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  1. My Grandfather, RIP, wouldn't drive anything but an Austin, German cars were strictly verboten and God forbid any mention of the Japanese. Some of the old boys used to like a Skoda MB, maybe a Renner4 or Saab 96 if they were a bit socialist but most stuck to a Luton, Longbridge or Dagenham product.
  2. No such thing a 'grandpa spec' nowadays, soon everyone will be driving 'premium' German euroboxes.
  3. Good work....carry on! Bought a much better offside front wing for mine last week, will try and get it prepped next week time allowing.
  4. Nibblet

    Crazy Trannies*

    I tried a crazy tranny in the back of an Alfa Romeo once, it was very stiff, I'll be buggered if I'm doing that again.
  5. The Taunus V4 is really rather good. It's compact, fairly light, strong and reliable. Really the only thing I could hold against it are the siamesed exhaust ports.
  6. Good stuff; nice to see pics of a '96 which isn't mine...I've done a little work on the front wings recently, they'll be getting top coated soon, then the rad and pipework can go back in and the fun stuff fiddling with Nikki carbs and linkages can begin. How did you get on taking the rear wings off? I haven't got around to the rear end yet; is it just a couple of bolts? We're they seized up?
  7. I like the buttery biscuit BASE, I'd walk past a herd of Ferraris to admire it.
  8. Is that brown un next yo Corolla a Pug 504?
  9. Nibblet

    Renault 14 Madness

    Gee I'd love to spend an afternoon anointing those bumpers with olive oil, West Wiltshire is close, very close.
  10. Nibblet

    Renault 14 Madness

    Three stud wheels are the tip of the fucking iceberg, the R14 is the turd lurking below 😂
  11. I looked at one in Wareham about 10 years ago; blue RHD, delightful, tiny pedal box.
  12. A car with a hernia designed for people with hernias. Incidentally, that front view of the Maxi is undoubtedly it's best angle...
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