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  1. That is ace; I'd happily pay a premium to have one of my snotters filled up there. Hopefully he had a son/daughter who will take over.
  2. Dave is turning in his grave, he's dead, drove his car into a tree, remember?
  3. WD40 isn't a lubricant at all, yep, a bit of regular engine oil best.
  4. Christ what a decrepid pile of shit. Well done, keep up the good work .
  5. I used to drive an LDV Pilot regularly; often long distances, a B powered version. As a panel van back in the early 90s it was alright, pros were a good gearchange, impressive load carrying capability and good brakes. Cons were the very narrow body, heavy steering that needed constant correction and above all noise- an awful lot of it! They are no worse than most other vans of the time but pay out £6k for one? No chance, even in good order I wouldn't pay more than half that.
  6. Bristol became some sort of parody after the 60s, a bit like the rest of the UK. I'm unsure whether to mourn its loss or laugh. I think there's a case to be made for burning the lot, or of course giving it away free.
  7. If I was of that persuasion those are the kind of lads I'd wish to hang out with.
  8. Worth changing the 'engine' to a Soviet 2 stroke so it can keep up with modern traffic?
  9. What is the turquoise car two bays away?
  10. Handsome car the Mk1 Cavalier, one of those cars that might have been prosaic but were 'right' in all the important ways. Gave Ford a deserved kick in the arse too.
  11. Yes; I think there was a part missing on the car when I purchased it, with it the exhaust might hang a bit lower. There are no leaks and the new Jetex system works very well though now thanks.
  12. The underside was very good; neighbour passed by and remarked on how tidy it was for a 50yr old car. Back to work on Wednesday so won't have much time to spend on the cars for a while
  13. A bit more done the last couple of days; got the electric spray gun out again. The bonnet was the only panel on the car which had no dents so didn't take too much prep. Photos don't do it justice but I'm very happy with the finish.
  14. C pillar will be the difficult bastard to fix, need some serious kit to pull that about. The rest I could see to.
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