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  1. My Ranger has 'unknown' unknown' as make and model. on an age related plate too. i could never understand that one lol
  2. I've just caught up on this thread since i last replied back in 2018 - it sounds like we are having similar woes lol mine is now about 198000 miles in, and the cracks are beginning to show - the current issue is that the engine seems to lose boost when you give it too much loud pedal... if you drive gently, you can feel it come on boost, but if you try and hammer it, it suddenly goes flat and wont accelerate for shit. i'll have a good look at some point, and report back anything i find in case it helps your cause also, im only averaging 36mpg... so something seems a little amiss there. good luck, Lee
  3. mine would be a nissan patrol (currently terrano) and a passat B1 (currently passat B5.5) pretty dull really lol
  4. I’d be up for that dude, I’m over in shefford ???? the ace is ok, but not what it used to be. I like the super sausage - better breakfast than the ace I think.
  5. ive just done a vote thing. went for new stuff. in all honesty, I haven't been on this forum for as long as many, but I love it here. I love the shite ethos, and the crazy crazy bastards that inhabit this forum - you are all a welcome distraction from my current nightmare work/life balance, and I salute you for that. I have no issue with the way things are currently, but im not particularly enjoying the malcontent of the people that live in my distraction-world, and therefore i'd like it to be fixed please. preferably by hammering a smaller socket over it... I think that made sense? if not, meh. I voted. Lee
  6. just noticed this post! tell me more, I may be interested
  7. Quick pic of the current stable And the best thing about smoll bikes? They fit in smoll spaces!
  8. ive got my bike licence, so that side of life is fine, but I think registering it would be the hardest bit - not sure i'd want to cough up for SVA for something this small
  9. It’s pretty tatty, with damaged plastics and needs a good service. I’m going to have to put in the hours looking for parts for this I think... Anyway, I’ve stripped all the plastics off, and cleaned it up a little. The plan is: Clean to within an inch of its life Repair/replace plastics Sort out rear suspension Get better tyres Finish in time for stoneleigh national kit car show so the mini me can ride it around I’ll update as I go
  10. It is a Morini Franco 50cc automatic powered Tecnomoto bike. Allegedly manufactured in 1978 - its just older than me! It immediately got put to use... 16DF9B7F-9F91-4440-AF62-F3662B3013DB.MOV
  11. So, after a good knees up to celebrate not winning a mini in last nights roffle, I made preparations for today’s collectioning. After an epic 5 mile drive to the sellers house, I was the proud owner of this!
  12. I have done an eBay. It involves a small child, and angry mum, and a very excited me. Awaiting electronic mail from the seller, and then the collection shall commence. Could be today, could be tomorrow. All I know is, I’m in the dog house for a not smoll amount of time. All I will say is that it continues the little, old, and Italian theme of my ape thread. Just hopefully with less melted screwdriver and moar win. To be continued..
  13. come on guys, lets get this paid up so i can actually sleep after saturday night without worrying that I might have to go get a car
  14. paid. time to nervously keep my fingers crossed that i dont win lol
  15. get that man a prize! it is indeed the bastard lovechild of a toy screwdriver and a poundland multimeter!
  16. it is indeed a prosecco van. I was *mildly disappointed that it wasn't ale, but ho hum. I did get a nice bottle of single malt for my endeavours, so it all good in the world. till the morning lol
  17. oops, it appears to be an aussie model lol yeah, it was interesting trying to figure out the gears - you have a gearstick for forwards/reverse, and then the clutch lever on the left handlebar as per motorbikes, but you then rotated the left bar to change gear. proper confusing. i only managed 1st or maybe 3rd? not sure how many gears it had. anything over walking pace on the pavement was terrifying I felt like a full on giant in the cab lol
  18. we eventually got it running with new fuel, too much 2 stoke, and a LOT of fettling gear cables and throttle cable. i did get a vid of it running, but not sure how to do that here at work, so it'll have to wait. not all that interesting really, but i know some of you out there like these sorts of things cheers, Lee
  19. After arrival at the offending driveway, the *thing did turn up. turns out it is a Piaggio Ape. not a bad looking little thing really. we chucked it off the trailer, and set to looking at its undercarriage. no matter how hard we tried, it just wouldn't fire. so, off with the airbox, and liberal use of brake cleaner had it firing! ok, so fuel then..... tank off. some form of yeti piss came out of the tank.... complete with hair ?? oh, and this anyone care to guess what that was once?
  20. Hi everyone. last weekend, i did embark upon a mercy mission. "a friend of a friend has a *thing, and said thing wasn't working, would i mind taking a look at it?" god i love non motoring type people. further questioning revealed that it has a gear stick, handlebars, and a terminal case of FTP. oh, and it's grey. *helpful. so, following a heavy night on the ale for a friends 40th, i did load up the ranger of much awesomeness with ALL the tools, and made my way over to the *thing. more to follow, figuring out pics.....
  21. as i had no use for the ragtop one, and just as little use for this one, and i'm miles away.... i'll take a random number please
  22. Have absolutely no need for it, would be completely useless for dog transportation, and the missus would never talk to me again (classic mini purist). i'll take number 15 please. or a random if thats taken.
  23. ive got one of those in blue flavour! not a bad thing to drive really, and it's done 185k. i reckon i'll hit 200k before i replace it. DMF went about 4 years ago, so had that replaced, then it coughed and spluttered a lot, so replaced the injector loom for about £70. other than that, its been golden
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