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  1. Handsome car the Mk1 Cavalier, one of those cars that might have been prosaic but were 'right' in all the important ways. Gave Ford a deserved kick in the arse too.
  2. Yes; I think there was a part missing on the car when I purchased it, with it the exhaust might hang a bit lower. There are no leaks and the new Jetex system works very well though now thanks.
  3. The underside was very good; neighbour passed by and remarked on how tidy it was for a 50yr old car. Back to work on Wednesday so won't have much time to spend on the cars for a while
  4. A bit more done the last couple of days; got the electric spray gun out again. The bonnet was the only panel on the car which had no dents so didn't take too much prep. Photos don't do it justice but I'm very happy with the finish.
  5. C pillar will be the difficult bastard to fix, need some serious kit to pull that about. The rest I could see to.
  6. Fuck me that is, truly dreadful, congratulations you win Autoshite.
  7. Nibblet

    Morris 1300

    Looks a tidy un that; most are heavily wobbed up by now; as said previously fuel filters never fill as such, a bit of fuel vapour always sits in the top.
  8. Not that it's a 2-stroke but it's very low compression, I should think it'd run on paraffin once warm. Yeah, can't see anyone paying that kinda dough, a five sounds about right.
  9. MAD is common in these parts. Has the Mini a dealership sticker in the rear screen?
  10. Could it be that the fuel is too....good for this Trojan? ie Octane too high? Question- what sort of money do these fetch?
  11. Whilst I look at the photo...the fuel line and filter need rigging up safely away from the exhaust header too.
  12. One difference I noticed when running the car with a full exhaust rather than open headers is that there appears to be far more oil haze/exhaust coming from the rocker cover ventilators. I guess that's because of back pressure from the exhaust. That's another job to do, find a suitable airbox and rig up the offside rocker cover hose to it. Three others, replace the bonnet, get the driver's seat back in and replace the brake calipers. Then I can have a short drive.
  13. Having tightened up the assorted exhaust clamps I started up the Saab. Very refined, not quite what I'd expected. Some do prefer a noisier exhaust, it can get wearing after a while though. I can't get over how smooth this little engine runs, there is very little movement on the mounts and it revs very freely. Idle is down as 800rpm in the book, it's difficult to get it to sit at that without running too rich or stalling. The plugs were very oily when I cleaned and gapped them. The carb may be jetted too rich, then again I may need to change the points and set the dwell angle properly. These Saabs were known to be thirsty, they may be an engine that just likes a drink, the Fiat twin cam is another. Compare to my Datsun 120y, they will easily top 40mpg, even driven very hard, a '96 will struggle to get much more than 25. I will have to bite the bullet and change the points, maybe the distributor is worn, I noticed a little play in the spindle. Unlike many I do prefer points, when they are set right they are every bit as good as electronic ignition and are easy to diagnose faults with, I've found an awful lot of electronic systems to be less than reliable. 20200430_194537.mp4
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