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  1. I did some more tweaking of the fuel delivery system. Changed the filter location again, replaced one of the fuel line again. Found that I've put the fuel filter on backwards so that could explain running issues. Although as I've said it ran just fine 99% of the time when it was wrong so now that it is correct it should runs even more fine, like 99.8% of the time. This big long box also just arrived. What's inside I wonder? Mince pork? AH SNAKES SNAKES FUCKING EVERYWHERE SSSSSSSSSSSS
  2. First FTP. Lovely. First time riding as a passenger but it wasn't on it's own power. I've been using this as my main car basically. I don't normally commute but sometimes I have to use fleet vehicle for a few days. These would be at designated parking area 30 miles away so it's an excuse to use the 'rona more often, and the paintwork is shit enough that I don't mind leaving it in public space. So I got one last week. I grabbed the 'rona. Visited the motorway service station for a snack because I was running way early. When I'm done I got back and it starts okay. I didn't make it out the slip road out of the area. It just stalled. Luckily, motorway recovery vehicle was just coming out of the same slip road I was on and the guy realised pretty quickly what calamity I was in. They stopped but we couldn't find the exact cause apart from me noticing pez appearing not to come out of the electric fuel pump and into the filter. At this point they suggested they would tow the 'rona out of the motorway system either to a waiting area or a nearby garage. I told them to get me to the nearby garage and it'll be alright. Didn't take long. 15 mins tops. When we got there the recovery vehicle left I waited for the mechanic to assess. When the guy came over he's clearly and totally not familiar with older vehicles or more specifically carburetted one. It was obvious at that point I knew more than the mechanic at this game. It was okay though because while I waited I tried to start it again and the 'rona runs 100% fine. So I just thanked the guy and left. Onwards to my destination. Got the fleet car. Drove that for a few days. Took it back and drove the 'rona home. It's fine. Didn't FTP again. The only explanation I could think of is that on that particular day it was blazing hot. I drove it to the service station at quite a rate and turn it off immediately when I arrived. The engine bay was very warm when I set off and maybe it got vapour lock? Or the electric fuel pump doesn't work too well when it's too hot. Regardless, I got a new fuel pump. I couldn't be arsed to fit it yet but it's here. Maybe I'll just do that and if it happens again learn not to drive when it's hot.
  3. Cleaned the carb, replaced seals. The automatic choke wasn't even connected but it is now. I'd still rather have a cable. There's nothing wrong with it before. Just felt like doing it. Got new ethanol grade fuel lines again because the one I've put on it before was shite. Not that it'll be run on E10. This car works so well that I use it as a daily for a week. I don't commute often but it's great having machine that's able to do it in style. I also have to report that this car gets a surprising amount of attention. I've had more than 3 occasions where people came and have a chat about it. One guy told me his granddad had a facelifted Liftback for 30+ years which got scrapped because of rot. He was absolutely delighted when I told him he can sit in it. Another guy talked to me for half an hour about the 3T engines in these. People seems to love it everywhere and pleased that there's one in somewhat decent condition.
  4. Forgot. FLOOR! Only picture I took, sadly. Can't see much. But I can report that it's remarkably solid underneath despite looking a bit scruffy on the top. Especially for J-tins.
  5. Did the gearbox oil and differential oil today. From the condition I'm pretty sure the last time anyone's been there the dinosaur that's in the oil still roams the earth. I can report that after the change it drives exactly the same. Still noisy, still smelly, gearbox shift quality is no different. Well, it is a Toyota.
  6. How the fuck does this thing even run? video-1653545322.mp4 It seems the future is now. Water-in-coil ignition system™. Found this out by doing a tune up. Got a new coil, HT leads, spark plugs, dizzy cap, fuel filter, etc. All done and it runs exactly the same. Edit: Maybe it's oil and not water in Ignition Coil? It looks old as shit regardless.
  7. Replaced the rear shock absorbers today. I ordered good quality Tokiko (OEM) shocks online for £30 a while back but only got the chance to fit them. I sent the car to a trusted suspension shop. Guess how much they charged me. ... Five. Fucking. Pounds. Granted they're extremely easy to replace. Still I wouldn't do it myself for the sake of £5.
  8. joo hajosiko tojotasi
  9. I had to go run some errand so only uploaded the detailed* installation video. Might be confusing as to what I've actually done. The original grille was bent at the top in such a way it cannot be bent back into shape. Even on the picture it is obvious. Last night a mesh hardtop coupé grille appeared on FB Marketplace for cheap so I took this opportunity to fix that. I've been looking for one for a while now. SCHPORT. Before. After. Truth be told after I installed the mesh grille I wasn't completely taken by it despite actively seeking one before. Not that I hate it, just that I wouldn't mind either type on the car. Then again, I'm keeping the original blocky grille so I can swop it out anytime if I ever feel like it.
