear.
  4. I might be the last guy in the world to get an 850, but I'm very glad to have it
  5. By standard they are referring to the model which came without the chrome trim, fuel gauge etc. of a Deluxe which are much more common in the UK.
  6. Increase the value of your motor by £££ in seconds using this one easy trick
  7. Today's trio of finds. MR2 is an odd looking thing from the front, the windscreen extends too low and the clear headlamps annoy me.
  8. Went on a quick hunt for the lovely RS2000. No luck l, but I didn't come home empty handed.
  9. Will they arrive? Will they be correct? Will they be made from tin foil? Guess we'll find out.
  10. It is the opposite of interesting, but it's great.
  11. Managed to pick up a couple of nice ones from B&M today. Then popped into Sainsbury's where the was a single fancy boy model (along with some rubbish standard stock) which happened to be of one of my all time favourite cars. Not sure I'll be adding many more to the collection at £7!
  12. This is already excellent. Looking forward to more updates.
  13. Might it be a good thing if every retailer can have a crack? Certainly Hot Wheels are much easier to come by.
  14. I seem to be missing all the fresh stick lately, but did manage to dig through the boxes at Morrisions to get these 4.
  15. Ah, that sucks, but I'm sure it was still ace in the Civic. It was a great car to do the trip in, really making the M54 sing without getting into too much trouble. I'm a Gentlemen so I dropped her off first! She puts up with my half baked plane for holidays so it's the least I can do. Well we made it back safely. 1600 miles done in 4 days, including a trip to Skye. I don't have loads of photos since I prefer to just enjoy the the experience as much as I can. The Z4 was a perfect companion for the trip, the cabrio element really lifted the experience and with the nimble handling and the M54 signing I certainly wasn't wishing for any more car. It crashes over pot holes and gets shaken around by really broken road, but for the most part it was fantastic fun, sure footed and comfortable. Scotland was incredible and the NC500 is fantastic. We will definitely be back, but we'll probably skip a big part of the east coast next time (It was nice to visit John O'Groats once, but once is enough). If you get the opportunity then do it, the scenery is like nothing else on this planet. It was much quieter than I expected and the roads in general much better. There were times where it really felt like we were in a dream or perhaps an advert for some masculine product. The weather was surprisingly decent with only light showers in the day which passed quickly and meant the roof was down 90% of the time. .
  16. Car is great. Scotland is better. 3 warnings on my wagon and I'm still rolling along.
  17. Could drop it back on the way down and fly home! Although after the journey up I think I'd rather drive. Today's adventures have been amazing. Such incredible scenery and fantastic roads. The weather has been mixed but plenty nice enough and the Z4 is great fun.
  18. Weather so far has been pretty good. Got the too down and really enjoying the Z4
  19. So, after.my.roffle win it was back to Scotland again to pick up another sporty BMW. No idea what my life has become,but I'm not complaining. After a rather stressful journey which involved a bus to Bristol airport that didn't show and a horrendous security queue, we somehow made it to collect the car from @davehedgehog31 who collected is from the station and was very helpful and understanding. Nice to meet another shiter. I say "we because I made a plan to bring the girlfriend and make a trip of it. As a southerner, a car already in Scotland was too tempting, so we're going to tick off a bucket list item and do the NC500. Currently at a hotel on Love Earn ready to go further North in the UK than I've ever been.
  20. Those I6 E320s are lovely. Lucky escape from the X Type.
  21. Remember to test the reverse lockout on the gearbox, by forcing it really hard towards the R whilst travelling at at least 30mph. There's two ways to test a handbrake. Don't go for the boring option.. Avoid MIchelin tyres, they're French and therefore unreliable. Ask if the sunroof leaks. If the say no, then ask "What if it's open? " You've caught them in a lie. Ask the seller to climb into the boot so that you can "visualise the loadspace better"
  22. Remove number plates, reinstall upside down.
  23. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the tyres. I was thinking of going for the same on my 645.
  24. Yustabee Marigolds Ringo Fire Chipsun Gray V Squirelly Bastid Turbot Fishter
  25. Normal people don't do this stuff.
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