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  1. Why (I'm assuming) do you not have it now???🙄🤔
  2. I've not had that many despite nearly 30yrs of car ownership? '79 1.3 Fiesta (for all of 3 days, due to major MOT failure) '79 1.3 Escort 2dr Estate (ran that for a year or so on L plates) '80 1256 Vx Chevette 2dr (fixed up and ran for 1yr after passing) '92 1.7 TDi Vx Cavalier (7 years) (And then the pattern (addiction) begins.... '89/90 2.3 9000 CD 16v '91/2 2.3 FPT 9000 CD Auto '94/5 2.3 FPT 9000 CSE '97 2.0 lpt 9000 CS Auto (Base spec stop gap that I ended up running for 7 years 😱) '01 9-5 Aero Estate Auto (Still improving)😁
  3. Hello CaptainBoom, not seen you about for a while 😉 Hi gadget, good to see another familiar (face) 😆 I'm sure you will rue the day!! If I'm here, who's tending to the other place 🤣😵🤔
  4. This is my (2001) 9-5 Aero Estate (the 5th Saab that I've owned since 2000). I bought this in 2013 on 120k mile, it's now on 168k, and I'm doing my utmost to keep it going for as long as possible. If it needs it, it gets it! 😁
  5. BTW, Saabnut made me do it? He thought one forum wasn't enough for me to deal with? 😖🤣
  6. I am the proud owner of a nearly 20yr SAAB 9-5 AERO Estate. Stage 1 Remap, upgraded Billys shocks all round, and OEM Springs. Many other new bits too. I'm proudly running what other's consider shite, for much less than the PCP on their eurobox etc. 😁😂
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