  10. Same reason many other big liftback cars are unsuccessful I believe. If people were to buy a big car back then they'd want a booted version. Even with nearly no luxurious pretention. In the UK these would've been replaced by the Carina II with liftback body available. As it happen, it's not just the Corolla that they kept both FWD and RWD platform in the same period. In Asia and Oceania we got the Carina II as Corona FF, while the RWD Corona becomes the T140 which wasn't available as a liftback. The FWD caters to people who wants modern, while the RWD caters to people who wants the same as before thank you. T140 was pretty much the same as the T130 while the T150 FWD was all new. It's telling how well Toyota was doing back in the 80's when they could just make 2 completely different cars on 2 of their most popular line of cars. Most other would just switch over. Would the saloon be hen's teeth rare as well? They do rust like pretty much all Japanese cars back then. The only reason mine survived is because of the kinder climate. Had it been in use similarly in the norther place it'd probably already dissolved by now. No wonder the only place with numerous amount of these is Australia. Reading about these I found 3T engine response really well to Webers and tubular exhaust manifold. I'd probably do that eventually. Not the main priority right now though.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_City#Fifth_generation_(GM2/3;_2008)
  12. So I washed the car today and saw one corner of window tint is peeling. I then start to peel it further and found it's much easier than I'd thought. Be gone tint. Suddenly the car feels much more friendly and the inside much more airy. I put some period JDM stickers on it too. Because I'm a weeb like that.
  13. Fookin hell that took way longer than expected. Finally got the car back with superb air-conditioning system. New compressor, new heat exchanger, new tubing, pressure switch install, and a whole bunch of relays and new wiring so it's safe to use. It was expensive but important stuff. £350 to sort it out. The timing is pretty correct as the air-con on the Lolvo decided to not conditioned about 2 weeks ago. Feels like dying from dehydration just driving it 15 miles to the shop today. So I just left it there and drove the 'rona back. After I got the car back I changed the gear knob for period correct Celica knob. Did the lace steering cover too because the wheel is fucked and nothing else will do. Also did the window winder which was easy. Now I have to sort the V5. Also I'd probably remove the window tint. I still don't have any regrets buying it. A lovely car to drive.
  14. Vauxhall FD Series is the best looking saloon car of the period. Bar none. It looks so correct in every way. I love them when I discovered it in pictures. When I finally get to see one in metal (an exceedingly rare chance considering over here they sold about 5), even though it was in shocking condition, it's still clear how correct the designers got it. I don't care how it is dynamically, not that I'll ever get a chance to experience one, I love this car in every way.
  15. Yea... about that. I did not put it on sale. The plan was still the same (hairnet drive later this year) despite the 'rona which I've already chronicled here. However, a friend of mine offered decent amount of money for the Mazda. Way more than I'd want for it when I'm done. It's sold. Gone. The only car I've ever sold for more than I've paid for it. On the one hand I've glad to fuck it is gone. The bastard thing fighting me every step of the way. On the other hand I'm sad to see it gone. Weird, this is the first time I've ever feel that way selling a car, maybe because it's so sudden. I like driving it. It's now sorted enough that I'd not hesitate taking it on 500 miles road trip. Although, considering that, I doubt it'd have lived much longer had I not took it on. No one else would shower that much care and attention on it. Well, if it's true that internal combustion engine is dying, I'd like to experience more before I don't have the chance to.
  16. These all had 4-speed manual until 2021 when they went to 6-speed. 😛
  17. Back then each model of Toyota had so many body variation it's a wonder they can turn any profit! I really get the appeal of these liftback though, they're quite practical and absolutely stylish. Sadly I don't have the space or the need to keep these Enkei Compe. I'm sure someone with something similarly retro will find a use for it.
  18. Today I put the somewhat OEM wheels on with near new 165SR13 tyres. It looks very correct and this makes me very hapi. I reckon it's more handsome this way so the Enkei Minilite that were on it will be going very soon.
  19. First Pez after 4 days. There was 3/4 tank of E10 when I bought it. Still half a tank left today. Another tank full of E0 surely would make it run like race car. I've decided that I don't like Auto-choke. I'd rather have cable. Can't stop looking at it. The styling I'd describe as kitsch as hell for the late 70's. But now it stands out a mile in the sea of boring moderns.
