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Wtf is going on with car insurance prices?


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I noticed the same with a lot of the cheaper polices, particularly when they have gold / silver / wing and a prayer cover grades from the same insurer. 

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Strangely enough, the Hastings quote was £700 more than last year but included 3rd party cover for other vehicles. and it is their wing and a prayer price. 

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Yep I chose the 3rd cheapest policy (by literally under a fivers difference) because it had 3rd party other cars. And glass cover, there were some fucking dirty tactics and extra add ons for that I saw 😡

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Just had a oh do fuck off from co-op for the disco.

Last year: £298
This year: £647
Bonus of btw we're cranking the excess too.

So hello hastings premier*, £270 Could have got it less with the crap ones & excess jacked, but taking less than last time as a win.

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I got my renewal notice from LV+

They regretted the universal price increases but there was nothing they could do, all are in the same boat.

Then quoted the new cost.


£8 less than last year.

I haven't had an actual claim from them, but from another insurer when my Civic was written off.  got back more than I paid for it three years ago, no loss of no claims bonus either, despite LV+ handling it all.

Dashcams are your friend.  Incontrovertible evidence that shot the other driver down in flames, she didn't know there was a dashcam and my son, who was driving, never mentioned it to her :)

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