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  1. I do like a Manta, looked at a Manta A many years ago, very stylish. Looking at this thread is dangerous, it makes me want to do silly things.
  2. I saw a mk1 Suntor Escort at a show (remember them?) a couple of years ago, it was fab, though I'm sure a wet weekend in Rhyl would soon cure one of the lustfulness.
  3. Never been on UKSCABS but I have a Saab9000 I purchased a couple of years ago from Vantman- still going strong. I also have a 96 V4 that I've been restoring for too long.
  4. I think some of em just fancy a chat, a bit lonely maybe, so long as it stays on the internet I've nothing, quite literally nothing, against talking to random Nigerian gangsters about knackered old motors.
  5. I think it would be fair to say that the P6 was Rover's attempt to shoehorn English speaking people into a Citroen DS type of vehicle; a partial success. With a great big dollop of hindsight, Rover should have persevered with the P5 V8 type of vehicle, perhaps morphing into something that might have given BMW a drubbing.
  6. 3,000 miles of motoring later, I think it likes you
  7. Well done, plough on...I have about 20hrs work to do on my and it will be roadworthy!
  8. That is ace; I'd happily pay a premium to have one of my snotters filled up there. Hopefully he had a son/daughter who will take over.
  9. Dave is turning in his grave, he's dead, drove his car into a tree, remember?
  10. WD40 isn't a lubricant at all, yep, a bit of regular engine oil best.
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