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  1. I wouldn’t recommend it for that 🤣
  2. Get an ozone generator, kills bacteria and viruses. Portable ones not expensive but don’t expose yourself to it. Ozone reverts to oxygen after two or three hours. We use them for this purpose and also for deodorising smoke damage. Good for all sorts of odour and bacterial problems but must be used with caution as will cause respiratory problems if used incorrectly.
  3. Well, after 10 months waiting we have now got our new Luton van. Can you spot which one it is?🤣 The 58 plate has been absolutely brilliant and still going strong at over 225k miles and sold to first viewer. It has been meticulously maintained though and we even wet cleaned the seats for them. Looks new inside!
  4. Fab, just the Cortina please, I’ll straight swap for my Senator, no cash needed😂
  5. Reminds me of having to study Chaucer back in school, brilliant 😄
  6. I drove them too when new. I agree, they were better, just didn’t think the Montego that bad apart from what I said before. Oh and the rattles… Took a Montego 1.6L from Reading to Glasgow and back. Went well, performance was ok although range seemed below par but Mrs W had feet on dash most of the way to stop it rattling😂 Must have been about 1991, car was H reg and beige!Was stuck with it for about 6 months before I got back in a Sierra 2.0GLS. Loved that!
  7. Back in 1994 I think, the utilities company I worked for had a Montego Countryman TD estate leant for a month by Rover as a demonstrator. The day before it was to be returned, the lease fleet manager realised it hadn’t been driven at all and would go back with zero additional miles on the clock. She rang me and asked if I’d take it for the night and try and put some miles on it. Incentive was a fuel voucher. Always keen to try anything different, I agreed. I didn’t think it was bad, quite nice even. It was small tactile things that let it down for me. Like interior door release handles that felt like they’d snap if used in anger and keys which felt small and shitty compared to all other makes. Drove some great stuff back then!
  8. Do let me know how you get on. You might not have the handy spare 12v feed that I had, with yours being a Ghia an all!
  9. Definitely, the twin choke Weber carb is pretty new, so with this and the new ignition, I’m hoping it will be alright. Not that I use it much in winter but I will see how it starts.
  10. Yep, old dizzy, points and condenser are all in the boot(with some tools now mind😉)but, you were so right, it is so much better and I wish I’d done it sooner!
  11. Sounds like Reading to me, oh, wait, it was😱
  12. Not again, Maybole, more shivers up spine🫣
  13. Of course it hasn’t been entirely without a little hiccup. After the initial elation of how well it ran, we decided to do a run to Sainsbury's, the furthest super market from us to give it a run. Anyhoo, after thumbs up and beeps from a couple of MR2 guys, the Cortina died at a roundabout and would start but not rev and the die again. My 12 year old has never experienced such an event and suggested I call the AA. I had to disappoint him with the news that I had no breakdown cover and we’d have to push. So, we got clear of the roundabout and a very nice Sainsburys delivery guy stopped and gave us a further push to a safer spot. He’d actually seen us at the roundabout and come back, said the car was such a gorgeous colour he had to help! Top man! It was clear on opening the bonnet that the dizzy had moved, despite thinking I’d tightened it up enough, knocking the timing out. So rang Mrs W who immediately asked if we’d broken down?! Rude! But yes, we had 🙁 Asked her to bring me a 13mm spanner. “What’s a 13mm spanner?” Oh crap😟 Anyway, following description of said tool and it’s location, she came to the rescue and the Cortina was quickly back in rude health. First and last time I go out without tools!😁
  14. We’ll, it was just timing and all sorted now. All I can say is, Wow! What a difference! It is now running better than ever, smoother and much livelier. After a year of deliberating on whether or not to make the switch, I’m glad I did. Bonus was my son coming with me on test drive and seeing how many beeps and waves we got😃
  15. We’ll I didn’t get back to it after the film, which was ace by the way, so back on it today. Beginning to wish I hadn’t started. I thought the new distributor wasn’t fitting right and it was just not seating/slipping down far enough. Out it came to compare with the original: The shaft seemed to be same length and important bits at same levels so tried fitting again. Eventually, just before I gave up, it slipped down and engaged. So, happy now I put the clamp back on, leaving it loose enough to adjust timing, fitted the new HT leads and connected the 12v ignition controlled live. Can I get it to start? Can I fuck! I know I ballsed up the timing with all the twisting and wiggling trying to get the dizzy to slot in but I’ve now given up for the day, back buggered again. Quick check suggests it is just timing but I’ll do some more checks tomorrow if my back is up to it. Time for a beer☹️
  16. My daily drivers have been Skodas since 2008. First a 2007 Octavia estate Tdi DSG, then 2014 Superb Estate sDSG and currently 2015 Superb estate SE Business DSG. All company owned and kept longer than usual but, apart from the 2014 Superb which got written off, don’t go wrong. Current one should have been replaced by now but current prices have ruled this out and I’m quite happy with that, as it’s such a great car.
  17. I didn’t realise the tax was so horrendous on these. Still worth it though and I suppose 61 days probably does take us to mid August now. Have some fun and if you don’t want to preserve it, let us all know it’s available. Wish I had the space for another.
  18. My local classic friendly garage owner has had one from new. It is absolutely mint but in “Race” blue, my favourite colour. It has super low mileage and seldom used but kept at his workshop so nice to see it being preserved. These are definitely future classics and the smart person’s choice over a similar vintage Golf GTi I reckon. But I am somewhat Skoda biased😉
  19. Bloody good these. We’ll worth sorting and persevering with imo.
  20. I have used UV light to prove for a landlord that they were indeed dog piss stains on a carpet, despite the tenant’s denial. Black light shows it clearly and the tenant then accepted this.
  21. Yes it is! Stick with it and you’ll get it sorted. Fabias are great wee cars (old accent creeping back in 🙂) Us oldies have the benefit of project cars not being main transport. I have a Skoda for that, so keep at it. I remember when my first Cortina was my only transport so understand it has to work when you need it!
  22. I can only echo what others have said about safety when jacking but you’re doing a great job. Skodas are great cars and yours is well worth persevering with. I’ve no doubt you’ll sort it big man and wish others your age would follow suit!
  23. So, plugs replaced, dizzy in and new coil installed with LT wires connected. As the Cortina has ballast ignition, the new dizzy requires an ignition controlled live. Happily, multimeter confirms such a supply in the engine bay already which I can take a feed from. Back has had enough for today so hopefully will get time tomorrow afternoon after seeing Top Gun Maverick with Wiblet senior.
  24. I reckon the Cortinas recent running issues are probably down to the condenser. Was sure I had a spare but apparently I don’t. So decision made, we’re going electronic: Wish me luck, let’s see how far I get before my back says no more!
  25. Carters steam fair, from Reading. Currently for sale I heard.
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