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Anyone else on google earth?


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More amusingly, just around the corner from me, they have stitched pics from a few years apart together with amusing results.

Heading down Kings Road, we see this, 


Then the houses disappear at the road junction, 


Then as you continue, they magically re-appear.


That really is the same road.

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Still using old photos round these parts. 

This pic is from my house before I lived in the bungalow. I moved in here in 2016 3 week before van crash. They were still building the houses too. The picture must have been taken after van crash and before I bought the Volvo  440. The wives silver vectra and the fiesta I purchased to run along side van that ended up sold on here.Screenshot_20200130-175722_Maps.thumb.jpg.4f63946db1f77333eafef3277009b240.jpg

This image is from my mother in laws house and most recent pic google images have. My wife had the lacetti from 2008 till we met in 2010Screenshot_20200130-175831_Maps.thumb.jpg.6e3f2c347539b49ed5c2b9eac80ceec9.jpg


This one is my grandmothers house I was living at when my aunt had the Peugeot 406. 1.8 lx ftw. Again the mist recent picture google has.Screenshot_20200130-180332_Maps.thumb.jpg.bbb0c58a829a33aef20dbe5674d52e86.jpg

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6 minutes ago, outlaw118 said:


Can't save the photo, but this is Outlaw_Towers, featuring a grubby van, a shiny Kia, and the 156

The 156 of much speed that frequently beats the eta on sat nav to cannock?

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16 minutes ago, louiepj said:

Really annoyed I didn't screenshot the earlier pictures taken as it had my dads escort estate on our drive and my escort si on theirs as we used to swap them regularly.

If you use a computer rather than your phone, you can look at earlier street view images

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