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  1. If it's a good shell, I don't recall them needing much more than ball joints and front wheel bearings over the usual service items. Fingers crossed!
  2. The next culprit will be the expansion tank then.
  3. Did you get just a thermostat housing or the hose set? When the housing goes, disturbing the other clips seems to set up a chain reaction.
  4. Weren't the problems of Chrysler due to their, "couldn't care less" Dealer network? I'm pretty sure early Neons spat out their head gaskets prematurely, the dealer blamed the driver then wanted £200 for a new head gasket (bare). I want a Preston Tucker/Personal Transportation depending on which story you believe, but I think it would be a short romance.
  5. I knew a trader who bought a perfect QX at the auction and proceeded to tell everybody about its quality, how it was Nissans campaign for the urban executive and how he would have to beat buyers off with a shitty stick. He still had that boring, dull squib when he retired 3 years later.
  6. I'm sure the first complaint of passing off will see COHO cancel that newco.
  7. The first video was a classic from the era from manufacturers. Basically the factory produces a perfect product that everyone wants, so if you have to discount or do soft deals, we have to tell you the basics.
  8. Good sense would see you passing on the Yugo, buying the better Oltcit, using the crispy one as a spares car and then putting it out of its misery. Shitesense says, find a bigger shed, fill and repeat.
  9. My dad had a Princess, JGE 539T followed by an Ambassador TOP 229Y, but I realise we've never taken pictures of our own cars. Too much time spent photographing sale cars or trying to forget them I'm not sure.
  10. The big issue with ethanol in fuel is the property to rot out all sorts of metals, especially aluminium and destroy rubber, not its burning/lubrication properties at all. Will be a big issue for carburretted cars of all vintages and any that have older fuel pipes that will simply soften and leak. I suppose letting the insurance companies picking up the tab for burnt-out cars is a better proposal than an expensive scrappage scheme currently for the government.
  11. Maybe the diesel is different from the petrols, but if I even noticed the effort on slowing down this chunker (heavier than its bigger aluminium XJ cousin) I would be worried.
  12. I know Hoovie and the mechanic go back a long way, but someone who takes a hole saw to a Lambo because he didn't check over a very expensive, second hand part out of a crashed car, cannot diagnose a misfire because the car didn't have a diagnostic port and hates the complexity and poor quality of BMWs but loves modern Land Rovers really isn't a, "mechanic" you can take seriously.
  13. I would use standard mild steel studs and nuts. Introducing stainless steel between mild steel and cast iron, no matter how much of your favoured anti seize compound you use, will gall up and leave you in a similar situation in the future.
  14. It wont do any harm, other than to your wallet, to do frequent changes, but synth and semi-synth are engineered products that are designed, with a healthy factor of safety, to look after your engine for the 10-15,000 mile changes matched with the manufacturer. It does become a problem with an old engine or faulty engine that suddenly starts adding acids and fuel to the mix though. Use the right ACEA rating for the job, remember very few organisations make the stuff (a lot of brand snobbery in car oils) and you'll be fine.
  15. It was probably the MOT that highlighted the issue: For most it is the only time in the year that brakes are used in anger. Don't condemn the m/c until you have checked out the vacuum pump.
  16. I wonder if you could speed up the Triumph renovation? At this rate the complete rebuild could stretch out to days.
  17. Could be a MOT testers tic. Mine will say some nonsense about panels fitted obscuring view if there's nothing else to write down on a straight pass.
  18. Obviously the 525, just head and shoulders above the competition at the time. The vauxhalls of the era were always a step above the Ford "equivalent". A 1.3/1.4 vx was a match for a Ford 1.6, the 1.6 vx embarrassed 2 litre Ford's. The BX reminded me of a colleague at the time who had a flat red new one in 1991. A horrible, slow, ugly thing. His choice, as he made every three years, was to call up Arnold Clark leasing and ask what the cheapest 5 door lease car he could have.
  19. Cameron Green just like my last one, but if its frilly like that, how is it above the suspension at the back/boot floor? Then you notice the door glass rubbers (replacements are like service items) have made the door bottoms a bit flappy. Great, useable cars though.
  20. On the ZF gearboxes there is whole lot of nonsense written about how difficult a filter and fluid change is, It isn't and I've done loads armed with no more than a trolley jack, ramps and/or axle stands to get it up and level. Expensive Flir gun? Nope, run it through the gears until the pan gets warm, not hot, to the touch. But getting to the point, it will be cold when you change the radiator/condenser and you will want the front up in the air for access anyway. Autobox wont be under pressure, you'll be armed with specially designed, manufacturers bungs (Clean, lint free rags) and yo
  21. It's a bit weird that if you put it in for test the month before the end of the BJ extension, the car is mot'd for a year from the end of the extended date., not from the test date.
  22. By all means call 25 Rootes, but it is Linwood, a ten minute motorway drive away from Glasgow, in another county.
  23. In the 80s, following a run of easily fixupable and profitable Fiat's, I made the mistake of picking up a Zastava Yugo at the auction. I've never, before or since experienced such terrible quality in every single part of a vehicle.
  24. Cracking car, but my priority on these are the cooling systems. Loads of people talk about faulty electrics until they find out the sensor was right and they just haven't spotted the tiny leak in the stupid plastic header tank until it becomes a big one. The Jag heads give it a 10% boost with a more relaxed power band and all that aluminium means you get better mpg than my smaller, heavier s type.
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