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  1. more bantam news. some good, some bad.... managed to get the timing done and it started first kick, result! took it for a 5 mile run, nice and easy. during the ride the gear changes started feeling a bit notchy, and the engine sounded a bit rattly. as i pulled into my drive, pulling the clutch in killed the engine. very strange. thought i'd better check the gearbox oil. it should take 568 ml (a pint) before it starts to run out of the level hole. i managed to put 390 ml in before it was full. πŸ™„ still no better, although a bit quieter. pulling in the clutch, even in neutral, killed the engine. so back into the house to take a closer look. on pulling off the side cases, i noticed the clutch basket didnt look like it was fully seated on the shaft. so i went to give it a poke, and it came off in my hands! the nut that secures the whole clutch basket to the shaft had come undone. so off with the clutch, separated it all, and im now just waiting on the clutch holding tool so i can tighten the nut back up properly. then we should be good to go. after i've re set the timing etc all over again! buy an old two stroke they said. it'll be fun they said. πŸ˜…
  2. awesome stuff! i'll do my best, but having seen the state of some of the bike set when ive seen them on trials, posting on here may be a bit of a push lol. i should be coming through Beggars roost at about 22:30 if all goes to plan. if not, you may see a green Rickman Ranger instead. hopefully not... if on the bantam, you'll spot me because i'll be the one that probably falls off on the restart - Number 14. πŸ˜… by way of a bit of an update on the bantam - I've got the carb back together, the head back on the bike, and brought it back into the living room for some timing checks. I need to grab my DTI from father groovys house tonight, but a speculative check of TDC using a screwdriver in the plug hole yielded some unexpected results... the timing is 180 degrees out. yep. set at 16.5 degrees before BOTTOM dead centre. i had to check it three or four times, then video call my 2 stroke licker mate to further check my findings. he was as shocked as I was! so tonight is going to be full on reset of points gap, points cam, set the ignition timing properly, new spark plug. then drain the tank and put some fresh fuel in with a confirmed ratio of two stroke, and then on to test starting and tweaking the air and idle screws to get it running well at idle. after that, it's test ride time. it seemed to go ok the way it was, so if i get the timing and fuelling right tonight, it should go like a scalded cat in comparison!* *as much as a 175 bantam can, anyway 🀣
  3. had the carb off the bantam and pulled it apart. all seems well in there, with the correct bits where they should be. one problem found - the pilot jet and air screw are in the wrong way around πŸ™„ that wont be the cure of all my ills, but it certainly wont help! pulled the head off, slight bit of rubbing where it nipped up, but not bad by any means. charging wise - found the earth connection on the reg/rec had come apart, so thats that sorted next steps, check the timing, set the points, then put back together and start the tweaking until it is running right, then some test rides. T-15 days till the trial.....
  4. going to pull the carb and the plug tonight. probably the head to check theres no damage following the nip up too. this bike is a bit of an unknown to me tbh, so the more i can find out early on, the better really. i just wish i had more time!
  5. yeah, currently 25:1, but there doesn't seem to be any smoke at all from the exhaust, which i would expect (could be wrong though). im wondering if the fuel/air mix is off πŸ€”
  6. does anyone here have a recommendation for someone who could take a look at my 1971 bantam? nearer to the bedford or hitchin areas the better... it has a nasty habit of nipping up when on a run, and the battery isn't charging. im hoping to do the MCC Lands end trial on it on good friday, but im rapidly running out of time! old 2 strokes are still a bit of a mystery to me. cheers
  7. The drive home was fun 😬 looking forwards to a nice run down to Newick tomorrow morning in it with Mrs groovy πŸ‘
  8. They seem fine. I've seen you can get repair kits on eBay if it comes to it πŸ‘
  9. Mini purchased πŸ˜„ James and Family are most lovely. We will look after it πŸ‘ 12/10, would purchase from again etc etc.
