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  1. Dippy

    Youtube moments

    An update on whats been happening in the workshop lately.
  2. Thanks secret santa a whole box of goodies with books a battery soldering iron and some random keys 😎
  3. The brick had to go as I needed more pulling power so another great workhorse was bought which is still serving me well 3 years later.
  4. You cant beat a brick for a workhorse, heres my sadly missed 940 at Beaulie having towed the caravan and everything else. Im sure my future will involve another.
  5. I love getting shite at xmas so put Dippy in please
  6. I could turn that fantasy into reality with a bespoke built FF, all you need is a lottery win. http://www.oilyragclassics.co.uk/http-oilyragclassics-co-uk/bespoke/
  7. Heres what I do currently 2MK1 FFs snd an SP being fully restored plus a couple of Interceptors in from Spain for major works but not restorations.
  8. Doing a full restoration correctly is very time consuming, I put 1500hours plus into a full nut and bolt restoration and I contract out the welding and paint which are both very time consuming as well. I can see why lots of corners are cut as owners often do not realise the costs involved, I tell them straight what I expect it to cost but many other restorers give a get them in the door price usually between 30/50% of the real cost then get the car in and strip it down before letting the customer know the true costs. I am involved with one car and the owner said he would take the shell away and get someone else to do it as my guys were slow which they are it will take a year to get a shell welded and another to get it painted but the work is amazing and the costs are quite reasonable. He told me the estimate was 25-30K welded and painted and I knew he was taking it to a large restoration company where you can eat your dinner off the workshop floor and with big fancy offices etc and I knew this was the get him in the door price but didnt say anything. The shell is now finished and looks superb but the owner tells me he spent 100K getting it done and the funniest part is it still took them 2 years to do it and not the 6 months they promised him.
  9. Dippy

    Youtube moments

    Added a workshop tour video to my youtube channel.
  10. Love it, have you got an interior shot please.
  11. Those are pics not long before I sold it and started using the Princess. I loved the Vauxhall but it had a manual box and I prefer autos. The Princess was bought to take over from the Vauxhall but a big change in my life and job meant I was working from home and needed something big to tow with and a big loading area so I sold the Vauxhall, kept the Princess just for fun and bought this for towing as you can never have too many V8s.
  12. Guilty, I took a 4000 mile car in almost perfect condition sold my Audi A6 and went back to driving old cars everyday. I used it for everything I would have used the Audi for over nearly 2 years and it never broke down. I did have to hit the starter motor a couple of times and a couple of small jobs, rear brake cylinders and new exhaust and that was it. Took it to 16000 miles and strangely it wasn't the winter that caused any damage but the summer sun on the velour and dash trims which started to fade. I used it to go quoting jobs for my business and Im sure I got more jobs as it proved a good ice breaker when turning up somewhere new.
  13. STV is an app based channel free once you sign in. I watched episode 2 tonight where Bobby Grants Princess failed to proceed.
  14. Cant see that this has been mentioned elsewhere but STV started a rerun of Brookside yesterday from the very first episode and its worth watching just for the cars.
  15. My Landcruiser has just passed 220000 miles although this is just about run in for one of these. Ive done 12000 of these miles in the last 18 months and the only problem has been a throttle position sensor which needed to be replaced, not bad for a 20 year old motor.
  16. Dippy

    FOTU 2023

    FOTU needs ticking off my bucket list next year especially as I now seem to have the Princess running well and intend getting a good few miles on it again next year. I wont be in the concours though as its a bit scruffy.
  17. Mine arrived yesterday and I have one wrapped and ready to post.
  18. Heres my youtube stuff , all Jensen content though as not made video of the Princess.
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