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  1. Nan borrowed my Merc the other night…. If Homer Simpson took up vehicle recovery (there is a similar photo story on the web somewhere which I found highly amusing) ”You plonker, Rod-boy”.
  2. *laughing in swan* I absolutely love these. @flat4alfa what program are you using for these masterpieces?
  3. I would have thought this was the original number plate on the back, so it may well have been a Haynes of Maidstone car.
  4. Glad to see good progress on this fine machine. You’ve just reminded me of the fact that there is an estate sat in my local scrapyard at the moment. Not sure what’s left of it but I know it’s a 1.8 CVH, L-spec.
  5. And whilst we’re on the subject, K2 BDD in that list has a reg date of 2.8.93 - making it an L-Plater.
  6. Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of Slim’s passing. He would have absolutely loved to see this I think!
  7. Communications via eBay messenger seem to be non-existent. Might go and chap on the guy’s door one day after work. Also noticed that the scrap Sierra should have had the dangly mirrors when it was new. Sadly no longer on the car.
  8. Right, this is in the yard next door to where I work. A December 1982 build/registered Sierra! For spares, engine and box have been removed. The rest of it is there apart from the O/S rear lamp as far as I can see. Reg is JDY 573Y for all the car check guys out there. Last taxed 1997.
  9. The auction find Fiesta is still going strong… …..I decided to treat the old girl to some instant 10,000bhp modifications. Yes, it is a shitbox and it identifies as a Manchester Bee. I had a small issue with the EML coming on after some heavy downpours. Apparently there’s an issue with the engine wiring loom chafing the block and the most vulnerable point is the wiring loom for the crank sensor. Water got into it, killed the rev counter and popped the light on. A quick five minute session with the OBD Scanner (that I found in a scrap car at the scrapyard) cleared the code and it’s never came back. The rev counter did die briefly then came back and all is well. I’m now typing this and realised I forgot to get a section of crank sensor wiring from a car at the yard this morning. Oh and this happened yesterday. Welcome to the 100k Club! Badge of honour duly awarded. Well done little car.
  10. Last one, I promise. Decided to treat the old girl to a car wash and I then hoovered the inside out and made it smell a bit nicer. Rocker cover gasket turned up today so that’s the next job.
  11. What’s this??? this can mean only one thing…. She’s on the road! Frontline transport! I taxed and insured it last night. Only £27 a month TPFT and £17 a month for tax. A change in circumstances means I need to travel a lot more now and I don’t particularly want to knack up my nice Fiesta so I thought sod it, why not. It’s also better on fuel too. One small stumbling block before all this became a reality. One leather steering wheel procured from a 2002 Fiesta (a very early one to boot). Didn’t need the airbag as mine was all good. A quick YouTube sesh told me how to remove my old airbag and replace the wheel. A simple 10 minute job. 2 hours later I manage to wrestle the airbag off the wheel. The only issue was that I gorilla’d the airbag off and in the process, destroyed the airbag wiring plug which smashed into a million bits. Long story short is that £20 later, I now had a new airbag and wiring. The new one went on straight away and the airbag didn’t blow up in my face. Now on for the Christmas duties! What a car!
  12. And here is December 4th! Not gonna lie, I was pretty restless sleeping last night. I’ve put a few man hours into this thing and like I’ve said previously, I would be gutted if it didn’t pass. Here it is ready for the off. I did have to do a few last minute jobs such as a missing bulb in the number plate light (the contacts had been busted off, probably when Darren fitted his MEGGER LED’Z and removed them for sale). Also a front indicator bulb that had lost most of its orange-ness. Little things like that might just win the MOT tester over. Anyway, I drove it to the test station - it drove absolutely wonderfully, not a single rattle or knock anywhere. Let’s hope it was all worth it…. Our survey says…. ONE PASS!!!! I could not believe it!! The MOT guy said it had been looked after and was “a really nice car”. I just looked on in a state of disbelief and shock. One very happy guy with an equally happy Fiesta, WHAT A FUCKING CHAMP. The fleet together at last! Summer and Winter cars ☺️ Thanks to all of you who’ve liked this little journey blog, she’s good for another 12.
