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  1. I bought myself an early fully loaded manual Golf V5 as a spares car for £500 in an identical colour to my Golf V5. I’ve found that recently it’s getting really hard to get spares for my early automatic V5, so this was the ideal scenario. The problem is it’s quite a nice example and only needs a throttle body, so I feel bad using it as a spares car.
  2. I need a breather hose for my 2.0 V5 Golf as it’s torn and collapsed. I recently bought a similar Hose for my 2.0 litre Golf which is an older car as it’s based on the MK3 and that cost me all of £7.50, but for the V5 it’s unobtainable, but I did find one for £265 in the US. So the old girl might be getting a catch can.
  3. Vince70


    Katie Price must have fallen on hard times, now she’s got those Turkey Teeth and fake Boobs on the tick.
  4. It seems to be the week of MOTs for my fleet, as it was time to put my immaculate E36 Ti through the ticket. I needn’t have worried though, as she went straight through without an advisory, although on the the journey over, I did get a slight shake from the steering, which disappeared after about 10 miles, which I put down to a flat spot on one of the tyres, as all I have done in a year is about 500 Miles and 45 miles were for the MOT. Then on the way back, I had to stop off and repair my Girlfriends son’s yellow mini R50 , as it had an SRS light on and I also pulled a dent out the roof which came out perfect with a big suction cup, plus fitted some new speakers for him. I will also need to fit a new lcd in his rev counter and fit a new cigarette lighter socket plus a new interior light, as the circuit board inside has a dodgy solder joint. A new light is so cheap, though it’s not worth my while trying to find my soldering iron, so all in it should cost about £25 to fix everything.
  5. This little Toyota warm hatch has been parked up around the back of a hospital I attend every 6 months for a good 7/8 years. To be honest it looks a very straight motor and isn’t rotten.
  6. I took my lovely £250 Cabriolet Golf for its MOT today and it passed with flying colours. The MOT tester even called me over to have a look under the motor as it’s literally like brand new underneath and he couldn’t believe the condition. Even the bottoms of the wings are rot free and it drives so nice and runs like a Swiss Watch. Shes most definitely a keeper, as I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I like the old 8v GTi 2 litre . I’m just amazed that such a beautiful car which has got another 24 years use in it with general servicing was going to be scrapped, as we really live in a disposable society.
  7. I’m getting very attached to the old girl now. so I did a couple of jobs on the car last nigh, to bring it up to scratch, as the real letdown for this car was the broken heater vents. Also the front speakers didn’t like any bass whatsoever and was expecting to find some knackered originals but someone had already fitted some custom fit Alpines, which looked okay to the untrained eye. I found some aftermarket custom fit speakers on Amazon for £25 to replace the Alpines and now the stereo sounds fantastic. The next job is to change the ashtray for a new old stock item I found on eBay and change the oil and filters and I’m also going to replace the gearbox oil with some new GL4 as it’s sometimes hard to get reverse when cold.
  8. I took my old terrible sounding speakers out today of the Mk1 Punto thinking that they were knackered originals and found they were custom Alpine speakers and replaced them with some unknown cheap brand, which I bought off Amazon for £25. Although not up to Bose standards the sound quality is a 100 times better and I haven’t got what sounds like a fart going through the speakers anymore lol. The weird thing is I can’t see any rips in the alpine speakers. The fit on the new speakers isn’t as good as the Alpine speakers though although they’re supposed to be customs for the Punto. Also I have gone all maxpower and fitted a team rally centre dash today due to the broken air vents on the original.
  9. That looks absolutely amazing. Being yours is the Super Duper 110 does it have the freewheel. I will pretend to know what it is, but I’m guessing it’s some form off overdrive as my Dad and Uncle had a couple of them in the late 60’s and mentioned it. I’m also sure my uncle said something about changing the metal doors for earlier alloy skinned examples due his being a bit rot. I remember a really nice one in that colour sitting dumped at the end of a private road in Chislehurst Kent for a couple of years in the Mid 80s and always wanted it and it just disappeared one day. The P4/5/6 were most definitely world beating cars that’s for sure.
