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  1. A new water pump has also been fitted so all that remains to do before the block is refitted into the bay is to set the valve clearances and replace the rocker covers.
  2. As rain stopped play most of this week, I was due to be working on various windows and other exterior joinery, I got to do some more to the Saab. I gave the twin choke manifold a good clean, checked the surfaces were flat (ish) with a straight edge and bolted it on. Removing the rocker covers revealed a surprisingly clean pair of rockers and valve gear, which suggests that the 41k mls on the odometer may be correct.
  3. One for the commercial lickers.
  4. Can't be many people about capable of operating the choke to get it running...
  5. V4 FWD, I wonder how they compare to a Cortina.
  6. Most Lancias are ugly buggers IMO, the Fulvia is OK, Lancia 2000 coupe. Beta coupe is alright if you can overlook the dreadful engineering. I can't get worked up about the Delta or Thema although a Thema turbo would be alright to own.
  7. The blue un is a 125 ain't it?
  8. Fuck yeah! This is excellent stuff; seeing a Fulvia in the flesh and not on some over priced car sales site will be most refreshing I'm sure!
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