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  1. Only a few of the images are showing up for me, but seriously wow.
  2. Can I see the remnants of a tow bar? It's almost perfect*
  3. Same here. Dibs when you get bored, assuming it looks a lot worse than it really is.
  4. The Micra only managed 36.2 on the same run last night, although an almost constant 80mph on the M4/M5 with a roof rack howling in the wind probably isn't the most efficient way to run it. The Maxima looks an infinitely more pleasant vehicle to do the run in. Very nice.
  5. Funny, I’ve just driven a Nissan from east London to Devon, and the other day I was saying how much I fancied a QX after seeing one in an old American TV series (homelands). Is the universe trying to tell me something?
  6. So nice. I might have to pop by and have a sit in it.
  7. All things being relative… compared to the MZs Vespas etc. I’ve owned in the past it’s a fairly complex (and modern) machine, but mainly I just wanted to check I wasn’t doing anything stupid before getting involved pulling plugs etc… thanks.
  8. Thanks. Key doesn’t turn past “on” - I was just wondering if it should. Nothing on the bike is worn really as it’s only done 2500 miles… I’ll check the side stand switch. Bike is in neutral though, and pulling the clutch in doesn’t appear to have any effect. Haven’t replaced the fuel yet but obviously it’s a very good idea… I’d sort of expect it to at least cough and splutter on old fuel but maybe not? To clarify, the FI light only comes on momentarily for a second or two while switching from kill to run. It doesn’t illuminate when the starter is engaged. Can’t hear a fuel pump unless it’s that hum- only lasts a second or two. Video works for me, maybe it’s an IOS/PC thing. Google seems to indicate that the FI light is a “fault indicator”. In which case going out would be a good thing! I thought it stood for “fuel injection”. I wonder… Is it possible that it’s not starting because the seat etc. is removed?
  9. Had a quick play with the Varadero. Have attached a pic of the key, which is the only one that came with it... Did wonder whether the key is supposed to turn further to the right in the barrel - it turns between on and off, past that is written "ignition". I've assumed it just means ignition on/off. Messing about with the kill switch I've noticed that when switching between the run and kill positions the FI light momentarily comes on, accompanied by an electrical hum. See video (if it works). The FI light then turns off again. 44A89AA5-96C5-4819-A8D3-64E55876850D.MOV
  10. Holy fuck! That’s amazing. You know how to live.
  11. Not sure exactly how long it’s been sat but probably at least a couple of years.
  12. Had a go at starting the Varadero this morning. Nothing… I’m guessing the fuel is stale. Unless… I couldn’t find a fuel tap anywhere. The Haynes manual and a users manual I found online both mention one, but this is a fuel injected model and the manuals I’ve found seem to be for carburettor models… hmm.
  13. Picked up the Nissan from the garage. They were quite positive about the car’s condition and the bill was very reasonable. Oil leak diagnosed as being a corroded sump which I’ll get them to do at some point. Found the perfect blanking grommet for the rear wipe delete. Much better… Also cleaned the head (and pinch roller) in the cassette deck so it now plays tapes without chewing them up…touch wood.
  14. Instead I've been finishing putting the Micra's interior back together, creating another shiny panel, and touching in a few paint chips as I go. Peugeot blanc for the authentic giffer look. Also removed the non-functional wiper motor for a noticeable* gain in power to weight ratio and carried out another "delete" what I threatened to do earlier. The wiper motor was noticeably hot when I'd removed it which at least indicates that it was getting power and so is presumably toast. The shonky rear seal was also removed and I've cleaned the area up ready to reaffix it. It's all a total waste of time but I'm enjoying playing with it and happily getting classic car enjoyment from a cheap banger. I should be doing a service on it instead but I've stupidly booked it in to the local garage for this.
  15. The battery arrived and I was able to check the mileage. Not yet tried starting.
  16. Yep, thanks, just ordered a Varta for less than half the price of the Yuasa above.
  17. New arrival! Battery is on charge, a new (yuasa) one is £how much?!?! but I’ll probably have to pony up in the end. I don’t know when this was last used, currently debating between draining the tank or just attempting to fire it up.
  18. That's a very kind offer but I've got a set of 4 now so probably surplus to requirements. Part of me wants to fit a set of alloys and pretend I'm 17 again. Nice selection at JBW. https://www.johnbrownwheels.com/wheel-finder/nissan/micra/194/0 Oh, and it now has one shiny panel. Well, 2 if you count the filler flap.
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