  10. The conveyance of choice has arrived! Not my choice..... πŸ˜‚
  11. ...in more ways than one. shortly due to embark on a MINI collection. MINI because, well, its a MINI. and mini, because it's only 35 mins away 🀣 i know, lame. but im super excited at the prospect of another quality autoshite purchase. just waiting for the conveyance of choice to arrive, and then i'll be on my way!
  12. i found my AGV K5 to be noisier than the other ive had. as others have said, def wear earplugs, it make the experience a lot more fun. also, i tend not to ride my bike over hte winter, because being cold and wet when you have a car seems a bit daft. in the summer however, riding is awesome!
  13. i think it is split manifolds, which are going to be £££s and take some time to do, which i have very little of at the moment with work etc. i could be wrong, but right now i just need a car that works to get to work, so needed to get rid and get something else. the main fear is that i change the manifolds, and then find something else, then something else, etc etc. i know its not very autoshite to throw in the towel, and i normally wouldn't, it's just circumstances at the moment that dictate the course of action.
  14. well, the Jaaaaaag has gone to the big Copart in the sky im going to go and buy the mini cooper convertible from Jamescarruthers of this parish tomorrow night, so this needed to go. i did retain the refurbed alloys of this, so will see if there is any interest for them on here, if not, i'll be banging them on fleabay. Lee
  15. i think i can remember them all: 1992 rover 214 SLi 1986 Astra mk2 1990 sierra 1.6 1989 Mini Mayfair 1990 mini cooper 1972 mini clubman 1275GT 1998 Vectra estate 1998 Peugeot 306 hatch 1999 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 TS 2002 Citroen Xsara estate 2005 mkIV Renner easpace 2002 Nissan Terrano 2001 MGF 1998 Ford Fiesta 1992 Reliant Rialto 1979 Rickman Ranger saloon 1989 Rickman Ranger cabrio 2000 Skoda Octavia hatch 1998 BMW E30 320 convertible 2004 Fiat Panda 1.2 2009 Jaguar XF 2014 Ford Focus estate 1.6 1979 Hollier Mosquito 2002 VW Passat estate 1992 Mini Neon i may have missed one or two . not too bad for 26 years motoring edit: forgot the 2000 Alfa Romeo 145 and the 2000 Alfa Romeo 145 QV
  16. well, i managed to get both tubes sorted, and the bantam back together. yay! rode it 14 miles to work this morning. damn thing nipped up on me three times. nursed it in to work. looks like no trial on that tomorrow then chucked it in the back of a workmates van, drove it home... it fell over and broke the clutch lever. its now sulking in the garden while i prep the Ranger for the trial instead. open heart surgery planned for the bantam whenever i get a minute. ive got until easter to sort it ready for the next trial anyway. the fun of old two strokes eh?!
  17. in todays biking fun, i decided to change the cracking tyres on the bantam for some nice new MT43s. all was going well, old ones came off nicely, new ones on ok for the first bead, fit the tubes, put the second side on.... you know where this is going.... pinched tube. dammit! got the brand new spare tube.... yep, pinched that one too. bugger. awaiting delvery of two new tubes tonight, and will be much more careful when trying to fit this one. the rear went on ok, but i cant quite get one section of the bead to seat properly. i'll give it a bashing with a mallet to help it along.... oh, and i hate rimlocks.
  18. cheers Mexico, thats great info. my first challenge is getting it running roughly right, then get a decent exhaust fabbed up for it, get it tuned up, and then go from there. I'll give you a shout when im getting to the stage of actually getting out on a trial.
  19. My secret Santa got me an awesome collection of cable ties, air fresheners, and electrical tape. I'm now checking the security to my security cameras at home, as I'd been chatting to Mrs groovy that I used the last of the cable ties on the bloody Xmas lights, and I need some for the mosquito 😳🀣 thanks Secret Santa πŸŽ…
  20. Mine arrived today, the only mail I've had for over a week! Got mini groovy to open it just in case, so I'll save the reveal for the 27th when I'm back from deepest darkest Bodmin πŸ˜‹
  21. im away over xmas, returning home on the 28th, so i will be delayed in sharing my *excitement on here. so whoever got me, im not being ungrateful on xmas day, im just not there lol
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