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  1. That's one for the bad parking thread as well.
  2. I saw a new Mustang with the reg BU11 EET today. I bet he's kicking himself for not getting BU11 LET which is on a Ferrari apparently.
  3. Used the MILs Christmas gift on a nice meal out and a few drinks with Mrs W. Now nice and merry 🍺🍽
  4. I didn't see the owner to see if she lived up to her reg number πŸ˜„
  5. Swap out round out rot out "Out" can FRO. 🀬
  6. People that refer to any brand of mobile phone as an iphone make me grumpy.
  7. I think I might have posted this before. Toyota Hilux BA51RDS
  8. This looks longer than a regular 110 LR.
  9. The pub we've drunk in for 30+ years has been taken over by a new tenant and has gone to shit. One barman to look after 10-12 people, last orders at 10pm on a Friday night, 5 mins to get served because the barman is chatting up a couple of girls, a group of what look like gypos and a general meh atmosphere. Went to another pub we've used a few times before - busy, customers served in rotation, remember your round and a friendly vibe. Our new go to pub for a catch up with the lads. Goodbye old friend.
  10. Nice wee booties on the radiator!
  11. Good day for spots, unfortunately no pics as I was driving. Mk1 Escort, Triumph TR3, E Type Jag, Triumph Stag , a Mk3 Cortina and a very sorry looking Series 1 Land Rover on a trailer.
  12. HY11NDA on a......Audi A1 (with an expired MOT)
  13. Judging by the lettering on the van, I'd say carpets πŸ˜‰
  14. There's a guy I know has MAD 41T
  15. I saw JMU1R (spaced like this) on a LR at the weekend. If you were going to mis-space the letters surely you'd do J MU1R and not run them all together.
  16. Not a great pic as the company car park is covered with CCTV.
  17. Dot Robinson is known as the "First Lady of Motorcycling" and was instrumental in the acceptance of women as motorcycle drivers, not just passengers. Born in Australia in 1912, she was influenced by her motorcycle-loving father as she grew up. Her father was a sidecar racer, mechanic and motorcycle designer, and dealership owner. After her family move to the U.S. in 1918, Dot helped her father around the dealership as she grew up. It was here that her love for and skills with motorcycles grew, along with meeting her future husband, a frequent customer named Earl Robinson, while she was in high school. Earl and Dot married in 1931, bought their father's motorcycle dealership and moved it to Detroit. Throughout the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, 5'2" Dot competed in lots of races, particularly endurance races, on her own motorcycle. Although she encountered stiff resistance at times, she persevered and won several tough endurance runs. In a time where it wasn't considered proper for a woman to ride a motorcycle, much less drive one, Dot set out to change the perceptions of women motorcyclists, showing that one can still be an upright lady and drive a motorcycle. She won endurance runs, worked as a motorcycle courier during WWII, and Co-Founded The Motor Maids Of America group. The Motor Maids traveled and encouraged women to own and ride their own motorcycles.
  18. Spotted 2 French registered 2CVs at the M80/M9 junction this morning and a TVR S2 or 3 at the same juction on my way back home.
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