  10. That’s a real beauty and I would love a Six pot. The last 6 pot I bought was with some mates and it cost us £50 about 12 years ago and we drove it down to Rome. Ours was only a 320 automatic though but throughly reliable and was a pre vanos model. My mate kept it afterwards and the flames stayed on the car. I paid £750 for mine, but even back 8/9 years ago it was getting hard finding nice examples. I bought another really nice cabriolet example as well around the same time and sold that 3 years ago for £1200 with I think 68000 on the clock but didn’t realise at the time how much a nice E36 was worth.
  11. We think alike my friend, as my E36 is exactly the same, as it’s totally original apart from a nice Bluetooth head unit. Out of all my cars my Ti is the favourite out the lot and if I had to make a choice of keeping just one car, the E36 would win hands down every time.
  12. While I was waiting for the cancelled train this morning, I thought I would look at why the rear speakers were not working on the Punto. It looks like someone has already fitted some custom fit speakers in the rear, but have made a complete bodge of the speaker wiring which is a bonus. The wiring had been cut and spliced together without any connectors or heat shrink in the rear. I’ve got some solder and heat shrink indoors so that’s a free repair. It’s also got a very nice pioneer Bluetooth head unit fitted, which doesn’t turn off, unless you take the front of the stereo off, so I’m guessing that’s also a free repair, which should be just a case of swapping the red and yellow over. So it’s happy days apart from the front speakers sounding a bit flat, but I’m going to check and see if the speaker wires on the front are also bodged before buying new speakers, as chances are they might of been changed when the rear speakers were installed, with the stereo. I’m also going to move the microphone for the Bluetooth, as it’s stuck in front of the speedo and will take the front pillar trim off and reinstall it up near the sun visor. The install looks like it’s been done by a 16 year old Halfords employee on a Saturday late afternoon for cash, while they were changing a lightbulb lol. Its all quality stuff though and I will be taking the heater vents and ashtray out anyway, as I’ve managed to obtain new items for the broken ashtray and vents etc. I’ve got attached to this lovely little motor already and the Mrs says keep them all, So I don’t have to sell it for “300 toknight bro”
  13. I went into my local ESK today and on the shelf for the first time in ages, I found their cheap knockoff waxoyl aerosols. It’s only £2.50 a can and works a treat and it normally sells for around £6/7 online with other retailers. So I bought all 8 cans that were available. I wish it was there last week though, as it would of saved the driveway looking like an environmental disaster, as I used old engine oil lol.
  14. I love a dig around old world war 2 structures, When we were kids, we had a massive governmental H bomb shelter that gave us hours of fun exploring. An old pillbox was dug out recently just up the road from me.
  15. We still have a very early Ka in reserve which I got for my Girlfriends Son about 3 years ago, as he was learning to drive his Sister’s Ka. It was on Marketplace as a PX at a local car dealership without an MOT and with a bad exhaust blow and covered in muck and the guy only wanted £150 scrap for it and I spent a couple of days cleaning it and doing a couple of small jobs, before it went through another ticket. I didn’t hesitate buying it, as looked rust free and we found out when we got it back that it had only done 19000 genuine miles. Its a real museum piece and I should have garaged it, as it’s now used as an everyday car and it’s a shame it’s not getting a good pressure wash or waxoyl as it would in my ownership.
  16. I love an E36 and I’ve had most of the models over the years and I’ve been extremely lucky, as I’ve only had nice rust free examples before the current price hike. I still have an immaculate low mileage Ti, which luckily for me, I bought about 9 years ago. I normally put a smear of grease around the jacking point covers and it seems to keep the jacking points nice a new.
  17. This morning I decided to fill the cills with waxoyl on the survivor poverty spec Punto. I couldn’t find my can of waxoyl and I only had a timeframe of half hour to do the job so I used some old engine oil I had knocking about lol. A big mistake as now the driveway resembles an environmental disaster and it’s taken me another half hour to clean up the mess lol. I’ve driven around in it since so hopefully the road won’t be covered.
