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Secret shiters in your area


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8 minutes ago, Jerzy Woking said:

I think I remember it still being there 19 months ago if you saw it in **** tree

Left Essex in November 2020 and it was there then. Don't know just how long it's been sat but I remember seeing it there in the summer of 2002 en route to buy a 6/110 auto which was languishing on the Melbourne estate. 

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18 hours ago, sheffcortinacentre said:

I knew this person not seen him for circa 10 years ,he was a complete fruit loop back then god knows what he's like now!

Forgot he has/had another property with amongst others where a pair of Mk5 cortinas ( one was Def a crusader), a tr7 & a lancia Y10.

All rough even back then, plus loads of parts which even back then where average condition but priced like new stuff!

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The location of this one has already been given in the local paper

'This large fine of £10,000 plus costs follows the painstaking and meticulous work of officers in investigating this blatant ongoing breach of a planning enforcement notice, which saw large quantities of unsightly scrap material blight a quiet residential street.'

Not the most subtle operation by the look of it.



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This Esprit has sat for well over a decade. Every time I drive past it, it looks a little bit more decrepit. Spares car now I'd imagine. 

The XJS hasn't sat for quite as long but is still heading the same way. 

Many, many people have commented on them online over the years, but no-one seems to have a clue what the story is behind them sitting rotting. 




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Some heroic dilapidation of 1970s VW vehicles locally


last count visible from the road is 2x VW 411 variants, 2x T2s and a beetle, with a Peugeot 406 estate just out of shot. They have some other chode 'out back'


plus whatever is in that garage. Owned by an old guy who looks like Santa's alky brother. TBH the T2s can and do move, the 411's don't - or at least haven't in the last 5 years.

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9 hours ago, Dave_Q said:


I know you can have your house blurred on streetview if you want, perhaps you can also have it blurred on satellite if you like?


I’ve just checked… my house picture on satellite is very out of date. There’s only one car outside!! 

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When I go and see my parents there’s a house we call “the Saab house” on the route… 



Nice bloke to be fair, I once knocked on the door when I was struggling to get a part for my second 9000, he was out, but I left my number and an explanation and he called and said he had a load of parts… but then the pandemic hit and I never ended up getting them. 

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There's a guy a couple of streets across from me with two fourth gen Civics - he had a white automatic one for 17 years and rabid youths torched it so he rebuilt another identical and put some fancy carbs on. He then got another locally and had it welded and resprayed (think he welded it himself), a red manual - spoke to him once and he said he wanted to swap the gearboxes between them. He also had an Alfa GTV but I think he's sold that now, and a five door 1.2 Corsa B that he was intending to engine swap, but I've not seen that for a while. 

He's quite elusive but I need to catch up with him again - he usually invites me to Civic events but I've never been able to make one yet and they seem to be for those that know. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

There is a chap near me who stores some cars at his sisters house, so far I have seen:

- The rapiest yellow VW LT van you ever saw, complete with bin-bag window blinds

- An old ford F-chassis (I have no idea what kind) fire engine from the mid 70's

- An Austin A55 Diesel. Which has got to be the most utterly miserable car to drive in all of time. Top speed, flat out of 68mph

Having spoken to him about his fire engine I have come to the conclusion that he is mostly bananas

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On 3/11/2022 at 12:19 PM, martc said:


Somewhere in East Yorkshire. I've never seen it move, there's a red one behind it.

STOP PRESS!! I went past here last week and the blue Ginetta has gone and has been replaced with a British Racing Green TVR3000M. But don't panic the red one behind it is still there.

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