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  1. I think headlight wipers got outlawed by pedestrian impact rules, probably in the 90s which is why they disappeared. I always love Rolls-Royces effort, nothing common like rubber blades, only the finest badger hair ( probably)!
  2. This has had me browsing Le Bon Coin as well. I'd love a Peugeot J9 with slidey doors, they are such a practical layout and would be a performance upgrade* over my Acadiane.
  3. I apologise, I think the tyre dramas were my fault for foreshadowing way back on page 1! Glad to hear it didn't impede progress thanks to your F1 pitcrew skills.
  4. No manufacturer would ever show a brochure pic like that now, instead they are all pictures of beautiful people driving along coastal roads or in sanitised urban landscapes. Sigh. I've been really enjoying this thread, pure escapism and a triumph for shiters everywhere.
  5. I'm beginning to get concerned that Senor Huevos has been tricked by a human trafficking organisation luring middle aged men overseas with promises of epic chod. He'll end up in the sex trade, or even worse, in a sweatshop making head gaskets for K series engines.
  6. I think you'll find that this is a transcontinental collection mission as opposed to the intercontinental type. As you were.
  7. I'm just north of the M25 if you need any help as well. It's the Autoshite get you home guarantee: Good luck!
  8. I'd love one of these, but sadly Black and Decker type noises from the engine are one of my red lines...
  9. I've been thinking about what other essential tools you might need, and I think you'd better take a genuine Simca feeler gauge, used to set the valve clearances on these in the factory and fortunately still available;
  10. My abiding memory of hiring many, many Astra Hs for work (quite) a few years ago was the Sport button. I think all it did was turn a light on.
  11. Rowan Atkinsons car fascination, against a backdrop of wonderful chod.
  12. I think the popularity is related to the chance of living vicariously through Mr_Bo11ox as he re-rings a Simca in a hypermarche car park, or changes a diff seal in the queue for the ferry. I can't wait.
  13. Most are 425cc or something though, it would be the first collection mission measured by the passing of the seasons...
  14. Don't forget your tyre levers! Looking forward to this! What happens if it fails the CT?
  15. Thanks for remembering, I got one in the end, it was in a job lot on here. I gave it to my colleague who worked on their development and he was made up, as he can't afford a real one! I'll see if he'll forward me the photos from his development days.
  16. I love these Pandas. There's one round the corner from me in that bright blue that I ogle enviously. I've noticed Sainsbury's sell the perfect colour matched paint for yours, handy for touch ups:
  17. Maybe something wrong with me, but out of that line up the 940 is the one I'd most like to drive away in!
  18. I did my own version of a hidden treasure Allegro quite a few years ago. It was for a mate and was a cruel reminder of his own car, languishing at the bottom of his garden! And the real thing: I actually did it from memory as I didn't have the pic, and I wish I'd spent more time getting the green slime right!
  19. I repainted the body kit on my 900 aero many years ago and I'm pretty sure they were an anthracite colour.
  20. That's much better than the Etsy effort! Not sure how these attach, but maybe worth having a captive screw thread in the rad so you can take it off easily when parked.
  21. That's a crying shame. Probably no point putting another genuine one whilst it might happen again. This would probably fool most peasants as you sweep past majestically https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/253564741/winged-goddess-flying-lady-nymphmascot?ref=share_v4_lx
  22. That's wonderful. Love the haze in the pics as well. Is the red trim on the wings correct? I think it slightly spoils the sleekness of the lines.
  23. He was at least honest in acknowledging that the 205 was better in every conceivable aspect, and that the benefit for Ford would be the increased number of people buying 205 diesels and then assuming all diesels were that good.
  24. Thanks, sort of what I imagined and none of that makes me want one any less! I suppose I'm a little disappointed you don't hate it and were looking to move it on...
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