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  1. @eddyramrodWell spoken Eddie,this needs more airtime! Top man.
  2. I sold this 9-5 in 2020 at 43000 miles and have just bought it back with 47000 miles!! 2005 Linear spec,2 litre petrol, auto--i paid far,far too much money for it but got a good price for my MBenz C230.
  3. What a lovely old motor to sit in and wait for the recovery man!
  4. I am waiting for a response from the seller😀--
  5. @martc Commer chassis with Alexander body.
  6. Check out this sellers 454 items!! If anybody wants anything collected from the seller i can help.
  7. It certainly was ex AA,i wouldn't want to be running it now with the price of fuel!
  8. Thanks! I knew straight away as the picture i posted was of my Bedford J3,my venture into the world of car transport.
  9. It's nearly as long as a Megabus?
  10. @Dabookaand guess what’s gone now… The exhaust centre pipe/box?
  11. @puddlethumper How long will you be in Folkestone please?
  12. NOW FOR SALE! See 'for sale' thread
  13. Built in my hometown of Ashford,Kent,there is an interesting permanent Norman display in town at Willesborough Windmill.
  14. Yes it can be fixed,but at what cost? They have given me several options,dismantle and see what state the head is in,bearing in mind that it has been skimmed once already,find good replacement head if needed or find a good replacement engine. All options are obviously plus labour costs!
  15. After chasing a misfiring and stalling engine for several months including new plugs,rotor arm,plug leads and idle control valve etc. i visited a Saab specialist today who done a 'sniff test' and confirmed head gasket failure again. After going through the cars history and telling him that it had a new head gasket including a head skim about 20,000 miles ago he has advised me against doing another head removal and possible skim,mainly for cost reasons and parts availability. Ungrateful car, i only treated it to a new exhaust system a month ago! So what to do,throw loads of money at it or get rid of it?
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