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  1. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic-auctions/2613-04-Nov-2023?fbclid=IwAR1RCKwqrrwibnRV2SkBRNFZaVQBZvoRmrW_5ZairKyZNIgoU3GmQpQZmhQ Weighing up which non vital organs I can sell to bid on some of these.
  2. I had tax reminder for the Saab a few days ago. Unfortunately I thought I'd sorned it October when it came off the road with an oil leak. Bugger. The Multipla died sadly, my aim of reaching 200,000 miles was cut short as the engine management warning and accompanying limp mode returned with a vengeance. Then BeEP took it back to his house to have a look and the front spring broke, taking out a two month old tyre. Car take back paid £325 which was £95 more than it cost in 2016. Replacement comes in the shape of a big arsed Megane which was bought from Copart. It is cat N for the front bumper damage that was easily fixed, BeEP's plastic welding gun doing a great job putting it together. More of a problem was the interior. The poor dog (it maybe dogs) the previous owner had must have been ball by then end. Hours with the vacuum, wet vac, brushes, drill brushes and degreaser have it looking much better (but far from perfect). The whiff of dog is there when you first get it but hopefully with use and air fresheners it will go. On the upside £15.40 had been left in it.
  3. The trees survived the wind, which is more than can be said for all the vehicles. Yes, that is the windscreen cracked all over.
  4. It made it to Glasgow without missing a beat. Currently parked in the middle of the car park where we are staying away from the trees moving in the expected to be 80mph winds.
  5. That big fuck off hole is what was left when cutting back the inner wing... Fortunately we have someone willing to weld so it now looks like this Who said Belgian built Allegros were more rusty? He now moves on to the back of the offside sill, the boot floor, the entire nearside wing. Then the engine and suspension both need work but just look at that face...
  6. Don't see many mk3 Fiestas with mild barrying surviving these days. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/240313534605450/
  7. Kicking things off with @Andyrew's Vauxhall Astra trio
  8. Crap advert but could be cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114826118891
  9. From @Six-cylinder's FOD thread. Estate of the nation
  10. Big thanks to @BeEP for the use of his Maestro van to collect some concrete blocks earlier.
  11. Not what I've found here. Our local garage/mot station (who I've always found fair and trustworthy) are dead at the moment, blaming the slowness on the MOT extension at this time last year meaning far fewer getting mots at the moment.
  12. Can't understand why the AA persist with relay with loads of waiting around when autoaid/green flag seem to get you one truck for most recoveries. Good luck fixing the Alfa. Cars are ungrateful bastards.
  13. It does have a very pleasing burble.
  14. 🤣🤣🤣 After what I've spent on it recently whatever it is would need to be gold plated.
  15. So I had a day out at 2 stroke to turbo just south of Cambridge today. Lovely to see @LostnotFound and LostnotFound junior in his burgundy Swedish drop top for a walk round a park and a catch up. There was a bit of a delay as the previous job was overrunning so I had to kick around for a few hours but the good news was the motor for the tonneau cover hadn't broken as they predicted so no need to replace. Just needed the ecu coded to match the hood details at 2.5 hours labour. So now it works, lovely drive home with the roof down. Heater seems to have lost its direction function so it's a bit crap and the radio code is lost. Other than that it is making me grin.
  16. Also had a loan of this 2.2 TiD 9-5 today. It was far nicer than a car with 186,000 miles should be. Lowly spec with cloth seats and no cruise control but a really nice place to sit.
  17. It's a day for getting the roof down
  18. Seeing as this Saab now lives again let's have another try. The time was 1:35 so it's lost a little performance, I'm looking well for a man twice my age in the video. Be sure to like, subscribe and share. VID_20210401_173131053.mp4
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