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SAAB! There, I said it.


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8 hours ago, Vantman said:

My old one---i believe it's still in the AS fold somewhere?

Still going just fine. New flexible joint in the exhaust, a handbrake cable and a lower balljoint is about all it has needed. Annoyingly it failed its MOT on the bloody servo because the seal had failed. This cost £0.00p to sort but took two days to work out how to extract and refit the sodding thing using only your fingertips. At least it stopped the hissing noise coming from under the dashboard.

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I still have a yearning for another Saab, classic 900s are peak car for me and I'd love another. 

I can't claim to have owned 28, but I did peak at three at the same time. Only the red turbo lives on in the hands of my brother.

My low point was bending one substantially on a navigation rally. 





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