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Dumped cars in your area

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The only abandoned, rather than dumped cars that I see near me are outside premises related to fixing vehicles, like this Astra, untaxed since February. Its probably on private land but someone will be getting letters. Diesel so probably some sort of major failure, usual acronyms apply.


Quote from last MOT:


4039 Advisory notice item(s)

no oil in engine before test



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That astras brand new! The sills and arch is worse than my 2001 kia.


Exactly, it's not even seen it's 10th birthday yet FFS. 


Sad to say, for some idiots, the process of neglecting a car starts the moment they pick up the keys and continues until the poor bloody thing gives up and dies whereupon the car is therefore 'A load of crap' rather than the owner being that.

You'd need a second mortgage to get enough cash together to buy these half-wits a clue. 

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Now scrap prices have plummeted I have seen 3 dumped cars


This is the most recent one, I cannot work out what it is but it made me smile anyway,


Spotted in a posh area very near Wolverhampton


What's dumped in your area?





Very odd, never seen that before. It actually reminds me of an early 90s Crimewatch appeal I saw recently where cut-up carcasses of brand new sporty Fiestas, Escorts etc.. were found strewn across a field (somewhere up North I think?)


Interesting to be found near Wolvs too, not too far from here.


Carrying on the Midlands theme, personally, I've not seen a lot of street dumped/abandoned stuff for years and very rarely come across them in the UK.


So far, all I can find through my albums are these:


Odd dashboard seen a few years ago in some grass just off a small country through lane, keep thinking BINI but vents say a Ford product, possibly Fiesta?




Saw this in Pershore a few years ago, by where PlasticVanDanAndManJanCanTheNissanMan lives:




This was by the first unit to a crummy old industrial estate:



The place was a former Vauxhall breakers.


Spotted this Punto some years back with a notice slapped on it's screen:





Earlier this year I spotted this sad case of a Clio:




Thats about it. Though I guess what with the price of scrap being on it's arse we'll see more cases of dumped cars. Still, doesn't seem to deter the scrap men. A few days ago whilst in Stourport I saw a large hiab truck rolling by with a clean R-reg Saab 900 on the back with a large dirty 4x4 chassis plonked on top of it :(

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I saw a transporter in a lay by full of what I initially thought were banger racing cars, such was the condition of them.


But no, mid 2000s foci, meganes, astrays etc, all utterly smashed up!


We have had a chrysler pt cruiser dumped in our car park at home for 4 months now with the engine hanging out. The bloke who gets angry about the parking is in talks with his mate at the council to get it moved apparently. There's also a BMW that's been sat where I used to park my xm for 7 months now. Again, matey is angry about that too. We know who they belong to as well, and he doesn't live round here, and is a prick so I expressed my agreement with angry car park matey as I serviced his golf the other weekend...

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so do these cars owners get billed when towed away or what


or will they have filled out the v5 in someone elses name

Depends entirely on the circumstances, there are loads of reasons why a car may dumped for so long. Sometimes an owner may have fallen ill/gone missing/spending time at her Majesty's pleasure or simply wants nothing to do with the car due to mechanical/electrical failure.


It is up to the Police or council/land owner to find out who the owner is and attempt to bill them, if they cannot be found then the car is taken into possession of the land owner/recovery company and sold on/scrapped.


A similar thing happened with an old Merc C-class that was left in a carpark in Birmingham for 2 or 3 years or summat:




It apparently ran up £14k worth of parking "fines" or whatever. Owners of the carpark couldn't trace the owner so the Merc was eventually taken away and probably scrapped. Merc owners probably did transfer the V5 into a non-entity's name or whatever.

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Yes I know of Steve, only met him couple of times though.he has a great collection of tat, he has been having a bit of a clearout, trying to only have British stuff in his collection


I wouldn't mind going up there again, its been a couple of years

I spoke to Steve recently. He was thinking of having a clearout but has never done anything about it. He wants to actually keep all of his stock and get around to them at some point. He has lost some storage recently and is looking for alternative storage.


He tried to get me involved in his business a couple of years ago but I felt that I was doing the work asked with no comeback at all.

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