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  1. @RetroShitehow do you manage with insurance? Traders policy?
  2. I used it for a few months while I did some work on my Porsche, it gave me no problems and was great fun. I ended up with too many cars so advertised it for sale and got a message from a guy a couple of miles away who was supposedly desperate for a car. Delivered it to him and got a text the next morning asking if I still had the Nissan...? Turns out he'd sold it on straight away, presumably to a scrap man seeing as though @Spurious to me is the last keeper change and a certificate of destruction was issued. Presumably the cat was worth something but it was a 90s nissan with an SR20 and no rust, could have been reliable transport for years to come. Pissed me off to be honest
  3. Piece of piss. 20 or 21mm socket & extension. Undo the nut a few turns and loosen the wheel off the splines by pulling it towards yourself. If it's been on a while it'll take some persuasion and leaving the nut on will stop any interaction between the wheel and your face when it lets go
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