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  1. It may well have not had the certificate of destruction issued in which case it would still be on SORN. A few breakers yards still do this.
  2. I would be able to clear the confusion up with a trip to Ford Etis, but unfortunately they’ve withdrawn the service because we are a nation that needs to be controlled and not allowed to browse at nice things.
  3. My contribution - the wonderful Hyundai Matrix. Largely snubbed and forgotten about due to it’s apparent lack of attractive styling, they are a competent and useful little car.
  4. Mostly dull moderns, there are a few older vehicles such as a ‘04 Golf and ‘53 Clio. The guy who I work with drives a mint T-plate Seat Arosa in frog green. Theres a chap who’s into his American stuff and sometimes comes in with his ‘97 Dodge pickup. There is however a guy who has a lot of nice Alfa stuff and has been on a certain YouTube channel…
  5. Correct, it seems to have painted extras which all should be black. I’d quite like to bring it back to original spec. Probably supplied by Dagenham Motors when new so repro plates wouldn’t be a problem, just finding the plate bottom trim with the Dagenham Motors inscription may be a task.
  6. I’m pretty sure D61 OGS was the same car that was in the books about advanced driving on motorways that I bought years ago. The number rings a bell. EDIT: in this book I believe.
  7. Chod speed fine fellow!
  8. I’m still trying to get my head around how exactly it made that figure where they were being sold not that long ago for maximum £110k. Even this one “only” made 86k at auction. That was laid up for 30 years and had 8000 miles on the clock. I am a serial Ford licker, and cars like these are ones I grew up with and saying to myself that I will have one of them when I’m older. Now it’s sadly never going to happen unless I win big or I enter a life of crime and live off the proceeds. There is simply no other way of owning one. Old-Skool Ford tax sucks.
  9. Also I think that’s when the V5 logbook design changed and everyone was issued with a new one?
  10. And that’s the book that started me off with number plates too. I used to love researching all my dad’s old motors and where they had come from.
  11. That’s a nice purchase, bonus points for a heroic journey from Scotland to Devon at some point in its life. I had one of these in LX flavour, a very early (Nov ‘95) build, with keep fit windows before they became a standard fitment in early 1996. According to Ford Etis, build date on yours is 13/3/1996.
  12. I think Rob and Chris from Salvage Rebuilds would have that looking showroom fresh again.
  13. Matey had one last year, he said parts were hard to get. Headlamps were virtually unobtainable and he considered buying a whole parts car just for them.
  14. This. One of the early owners of that Porsche lived in Headingley just outside Leeds and had it for six months. Definitely a ‘try it and then sell’ car.
  15. Been waiting for a topic like this. Many moons ago, me and my dad owned this lovely* 1983 Porsche 944. Nice and tidy, low owner car you say? RONG. Yes, 23 other people owned it before us. It had been up and down the UK. Started off in London, then moved north for a few years before coming back to Cambridgeshire and then Norfolk in 1992. It was also featured on the front cover of Porsche Post magazine when nearly new in 1984 with its original registration. It had been subject to a rolling restoration. It looked passable on the surface but the underneath was coated in 10 layers of underseal ‘to stop it rotting m8’. The interior looked like a pitbull had been let loose inside it. I sold it on to a guy who drove it all the way back to Staffordshire 😳 never heard of it again.
  16. I’m thinking it was maybe a shuttle vehicle for Eastern Europeans? Not stereotyping, serious question.
  17. Well I had to see this one to believe it. 2010 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Ghia just came into scrap. Opened the door and checked the mileage…. Yes, that’s 458,633 miles on the clock. Astonishingly it did an incredible 140,000 miles in one year!
  18. I was watching tv on my break at work. It was Britain’s Notorious Prisons (on ITV). This episode was about Strangeways in Manchester and it featured interviews with ex-prisoners and who was involved with the 1990 riot there. Rioter Alan Lord then popped up and my blood immediately boiled. He was the guy that murdered my dad’s best mate and the reason why he was in there in the first place. Stop giving this c@nt airtime, he doesn’t deserve it. He deserves to rot in hell.
  19. Loving this thread. Have my attempt I did back in 2004, I had the Astra on the left. And a couple of consecutively numbered Transits. West Yorkshire, 1999.
  20. Goodness me I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you can find comfort in the good times you shared together. Thinking of you.
  21. I’ve had this in my watch list for a little while now. It’s been kicking around at the dealers for a while so not sure if it’s just a bag of shit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373747408256?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=hi7as8h2q5o&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=2OenAfhOTCK&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY I love its originality, right down to the Whitefield Mercedes number plates (which was round the corner from Grandma Gartside) - scabby door is unfortunate but those 2.0i engines are bulletproof.
  22. Shitehawk - one of the best insults I’ve ever heard. Loving this project by the way, Wheeler Dealers did one the same colour with an unfortunate supremacist-themed number plate. And an unfortunate fat wanker behind the wheel. Interestingly, it has been re-registered as KGY 523V.
  23. I’d love to have a Spitty, it would have to be in the Vermillion colour they did. Class in a glass. Good luck with the collection, your plans for it sound exactly like what I’d do with it too.
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