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  1. That's an impressive transformation. Looked minging before
  2. You should buy @NorfolkNWeigh's BMW and keep the change for any repairs and fuel/insurance
  3. Erebus


    That looks like something AI has created!
  4. That's awesome. What's the name of this place please and where in France?
  5. No disassemble Johnny Five!
  6. What a great collection. If they'd gone for scrap he'd have been back to haunt someone and rightly so!
  7. I've used them a few times and they've been fine. Sure I've heard others on here suggest them as well
  8. This reminds me; not all Vauxhalls are shit
  9. Damn that BM is nice. Always fancied one of them. Will have to have a ticket for that
  10. Blimey, surely that's less than you could get as scrap! Wasn't expecting any MOT at that price
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1420377465273996/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A468d4d4b-64f5-40b4-abbe-dfeae6d8dd37
  12. That's definitely one for the silly tyre name thread! Looks like a nice solid P38
  13. Yes, hilariously so. At least it's original unlike yet another groan inducing yellow TIT version
  14. Makes a nice change to the obligatory yellow TIT version
  15. No, they don't all have beards! Seriously though, I've not noticed anything like that
  16. You're right, it was the sunroof leaking. It was full of moss and grot which was blocking the drain holes. After clearing it all out and cleaning the drains it no longer leaks and the interior was soon dried out by a dehumidifier and fan heater. Really enjoying it. Nice little car. Audi looks nice, too btw.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/683990283879620/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  18. Enjoy! Nice to meet you. Good to know the roffle Rover is in safe hands
  19. Metro with downgraded engine: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/908224517107213/?ref=product_details&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  20. Don't see many of these nowadays, especially in this condition. Nice colour, too. Looks like a bit of a bargain for someone: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/921229596388147/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A5307b444-e0e7-4a2d-b9cf-56b89c8a7eea
  21. Our MD at work (who's pushing 80) is a big Jag fan (he used to race an XJS and a mk1). His series 3 V12 was in the car park yesterday
  22. WTAF?! That is the work of a seriously disturbed individual!
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