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  1. Oh no it’s not. It’s ruined my day again with a fucked drivers side wiper. Fucking thing. Was about to drive it 100 miles to a music event, got as far as filling the tank and didn’t even make it out of town. At least it happened close to home.
  2. Yep, seems my car is non-ABS as there's a nice big gap behind the battery. Searching up the part for my reg seems to bring up the same toothed/splined part. eBay pic of driveshaft attached - looks OK to me. I pushed the boot right up to the splines to tighten the cable tie but in that pic there's a gap. Which probably means that the boot is more secure than I thought - it can be moved towards the driveshaft but presumably there's a lip to stop it sliding any further.
  3. No, the "other side" is the same outer boot on the other driveshaft. I don't think mine has ABS, it's pretty base. Maybe he's fitted a CV joint for an ABS equipped car? In which case I guess it's fine? Was kind of wondering whether the boot was supposed to be covering the splines, or something.
  4. Nice couple of hours of tinkering. Tat removal, lubrication, cleaning (with an oily rag), and miner fixeration. Kettle's on now, hoping to do a bit more later. Unfortunately, brief inspection of the work done by the mechanic yesterday resulted in the discovery of a clip hanging loosely off the driveshaft; not surprising given they were done on a Friday afternoon and involved delays and let downs from Euro car parts etc., but nonetheless a dent in my confidence. Makes me wonder what I haven't noticed... Replaced CV clip with a cable tie. Looks different to the other side - see splines... hoping it's OK? Also any tips on how to do it up tight or maybe it doesn't matter too much? Anyway, obviously I'll keep an eye that the boot is staying put, and will cut off the end once I'm confident it's tight enough. Other side: Oh and also this is loose and wobbling about. I'm not too worried about that although maybe I'll fashion something out of cable ties.
  5. I forgot to update this, but in short, the Audi is basically all good* now. I got the 2nd cat replaced and weighed in the old lovely cats for £300 so it was a cost neutral repair. Showed the mechanic that hose^^^ and he recognised where it came from and put it back. Not quite sure why I need this and a Berlingo but for now I'm enjoying both and the contrast of a rattly simple french box and an over-engineered but nice german cruiser is a fun one.
  6. Haynes manual arrived - all the main jobs on the to-do list were at least a 3 spanner and I'm planning a big trip in it next week so I decided to ring my mechanic. As luck would have it, he was able to fit it in today. Just drove it home and took it to the jet wash on the way to remove some of the Cornish salt and soil. Glad I did. I spent some money, but it's been totally transformed. New clutch cable means hill starts are no longer a cause for minor panic, the aux tensioner pulley replacement has stopped it whining (so I can now hear the mild clatter of the TU clearly), and the replacement CV joint means another annoying noise has been muted and there's one less thing to worry about. I trust it now, and on the way home I enjoyed chucking it about town with gusto. Assuming we get some dry weather, tomorrow I'm going to clean it to within an inch of its life. I might also chuck those wheel trims in the bin.
  7. More essential* works: replaced the rear speakers. Took it to see the sea. Then went shopping.
  8. Took it for a little drive today to run some errands. It runs nicely and goes well enough. I like the sliding doors and the jolly blue interior. Clutch isn't too awful and the handbrake is better than I initially thought although it needs a good pull. Meanwhile when it comes to the to-do list, as usual I am focussing on the priorities* and not being afraid to get my hands dirty.* Popped off the dashboard speaker grilles - nothing underneath but the wiring was there. I recently bought a set of Alpine component speakers for the Audi to replace the rotted woofers. As luck would have it the spare tweeters clipped straight in with one of the supplied adapters. That's a right result as the stereo (with existing Vibe midbass drivers) actually sounds pretty decent now - glad I resisted the temptation to buy some new coaxial speakers for the doors... can't decide whether to stick with the original radio cassette or upgrade - I have some nicer stuff stashed but there's a charm to a factory fit radio. In terms of ICE there's also a really budget reversing camera installed which I think I'll bin. It doesn't seem to do anything. I'm also itching to chuck the wheel trims in the bin although Mrs T says she likes them. As for the less critical jobs (and in addition to the sticky clutch cable) we have the following to investigate: - The L/H CV joint. Click click click. - A whine from the alternator. I think so anyway. PO reckoned that was where it is coming from and I think I agree. I also noticed the water pump pulley seems to wobble quite a bit. Hmmm. - Something else that I can't remember. Oh yeah, O2 sensor/engine light. Got an HBOL on the way. I'm intending to be braver than normal with this car. It's nice and simple and roomy so I ought to have a go at DIYing as much as I can.
