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  1. I think it would be fair to say that the P6 was Rover's attempt to shoehorn English speaking people into a Citroen DS type of vehicle; a partial success. With a great big dollop of hindsight, Rover should have persevered with the P5 V8 type of vehicle, perhaps morphing into something that might have given BMW a drubbing.
  2. 3,000 miles of motoring later, I think it likes you
  3. Well done, plough on...I have about 20hrs work to do on my and it will be roadworthy!
  4. That is ace; I'd happily pay a premium to have one of my snotters filled up there. Hopefully he had a son/daughter who will take over.
  5. Dave is turning in his grave, he's dead, drove his car into a tree, remember?
  6. WD40 isn't a lubricant at all, yep, a bit of regular engine oil best.
  7. Christ what a decrepid pile of shit. Well done, keep up the good work .
  8. I used to drive an LDV Pilot regularly; often long distances, a B powered version. As a panel van back in the early 90s it was alright, pros were a good gearchange, impressive load carrying capability and good brakes. Cons were the very narrow body, heavy steering that needed constant correction and above all noise- an awful lot of it! They are no worse than most other vans of the time but pay out £6k for one? No chance, even in good order I wouldn't pay more than half that.
  9. Bristol became some sort of parody after the 60s, a bit like the rest of the UK. I'm unsure whether to mourn its loss or laugh. I think there's a case to be made for burning the lot, or of course giving it away free.
  10. If I was of that persuasion those are the kind of lads I'd wish to hang out with.
  11. Worth changing the 'engine' to a Soviet 2 stroke so it can keep up with modern traffic?
  12. What is the turquoise car two bays away?
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