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  1. I do rather like Bristols, as it happens. As for the car company, it;'s a real shame that it's finally going. They were pretty fugly things but I would have one if I had the money.
  2. Only Ford could make fuggin headlights rust!
  3. How is having an obnoxiously loud exhaust morally any better?
  4. Annoyed at myself for sitting on my arse today and yesterday when I have a list of things to do!
  5. Cor, now you're talking. CLASS. I found my 45 to be better built inside than my 75.
  6. Oh dear God, please, do we need a mention of these in every single thread?
  7. I always thought the front indicators looked awkward on the mk1 45, but assumed it was done because it meant the metalwork didn't need changing to accommodate the facelift from the 400. Apparently though the wings do differ between the 400 and 45, so they paid money for it to look like a cheap and hasty facelift. BMW did the same thing with the 3 series of the era too for some reason.
  8. I thought the E10 thing had happened a few years back TBH, I remember reading about it when I had my first Panda and that was... 2010?
  9. Love a 75, Wedgwood is one of the best colours along with black IMO. I wanted a 75 from when they were launched as an 11 year old and got one when I was 21, a 2.0 v6. Was a case of not meeting your heroes for me, I was a bit underwhelmed with it. Traded in an early 45 for it which I did about 20 or 30k in. Had the 75 a year and did about 5k in it before trading it in for a Fiat Panda. I deffo got more fun out of the 45 and Panda than the 75. They're supposed to have legendary handling but I found it big and boatlike, having said that I mustn't really like driving big cars. The Getrag box didn't like being hurried or it would baulk and the 2 litre isn't that quick anyway. I used to get 25 MPG driving like a saint or 20 hooning it/around town. Sounded glorious though and looked great, it was really a car I was proud of owning. Was a good car though, the only thing that went wrong was bits of trim falling off (driver's door handle surround and kick plates all round). The build quality of the 45 was actually better.
  10. Has the national speed limit been reduced to 40 MPH and I've missed the news? Always stuck behind some bloody massive SUV doing 40 and randomly slowing down to 30 odd for absolutely no reason, clear road, conditions ok, etc. Overtake and 50 yards down the road you're in the same boat. I know it's a limit not a target but if someone driving a Honda Jazz, a car with absolutely no power or torque at all, thinks you're going slow, you're just being an arsehole. Also said SUVs with those bluey- white headlights on unlit country roads. How the fuck are they legal? They might be ok on the autobahn but on twisty, hilly roads the person coming the other way might as well just close their eyes. If there's an Evoque, etc coming round a left hand bend or uphill towards you it's like having a soldering iron shoved in your eyes.
  11. Christmas music in the shops. Fuck off man. I feel for anyone who has to listen to that BS for another 6 weeks, I'd be bringing a massive hammer to work and smashing the audio system.
  12. Datsun/Nissan Cherry Europe?
  13. The tail lights of the current Yaris and Droopy the dog, separated at birth. Looks like it needs a Prozac prescription. Agreed on the 1 series, they look like they are bending in the middle -especially the coupé.
  14. Let me know if not, i have the JVC one out of my old car going spare. Or if anyone else wants it for postage drop me a PM.
  15. Did you get sorted with a CD player player player player player?
  16. I wonder what the minimum order is to have your name slapped on a ditch finder? Would be cool to have auto shite branded tyres.
  17. It's a GD I think? The early one. The garage quoted for back and centre section but I can't see a hole in the back bit anywhere. It's snapped just where the pipe comes out of the centre silencer. I'm gonna try somewhere else and see if they will just do the centre.
  18. Not had that fucking Jazz a month yet and the bastard exhaust has snapped. £270 FFS. Every month there's some unexpected shit to pay for, isn't there? Makes you wonder what the fucking point is sometimes.
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