  18. We Had to Scrap a Ford Ka the other week because of cill rot on its MOT and knowing what Ford Ka’s are like, we knew deep down a little patch will lead to a new bodyshell. I picked it up years ago for my Mrs, as her daughter wanted a nice little car to learn in. This plucky little silver Ka had put 3 people through their driving tests and has never put a foot wrong and I’ve lost count of the amount of square wheels I’ve changed, due to it driving into things. We got £285 from the scrap man for it so really it isn’t worth dealing with Facebook for selling cheap cars these days, going on my experience now.
  19. Luckily I kept the little Punto, as coming home from work on Friday I noticed the Mini making a knocking noise which was louder than the normal rattle of squeak that I normally get going over a pothole. I thought I had been imagining the smell, for the last month or so, but it looks like the crankshaft pulley has given up the ghost. Its hardly the end of the world, but I remember last time I changed the strut leg it was a nightmare getting a jack underneath the mini as it sits slightly lower than a standard one. I’m very lucky as locally to me, we have an R50/R53 specialist called Mini Magic, who really know there stuff and people travel all over the country to use them. So it’s booked in next week and the Punto was put into daily service today. My Younger brother and his wife had a baby girl last night, so I had to pick up my mother and take her to my brothers flat and she knows nothing about cars, apart that a drive a different car each week lol. She commented that it’s a lot nicer and comfortable than all my other cars and I’ve got to admit it’s a lovely light car to drive and forget how good little basic cars from the 90s were. I’m getting attached to the car now and the Mrs is saying keep it, although one of my brothers has his eyes on it.
  20. I don’t know if it’s a mini thing, as I had serious trouble selling my lovely example, so I ended up keeping it. I tried selling my R50 Cooper a couple of years ago and should learn from my mistakes as I put it up on marketplace for around £800 I think, with about a 10 months MOT and it’s mechanically spot on and it never uses a drop of oil or coolant. Again I had the best price merchants and my favourite was from a guy who needed a yellow Mini and because he would look after it, told me I should let him have the car for £400 I think. Its still giving me sterling service to this day and really is economical and due to the train strikes it’s getting used as my daily commuter and it never really gives me any issues. I think it’s now on 97000 but I have noticed a slight rattle and a burning rubber smell today which seems to be coming from the bottom damper Pulley, which I believe is a common issue. So I will be on eBay today to buy a new pulley and most probably go for an uprated solid one rather than the one with the rubber insert. I’ve already bought the tensioner tool and a belt, but they’ve been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for the last 4 years and my other half hates me using the kitchen for storing car spares lol.
  21. I decided just to mark it as sold, as I knew deep down I couldn’t get a lower offer than £300 surely lol. The old girl is staying and I will keep it for emergencies just in case one of the other 5 won’t start in the morning lol I’ve noticed on old posts on Fiat Punto Forums about 3/4 years ago that you see a lovely old Punto that’s been carefully looked after for years with low mileage etc, that have cropped up for sale, then someone has bought them and the next year it’s been scrapped. I wouldn’t want to see this old girl go the same way, as I hate seeing lovely old well cared for cars, end their life for the odd minor fault come MOT time. The only problem is I won’t be able to buy anymore cars, but I think I’ve got enough cars to last me now till I’m six feet under lol
  22. He has some class cars for sale, but obviously he won’t show the registration as they’re most probably out of MOT. Maybe I could PX my car and give him £400 for the Peugeot lol. Thanks though Split Pin as I’m definitely taking your advice and I will just keep the old girl now, I might just use it a couple of months a year, then throw a cover over the car when not in use.
  23. I’ve now marked it as sold as I doubt I could ever get better than a £300 offer surely. Or do I put it back up for sale and see if I can pay someone to take it away lol.
  24. I’ve made it to £300 unless it’s someone from here lol. The guy had serious chod for sale such as a misfiring knackered Polo and an orange 206 with a black front end.
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