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  1. Starter solenoid packed up? You need one of these...
  2. Is that the fashionable central steering option there or do you pop rivet a couple of bits of fridge door over the holes at the end of the project?
  3. Fuck me that's ripe. It's the U boat that sunk the Luisutania?
  4. Hello, hoping you maybe able to assist, whilst I am able to view the forum and leave 'likes' I cant seem to contribute to threads or send any messages using my Samsung android phone, no problems using this desktop though. Is that possibly this forum as I have no issues elsewhere?
  5. Tidy cars them 404s, suspension will be long travel like all the French stuff, worm diff too so bulletproof. Compare to the British equivalent, the Austin Cambridge....
  6. Mine was leaking like a sieve when I bought it. Easy enough to silicone around the pollen filter box. The blower motor was also not working, got my arm in there with some WD40 and pushed the motor spindle to and fro. Got it going and then greased it. Its lasted over a year since then. GM era Saabs ain't a patch on the real deal but they're cheap enough rammel so I'm not complaining.
  7. The '73 fuel crisis might have had a little to do with it too; some fantastic motors were in the pipeline before then, only to be cancelled or at least modified.
  8. 'Vauxhall and Rover', I'm suprised that Rover sanctioned Winchester motor co. popping V8s in Vauxhalls, even if they were GM ones.
  9. Tidy as fuck that; very much my sort of motor, shame so little of that age that's in decent nick turns up anymore, Jealous I R!
  10. You play a V8 Vedette, I raise you a Matford V8. Old French cars are fantastic, in fact most French cars up to the end of the last century have much to offer.
  11. 'Climate', was that an early admission of guilt by those beancounting scallywags I wonder.
  12. Did they ever make Yuppies oop North? I thought they were something that only us down here were blessed* with. I hated the 80s with a passion, although with a little hindsight the cars were alright. Had an accident in a 340/360 and it looked after us pretty darned well considering the speed of the impact.
  13. Big fan of the Voldafs, bin them wheels though- bloody awful
  14. Gone to meet it's maker, a busted waterpump pump and a house move saw to it. I also sold my '96 as well as the Datsun 120Y I owned.
  15. Well, I feel better about some of my balls ups. Suck it up; get a head gasket kit in and fix it; isn't that what Autoshite is about?
  16. The XJ6 was renowned for it's suspension on it's release, in fact it was thought to be the best in the world at the time. Whether that continued through into more modern cats I don't know. In terms of 'modern' cars ride is a difficult find, we've had 20 plus years of daft low profile tyres, shock absorbers that don't absorb and springs that world suit a Tiger tank. An LS400 would be good, maybe some Infiniti or other high end Jap stuff, Benzes that run on air. My current Saab '93 has hard suspension to me at least and it was purportedly turned down a bit on later cars. The W124 I owned was good.
  17. The 604 had fantastically good ride, being a passenger over long distances in one was a pleasure; driving one, at least a V6, wasn't too bad either.
  18. The world is changing, prices may stay the same but values are dropping; I see a lot of stuff hanging around for month after month, some cars have been for sale for years. If you have a fundamentally sound car of a favoured variety, describe it honestly, photograph it well and put it out there at a competative price, it will fly off the shelves. Otherwise be prepared to put up with a lot of tyre kickers and a very long wait.
  19. Found this earlier. The '96 is on an Anglesey plate and spent most of it's life there but I was unaware that I had the disc and BMC garage holder from Pentraeth. With the winter weather on the island I'm amazed it survived.
  20. The next approach was to take a vetinary syringe full of DOT4 and attatch to the nipples on the calipers, a lot of pressure was required but that blew air out into the reservoir and I had brakes and very powerful ones at that. There is a leak to the rear of the master cylinder, where it joins the servo, I thought that the considerable pressure of the syringe might have precipitated that but on inspection- again....it all looked good. I rather think that it is the quality of the kit, so another will be purchased from Malbrad this time. However, after a mere 6? years I have a functional vehicle. This is the only car I can say that I have rebuilt but I have shown that I have the skills know-how and profanities to achieve it.
  21. Having got some gears it was onto refitting front calipers....No matter what pumping and bleeding I did I could only get 1/2 of the twin circuit system to work. So I bought a master cylinder refurb kit. Naturally the cylinder used on '69-'71 cars is unique to them and rare as hens teeth. It is also a total bastard to fit new seals. Having fitted it there was no improvement....I have replaced brake cylinders and bled multiple cars in the past with no issues but this Saab had got the better of me for now.
  22. Anyhow, the Sachs clutch is not nearly as progressive, it is, quite on/off in operation. I was able to select 1st and 2nd and rev but no 3rd/4th. Now, the '96 has a column change, made more complex and having more backlash because it is a rhd car. Rhd cars also have two side mounted engine/gearbox mounts or stays. I was able to push the whole driveline towards the offside of the engine bay using these stays, changing the resting length of the gearchange shaft. Doing that and adjustment of the gearshift rod up and down the steering column gave me a full house of gears. It took multiple attempts to get these and I had to find out for myself but got there in the end; it shows just how primitive and hand built these cars were. I know that in rallies, V4s sometimes retired due to gearbox shifting problems if the came down heavily enough to distort the floor pan or move the engine on it's mountings.
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