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  1. Somewhere in basingstoke. Capri c reg pretty frilly.
  2. I wonder if mine was there. It is an 1986.
  3. Simply marvellous. Just watch the price of montego (s) rise now as people realise how wrong they were about suvs
  4. This is a fantastic build, looking forward to the "in use" review asap.
  5. Always a pleasure to see this updated, as always, great work.
  6. A pleasant surprise removing the battery on a 20 year old car and finding a battery tray like this.
  7. Going through divorce, moving country, looking for a new job, missing my kids. these things make me sad. luckily the little things in life make me smile. It is good to be back.
  8. The civic i bought off here november last year, was delivered and sat there until today Mot time. A pass. Advisories as expected, tyres, wipers. Slight chip; in screen. Corrosion on rear suspension is miles better than most of this age Brakes is just not been used for 11 months. Just surface rust. Anti roll bar links, i recon they will be fine for sometime me yet Well pleased overall.
  9. Still possibly interested, having seen your standard of work ( in a good way ) . No harm in stating your price, I may still go for it. Let me know or private message.
  10. Mmm. I've always fancied trying a diesel one of these. I think they suit my style. Would be ideal for my now 2/3 times a year dash to Italy and back for the fuel price of a Ryan air ticket. Here in UK what road tax are these. IS that correct, has all new vredestein all seasons ! What price would you be after for a straight sale. Go on , tempt me.
  11. As if I'm not dealing with enough issues at the present time. I was fully vaccinated in Italy. I have all the docs. I am now resident in uk, registered with local doctor. Local surgery has record of my Italian vaccine. BUT NHS app pass system is unable and for the foreseable future unable to deal with it . I therefore have fallen in the gap. Unable to get travel pass here, and Italian / European pass expires in a few months there. I have young kids in Italy that I can't visit soon without tests and quarantine , I'm classed as a non vaccinated traveller both ends. It seems a 2 day weekend visit will cost lots of tests and a total of 15 - 20 days quarantine ( 10 days here plus tests and 5 or 10 days in Italy plus tests ). Or a total travel ban for me, a fully vaccinated healthy Dad.
  12. I could not resist. After having sold last bike last year , moving back from Italy and now skint. My sister works for BMW, they have a short lease system for family . 5 month contract 4000 miles. I can't say the price but we are talking very cheap tax & insurance included. After living in Italy I have become a fan ! BMW c400 X At least I have fully legal transport now. Heated seat ! Underseat storage is not great, uses Flexi system which drops down when parked. Not great for carrying stuff on move, ok for crash helmets when parked. Needs a top box, shame I can't get one on the scheme. Goes well ( 350 cc 34hp) for UK speed limits. 80 mpg at 70mph. Brakes very good, twin front disks. 0 to 50 plenty quick enough. Cruises at 75 no problem. Main problem is, tomorrow want to go to London for a visit, how long will it last parked in Islington ?
  13. I've just moved back to UK and need a new home, this would be ideal , maybe, if I had somewhere to park it.
  14. Great work as always. This will be fantastic when finished
  15. Good to be back in the UK. A nice Saturday morning rummage, unfortunately not what I wanted but still enjoyable.
  16. Just WOW. Oh to have a field and time.
  17. The trip. Near Genova to Basingstoke. For me , who knows what the future holds. For now a room in Basingstoke.
  18. Journey check point summary. No checks on road / at borders of Italy, Switzerland or France. At ferry check in dfds staff check paperwork , pre-booked uk covid test present plus covid check done within previous 72 hrs of departure. In queue for ferry customs dogs doing checks and random searches of cars, no paperwork checks. At Dover no checks at all, drive straight off and away you go. I was a bit surprised considering I was fully loaded with guitars and amps etc.
  19. Bit upset really, had to leave my favourite heavy weight top of wood burner kettle in Italy. Looking forward to getting a new single person kettle / teapot combo .
  20. More encouraging news, a preliminary insurance quote for the SJ, bearing in mind I am starting again as new arrival in UK. Classic car policy £145.
  21. DVLA, insane system. I also have ordered a new cheque book just to pay DVLA. The local post office has disappeared so can't do a postal order.. I'm still waiting on HMRC. Some time we should get these two ( CT versus SJ ) 50 mph offroaders together for a challenge off-road and on.
  22. 8 years ago I injected about 4kg of cavity wax. Thinking of getting the linoguard kit to re do chassis for UK.
  23. Little update. Amazing what you can get in. 3 guitars and a ukulele + small amp. Electric keyboard, airfryer, kitchen induction hob. New mid exhaust section 3 tool boxes, 8 lts oil, dumbells, clothes, etc. Today 8th August. Failed at first, nip up a few leaf spring bolts and then pass. Already have exhaust section ready for replacement. Oil leak is very small, been there years, it is rear main crankshaft oil seal, waiting till clutch needs changing. Mot man was amazed at lack of rust! Just waiting for nova code from hmrc and then talk to dvla and we should be good to go ( depends on dvla backlog) News to me that now in uk you have to have v5 to order new reg plates . Thanks all for the moral support. Thinking of my 1st trip to FOD in a few weeks if i can make it half legal.
  24. 10 days quarantine finishes today. I am free, in soo many ways now, new life starts today. I will take a walk. Take the sj for a spin. Finally look at the Honda civic o bought off here and got delivered 8 months ago. I have a box of goodies all ready to service it. Onwards and upwards.
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