  13. Another SMOLL update on the Fiesta from t’auction. I put on my brave pants and decided to tackle the blue smoke issue with this one. I’d pre-empted that the air filter and plugs were going to be absolutely gopping. I was not disappointed. That’s some serious neglect, the air filter is fucked! The plugs were terrible, this is after I’d cleaned the plug threads of oil, they were all absolutely saturated - I’d say the rocker cover gasket’s given up. So after a quick set of new parts, it was time to sort this once and for all. Armed with a can of Wynn’s stop smoke snake oil, I poured the gloop into a warm engine (which was more responsive after I’d replaced the air filter - what are the chances?!) and then I let it do it’s thing. After 10 minutes of running, this is at idle. I’d call that a win. It still produces a bit of condensation but the blue smoke has virtually all gone. I’m hoping it’ll scrape an emissions test and then we will be good to go for a year. MOT booked for December 4th at 10am!
  14. Ah didn’t know that. I thought it was a blanket check on all pin types. Thanks! One less thing to worry about.
  15. More progress on the Fiesta today. I decided to tackle the towbar wiring on this beast. A quality* installation of the wiring. A rat’s nest looks more appealing than this madman’s work. Ok, so this is the O/S rear lamp - all wiring present and correct, even though scotchlocks of doom have been applied in this instance. Here is the offending loose wire, which on closer inspection the yellow is the wire for the left hand indicator. Coupled with the length of the wire, this is likely the wire going to that. It seems that when Keith removed his 73” SUBWOOFAH and MEGGER SAHND INSTOWL from the boot, he’s knocked the wire off. Let’s have a look at the other side. Bingo. That’s where the wire’s come from then. Fixed. I pushed dad’s trailer round to the back and connected things up. Because the trailer hasn’t been on the road for 20+ years, I’d imagined all the wires to be corroded and bulbs not working. But no. Lights came back to life with the exception of……the left hand indicator. FML. I don’t know what Keith has done but no dice on the wire. Unless I’ve not put the scotchlock together properly. I’ll sort it another day and if it fails the MOT for it then I’ll ask nicely if the tester could sort it out for me, he’s good like that. More worryingly, when I was running the car for the trailer wiring faffing, there is a few wisps of blue smoke coming from the back, and on closer inspection it does seem it’s burning a bit of oil. I think this is the reason why it was at the auction now, Keith has absolutely ragged the bollocks off it and flogged it on. A bit of a shitty thing to do but I guess I’ll have to deal with it at the MOT. I’m hoping it’ll just scrape the emissions. As long as I can get a year out of it, I’ll be very happy. What I may do is stick some smoke additive in before the test and fingers crossed it’ll do enough to make it through. I did check the PCV valve out of curiosity and it rattles so that’s working according to the interwebs. The hose going to the valve had a huge split in it, so I’ve expertly* repaired it with tape. This may be a contributing issue towards the smoke? I also took the air filter off and it’s absolutely fucking filthy so I’ll order up a new filter along with some plugs and a tin of snake jollop for the journey to the MOT place. I won’t lie, I’ll be quite upset if it fails. Poor little car deserves a second chance on the road IMHO and it’s absolutely ideal for what I need it to do, especially with the towbar.
  16. Another SMOLL update on the ORKSHUN FIND Fiesta. First job was to sort out the buggered bonnet latch. Unhelpfully, my local scrappers has just had a mahoosive clearout of old vehicles, many of which were Fiestas. There were just two of my shape left there and one of them yielded the bonnet latch we were after. New one on the right. Spot the difference? The spring for the release mechanism is completely missing on the old one. That may have something to do with the issue. Parts swapped over and a bit of latch adjustment and hey presto, the bonnet opens and shuts as it should. It’s also a good job I took the bolts from the donor car as the sizes were completely different on mine. A quick check over on the car and a blown sidelight bulb on the front passenger side was attended to and rectified. What else? The drivers seat latch was broken which is common on these. Thankfully the bay of E came to the rescue and for just £9 I had a pair of latches in my hand. Only fitted the drivers one as the passenger one is still operational. If it ain’t broke and all that…. And now the seat tilts and shuts like a good’un. Lastly, my OCD was killing me and I had to do something about the lack of TRIMZ on this fine machine. Again, the bay to the rescue and I actually bought the trims that were pictured on here in the last segment of this journey. Just £10 and the last piece of the puzzle gets fitted. There’s a broken clip on the drivers front but I’ll throw a cable tie on it to stop it doing the falling offs. BETTER. There is one more job before it’s MOT, to sort out the towbar wiring as someone has cut a wire in the back and is laying in the boot. Might have been from a fancy sound system but I think it’s probably the indicator buzzer or something. Who knows. More next time.
