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  1. Found this earlier. The '96 is on an Anglesey plate and spent most of it's life there but I was unaware that I had the disc and BMC garage holder from Pentraeth. With the winter weather on the island I'm amazed it survived.
  2. The next approach was to take a vetinary syringe full of DOT4 and attatch to the nipples on the calipers, a lot of pressure was required but that blew air out into the reservoir and I had brakes and very powerful ones at that. There is a leak to the rear of the master cylinder, where it joins the servo, I thought that the considerable pressure of the syringe might have precipitated that but on inspection- again....it all looked good. I rather think that it is the quality of the kit, so another will be purchased from Malbrad this time. However, after a mere 6? years I have a functional vehicle. This is the only car I can say that I have rebuilt but I have shown that I have the skills know-how and profanities to achieve it.
  3. Having got some gears it was onto refitting front calipers....No matter what pumping and bleeding I did I could only get 1/2 of the twin circuit system to work. So I bought a master cylinder refurb kit. Naturally the cylinder used on '69-'71 cars is unique to them and rare as hens teeth. It is also a total bastard to fit new seals. Having fitted it there was no improvement....I have replaced brake cylinders and bled multiple cars in the past with no issues but this Saab had got the better of me for now.
  4. Anyhow, the Sachs clutch is not nearly as progressive, it is, quite on/off in operation. I was able to select 1st and 2nd and rev but no 3rd/4th. Now, the '96 has a column change, made more complex and having more backlash because it is a rhd car. Rhd cars also have two side mounted engine/gearbox mounts or stays. I was able to push the whole driveline towards the offside of the engine bay using these stays, changing the resting length of the gearchange shaft. Doing that and adjustment of the gearshift rod up and down the steering column gave me a full house of gears. It took multiple attempts to get these and I had to find out for myself but got there in the end; it shows just how primitive and hand built these cars were. I know that in rallies, V4s sometimes retired due to gearbox shifting problems if the came down heavily enough to distort the floor pan or move the engine on it's mountings.
  5. A small update on the '96 here. Despite many stoppages progress has continued, starting with making A throttle linkage, which took some time owing to the Nikki carb being very much in the wrong orientation. Having managed, through trial and error to get a smooth, progressive throttle linkage, I moved back onto the clutch operation. The lovely new master cylinder I had, which I'm 99% sure is for a BMC Mini had a 3/8" pipe fitting, the old Saab cylinder is a 7/16... So I bought an adapter. Then found that the clutch barely operated. I wondered if the old cylinder, whilst visually looking the same had a larger volume. So I changed back over. There seemed to be a marginal improvement. I got to thinking, and worrying about the Sachs clutch I had fitted. However, it was the spitting image of the old clutch... Turns out that the original diaphragm type clutch that these cars were fitted with is long since AWOL. The clutch I took out was fitted over 25yrs ago
  6. I do like a Manta, looked at a Manta A many years ago, very stylish. Looking at this thread is dangerous, it makes me want to do silly things.
  7. I saw a mk1 Suntor Escort at a show (remember them?) a couple of years ago, it was fab, though I'm sure a wet weekend in Rhyl would soon cure one of the lustfulness.
  8. Never been on UKSCABS but I have a Saab9000 I purchased a couple of years ago from Vantman- still going strong. I also have a 96 V4 that I've been restoring for too long.
  9. I think some of em just fancy a chat, a bit lonely maybe, so long as it stays on the internet I've nothing, quite literally nothing, against talking to random Nigerian gangsters about knackered old motors.
  10. I think it would be fair to say that the P6 was Rover's attempt to shoehorn English speaking people into a Citroen DS type of vehicle; a partial success. With a great big dollop of hindsight, Rover should have persevered with the P5 V8 type of vehicle, perhaps morphing into something that might have given BMW a drubbing.
  11. 3,000 miles of motoring later, I think it likes you
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