  9. Spent a very pleasant couple of hours fiddling about with the car. Didn't achieve much really. Quite tired... Marm Junior hoovered out the interior in return for some extra screen time. He did a good job. He likes the car. I squirted some WD40 in the general direction of the clutch cable from the engine bay and the drivers footwell, not surprisingly fairly ineffective. I think maybe I need to take it apart and do it properly but I couldn't really see what was what around the pedal area. I then swapped the wiring over on one of the speakers, much better. Cassette player works. Took the rear door card off, had a fiddle about and got it to open reliably from the outside and unreliably from the inside. Not actually sure what I did. Sliding doors are a bit crap, they don't latch when fully open and the runners occasionally clunk and jam momentarily. I'll have a bit more of a fiddle with them at some point. I'm remembering about french cars. I only broke 2 bits of plastic. Have a pic of some slightly grubby blue seats.
  10. Just had a bite to eat and a cup of tea, itching to go out and play with the new shitroen. Quick summary: @Eavb is a total gent, many thanks! The car is pretty good really and I’m well chuffed, love it in fact. Was a very relaxed drive home, the 1.4 engine surprised me by coping well with the hills on the way back… it’s surprisingly torquey… I left it in 5th all the way, even up Haldon hill. Rides and steers very nicely too. First jobs on the to do list are to investigate stiff clutch (hoping some oil down the cable) and non-opening rear door. I think the speakers are wired out of phase too, should be able to get a bit more bass out of them
  11. Train was 5 mins late but is flying along now. Forgot to say, poo count now 2.
  12. Have made a good early start, partly because the cat was scratching on the bedroom door, but partly due to barely sleeping. On the plus side, poo count = 1.
  13. This is a great car, we've apparently had it for almost a year now and it's been no trouble at all. Just got a clean MOT pass (needing only a CV boot and a bulb). The mechanic I've been using recently is ex-volvo main dealer, and as it's Mrs T's car I got him to service it for good measure... I love the fact that the 2300odd miles we've done this year is probably the hardest it's worked in its life.
  14. The other day I noticed a whirring sound coming from the engine bay in the Audi, intermittent and dependent on engine speed. It was worse when going up a hill. Gut feeling was fan blades rubbing against something. I opened the engine bay and sure enough the seal for the bonnet was trapped under the airbox hose inlet thing - mechanic must have put it back together in a hurry and missed it. I put it back together. Also, see pic, this hose/trim bit was just loose tucked in to the engine bay. It's in the boot now, I had a quick look but couldn't work out where it had come from. I'm not planning to give him a hard time about it but it's annoying. Trying to work out whether it matters, probably not. He's cheap and honest, and everyone makes mistakes. Continuing the trend of things getting better but also going slightly backwards, I got and fitted the connector above for the stereo. Brilliant service from the Chinese lads again. Only one of the rear speakers is working, but it's quite possible that it's been like that for a while. I'm not too bothered. As ever with old shit I guess part of the secret to happy ownership is accepting that good enough is good enough. The mind boggles to think how many minor bodges exist on the average shitemobile.
  15. Ah, ebay has answered https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203864266021?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=NMFbeOBZQ_W&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=jw4FDSTTS7W&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  16. Forward progress at last on the Audi! First up it is (unsurprisingly) happier for a service. Seems to be revving much more freely and is definitely quicker. Even better, today I sorted out the radio - entered the code, manually cleaned the (filthy) tape head (tapes now play in stereo!) and fitted a bluetooth adapter which works really well. Only downside is to fit the bluetooth dongle I had to disconnect the original multiway connector - the bluetooth thing (blue connector) uses the wiring for the non-existent optional CD changer, but there are also an "option" section which I think talks to the display (so I've lost that) but the worst of it is that the rear speakers were apparently connected via an amp - and I've lost those. I'm wondering about hacking the original connector or whether an adapter exists to break up the connector into 3 sections @philibusmo?
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