  17. It wouldn’t have been sold new by John Grose, more likely it was sourced from Ford directly as a lot of them were in the day and sold when it was nearly new. A fantastic survivor and if I had the room I’d be very interested. I hope it goes to a good home.
  18. A SMOLL update on the Auction-find Fiesta. Whilst it was having a snooze, I got bored and attempted to sort any gremlins out that I had found. First up, the drivers seat fabric was torn on the bolster with a smaller hole next to it for good measure. A quick needle and thread session later and it’s better. I’m not a seamstress but that’s not a bad job I think. I’ve found out it’s also great for storing all your worldly possessions (well, some of them.) Further de-snagging - it had no brake or clutch pedal rubbers which is an instant MOT fail IIRC. A quick trip to the bay of E sorted me a brand new pair for under £4. I was astonished when they plopped through the postbox the very next day, that’s amazing delivery make no mistake. Bunged them on and they fit like a glove. Unlike O.J. Simpson’s. I’m after a set of these hubcaps if anyone’s got a set going spare? Has to be these ones as they are TEH SEX. Ford really know how to make a good set of trims. Not just of this era of Fiesta, take a look at the Escorts, Mondeos with the GLX swirly trims. Fucking peachy. Bonnet up and let’s have a look at that catch. It will release, but very very slightly. It doesn’t seem to feel as free as it should. Verdict: FUKD. Get a new one, greengartside. So just assessing the engine bay in general. Nice and tidy, and looks honest for 99k miles. Not su…..WAIT, what’s that? A white wire? Hmm, let’s have a look then. Speaker wire! Someone’s been bodging! It came from down near the N/S headlamp & the horn. Both of those work though, and the wire was chopped at that end. Let’s follow it and see where it goes. The fuck is this bodgery? I’ve already removed one side of the earth wire by this point. I also found this cut gubbins atop the headlamp screw point. So I carefully* removed this fire waiting to happen and disposed of it in a sensible black bin manner. I kept the fuse holder though because hoarder. All I can surmise is that the speaker wire led to one of those LED light bars that Nicky or Luke like putting on the front of their cars to make them look like a Transformer, or a Hyundai. Fair play that they actually used proper spade connectors, and not twisted the wires together and taped them like someone used to do 20 years ago. I did that with fucking stereos 😳 - I think this would also explain why there are no wheeltrims with it. Nicky or Luke fitted some 17 INCH SICK RIMZ I guess and chucked the trims away. Anyway, more updates as and when and all that.
  19. Yep, it’s a bloody disgrace in that respect. My dad used to buy cars out of the auction in the early ‘90’s and it wasn’t anywhere near that much. They did have the fees displayed on the notice board so it wasn’t too much of a shock when I went to pay.
