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SAAB! There, I said it.


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44 minutes ago, Wilko220 said:

New article on ChinaOnline about the last gen 9-5. Keen to get my hands on one of these one day.


I think the 93 is more comparable to the 75, not least because they were on the market at the same time and, judging by my Convertible on the drive parked next to my 75, the Saab must only be an inch shorter.

They both drive similarly although the Saab is much quieter being a petrol. The Jatco auto box on the 75 is a bit dumb wjen it comes to being in the right gear at the right time and quite basic compared to the Saabs silky changes and switchable manual mode.

Both have their own character but the Saab is a mid range Vector model and has a really weird spec. It has some things that only the very top spec SE 75s had like powerfold mirrors and rain sensitive wipers, but it has manual unheated seats more akin to a base model, together with a basic ICE system.

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Theres been a *wonderful* 1995 9000 CSE for months in the inverkeithing U pull it which is quite pricey at an asking price of £800 that I am tempted to make a fair offer on but I really shouldnt. I got my first sunk cost fallacy wonderful Saab may this year a 1995 900 2.0 non turbo which when I went to view locked me out and fought my attempts to unlock using the key.20210522_005211.thumb.jpg.fbe83faec2400246530070d52a70e39b.jpg

I bought it anyway for £450 without an MOT its had a door handle, light check module, rear shocks, power steering return line, front spring, sway bar links, power steering pump, distributor seals, exhaust silencer that I can remember. 4 tyres were necessary after many unintentional standing burnouts in the rain combined with a broken engine mount which were fitted onto some freshly painted alloys I got for £100. The clutch is badly worn so I thought why buy a clutch when you can buy an entire engine.


I picked up this engine for £120 with 77k miles on it the rear suspension didnt enjoy having a engine in the boot and a hoist in the back seats very much, I am currently working through the electrical challenges of putting a T7 B205 into a Motronic car but I have most of the parts from the car this is ripped out of.


The wonderful sliderless twin piston rear brakes seem to have given up on function which shouldnt be too suprising given the state of the brake fluid when I got the car so I have that to fix aswell.

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2 hours ago, dozeydustman said:



I’d quite like a petrol turbo convertible for the wife when we’ve moved house, trying to find a not-auto proves difficult.

There was literally one for sale on here 2 weeks ago man. Petrol, turbo, manual and with a remap. 

Too late though, I bought it for my wife :)



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As above, currently have 2 93 Convertibles on fleet, both purchased from this forum.

The new part of the seat loom with the position sensor for the red one arrived yesterday, hopefully that will extinguish the airbag light and I can submit it for an early MOT. Its definitely going to need to front suspension top mounts and a wheelbearing.




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Just* the weather for it too I see. Top mounts need done on my NG93 as well. I'll get them done at the MOT.

In other news, I sold the wind deflector from the black Saab tonight as it was no good to me being a family of 3 and it was getting in the way.

My wife started using it today as she came out of isolation. It got a fair trip, to her work, the big shop and post office. She likes it, no issues at all. Nice to have an opening boot again.


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How has this one not appeared in the thread yet? It's been owned by half the forum! And now owned by me.

(Unless I'm being completely blind and it actually has appeared previously... I did try to check, honest!)


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Might as well update on mine since it was March that I last posted.

Red 93: The seat wiring that arrived was for a saloon and is completely different. I discovered that the seat wiring loom was also badly cut in places and needed to be completely replaced. I managed to extract a loom from a breaker for £10, rewired the seat in mine and got the airbag light out. It passed the MOT with a few advisories. The wheel bearing and front suspension top mounts haven't got any worse so I have left them for now. I replaced the front tyres and sent the ECU off to Noobtune for a stage 1 map. It's now got 220bhp and 360nm of torque, same as the brown one. It's incredibly quick now. Unfortunately my spirited driving blew the seal on the vacuum pump however a new seal was about a fiver and took 30 minutes or so to fit.

On the brown one,  the drivers side outrigger was rotten. These are specific to convertibles and are a mud trap. The passenger side was fine as were both on the red one. Gingernutzz did a great job of cutting it all out and making a new one. Other than a wet drivers footwell which I have now fixed, it has gone great.

Both excellent cars that are very quick and comfortable. The only issue is trying to work out why I haven't had one sooner.



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