  20. Good news from greengartside towers! I HAZ WINTA BEATA. I went up to the local car auctions yesterday as I had the week off and had nothing to do. *Pic and word heavy* I had in the back of my mind that I’d like to buy something to knock around in, although not for this winter as things are a bit shitty with a divorce underway and living back at the parents for a while until I save some serious cash up. There was no harm in me looking for something as I had the cash and a budget. I had read the auction listings online and nothing really leapt out at me. However, this place does shove a few last minute/‘ CBA to photograph’ cars in the running order so you really have to go there to view everything. Once I got there, I had a cold drink and wandered round to see what was there. Nothing really caught my eye until I got to the end of one of the rows. And there it was…. Yes, a 2005 Fiesta 1.25 Finesse, a.k.a bASe. Keep-fit windows but central locking and a CD player. I had a copy of the catalogue and it was pretty good reading on the listing. 99k with a short MOT. A quick check on the Vehicle Smart app revealed that it’s last MOT advisories were for tyres. There are 4 brand new tyres now present. Even a towbar too! I don’t think that’s had much use though. It’s never failed on anything too drastic so I thought it might be worth a shot. I sat in the auction room and listened to the bids come in for the preceding cars, it made for uncomfortable listening. A lot of them were going for waaay over the book price. An un-MOT’d Fiesta Mk7 made £2,100. Sure it may be okay, but that’s a gamble and a half if it all goes tits up. I spent my time going between the auction room and back to the Fiesta to look at it more closely. The bonnet wouldn’t open (which was probably a good thing as you’ll read later) and there was no service history and one key - so defo cambelt roulette on this. I had the key in hand so I started it. It fired up right away to reveal 3/4 of a tank of fuel and a flashing airbag light. All gears went in fine, clutch good, brakes good. No nasty noises from the steering either. Bodywork okay, the bonnet is buggered with lacquer peel but very very straight. Number plates have a Crewe postcode on them which is a long way away from Norfolk. Anyway, I had a budget and made sure I stuck to it. The time eventually comes and it starts at £500. I stick my hand up. Someone else bids £550 and I go for £600 expecting it to go on quite a bit. It doesn’t. Bang goes the gavel and I am now the owner of this fine machine. An instant wave of excitement and pure fucking fear rushes through me. What the hell just happened?! I had no intention of getting it and I had no plan of getting it home. It cost £600 plus £210 fees, so £810 in total for a running, MOT’d car. Not too bad. I paid for the car at the service desk where I was handed the V5 and a couple of old MOT’s along with the current one which was done in Cheltenham. The previous seller lived near Swindon so I have no idea how it ended up here. Checking previous MOT’s it seems to have travelled from its first home in Leeds to Crewe, then rural Gloucestershire, Cheltenham and then Swindon for a few months. So after getting home, I taxed it and put temporary insurance in place for a day which was a reasonable £25. Better than being caught by the plod. It just so happens that their main HQ is literally around the corner from the auction house - it has been known for a couple of patrol cars to be sat at the bottom of the road on auction nights pulling people over who’ve taken a chance! I then sorted bus times out which meant an early start. On my week off. Disgraceful. Anyway, collection underway. First off, walking 50 yards to the bus stop. Absolutely beautiful at 7am, I love that I lived here growing up. On the bus. I’m the only passenger! All going well until we met an oil tanker delivering to a house. No room for the bus to get through so we were forced to wait. Driver is also taking a photo and having a cheeky puff. Anyway, we got past that and then picked up school kids on the way as it was primarily a school route I was on. Jesus Christ I was one of them once, it’s amazing to see how young people’s attitudes have changed. Not necessarily for the better. Makes you think. Into Norwich for the next bus which I missed by a matter of seconds. If we hadn’t been held up by that tanker I would have made it. Never mind, another bus arrives and I hop on the short journey to Wymondham. Wymondham appears and I’m off the bus. A short-walk up to the auction house and I was back at the desk to pick up the key. I then found the Fiesta and sure enough, it fired up straight away. A quick check of the tyres and I was off. I’d love to be able to say it FTP’d spectacularly or a wheel fell off and destroyed a milk float and a small dog - but it didn’t. It drove superbly. Not a single issue, temp gauge rock steady at half, no lights on the dash. Yes, the airbag light had magically healed itself and stayed off for all the journey. A quick stop off at the shops. This thing drives absolutely fucking excellent. Not a ball of fire but who gives a shit? Home. And now it’s gone to sleep for a few months. I will get it MOT’d in December and I have every confidence it will go through with no problems. The bonnet did release, but now it won’t close. The cable is good, it’s the latch that’s the problem so I will get another one ordered. I’ll also get a set of original Finesse wheeltrims to smarten it up. Verdict? Lucky. Very lucky. Still some good cars out there and this is one of them!
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