  20. I wish it's that good! The pictures really are flattering. There's quite a few rot spot especially on the doors but that's to be expected. Nothing that can't be remedied with sparking stick though! Interestingly, the high end Japanese spec are also fitted with thicc rubber bumpers and these Corona always have sealed beams until 1980 facelift. USDM was in vogue back then.
  21. It's going to be a massively costly experience with long lasting effect that may or may not go away. I went and take a look at this 1979 Toyota Corona Liftback on 30th March. Sat on it for 2 days and decided I got to have it. I've always wanted a 1970's experience after having a couple of 90's and 80's cars. This fits the bill and it's affordable. It's also Barney-colour. How can I say no? This particular model of Toyota Corona was assembled here in Samrong, Samutprakarn from 1978-1983 during the period of early localisation. A lot of parts still had to come from Japan but many bits are made locally. It's general model code is xT130. This particular one is TT132. The T means it comes with 1,770cc 3T 4-cylinder engine, overhead Valve, hemispherical head. According to the brochure it produces something like 108hp. It certainly moves way better compared to the 1,587cc F6 OHC of the Mazda 626 with something like 77hp. This engine runs great and I've driven it quite a bit now. Pretty good engine I'd say. Although I have to say, it's clearly a 70's design with a lot of rear end tramlining due to solid axle which isn't helped by fucked rear shock absorber which I've already ordered a pair. The steering is boat like. The whole car is boat like. I like it a lot. It's everything I expected from that era Toyota. The Mazda feels like race car in comparison. And yes, the Mazda is staying for now. I have no reason to get rid of it yet. Although I can confirm that the Corona will eventually effectively replaces it. Anything wrong with it? Well the clock says it's done 260,000 miles and it certainly shows. It will need bodywork, suspension bits, engine stuff and a whole host of other things. It's a well used high mileage car. But it's been somewhat maintained and used regularly so it doesn't have odd running issues like the Mazda when I first took it home. The Mazda only done 90 odd thou miles but it wasn't maintained at all. So I've already done a simple service, oil change, coolant change. Things that wouldn't hurt a car like this. Gear oil, diff oil, brake and clutch fluid will come next. It's noisy from many places, the air con compressor quits compressing on me today and just locked up in the middle of a u-turn. It's rusty in places and the paint is peeling off everywhere. Yes I am complaining, why isn't a 43 year old car completely perfect from the get go? Maybe I should get a refund etc.etc. (I'm joking in case somebody didn't notice). Also replaced the fuel hoses as that's deteriorated. Stamped 2013. So at least it's been replaced before. It will not be run on E10 just like the Mazda. I've also went and got a set of somewhat period correct original Toyota steel wheels. Two center caps are missing but I will find a set eventually, they aren't that rare. What's the plan then? Well I hope I'll get everything working correctly in a few months. Bodywork maybe next year? It's a pain in the arse buying an old needy car just before a 9 days long holiday because all the shops are closed but I can just park it until then. I haven't even been able to transfer the ownership and insured it yet. It'll stay as original as possible (it even comes with non functioning 8-track ffs) definitely no barried shenanigans. Yes @hairnet, you will get a go in it. I paid £1,100. Barg. There will be many updates.
  22. The non-performance Toyota F engine of the time have "slave cam" design. One cam sprocket, camshaft geared together. Appears to be the same design as 4A-F in the Corolla. The performance oriented G engine indeed have normal DOHC two sprocket design. Makes cambelt change that bit easier I guess.
  23. Yes, small shite of yesteryears definitely can get 60-100mpg, the real question is at what speed. Can they do that while sustaining 70mph for longer than a few miles? Hell no. Even if they can reach 70 you'd be pressing the go pedal down all the way constantly and the true fuel economy won't be what get advertised. The way to get high fuel economy numbers is to do constant speed that doesn't strain the engine. Less throttle input = better economy. Most moderns, even the cheap and tiny little thing, would be able to do 70 all day while still returning decent fuel economy because they're designed that way. That's what the consumer expects. That's how most people use their cars. From what I've seen, a lot of the old advertisement for little cars usually would cite the consumption rate tested at speed from 30-55mph depending on how ridiculous you want. A modern smol car doing the same speed would return astronomical economy as well, if not better.
  24. I probably would be more tempted if I hadn't driven these Corollas before quite a few times now and found them to be uninspiring as fuck. You're right, it's pure sentimentality. I also can't deny that If I could keep them both or the engine isn't completely worn out there'd already be a collection thread. I can keep driving the Mazda as it is without throwing much more money at it. Then again, while I do like the Mazda, I don't like it enough to keep it around forever. Still aiming for hairnet to drive the Mazda later this year so it's not likely going to be before that unless something properly amazing comes up. 😅 What's really stopping me is that these Corollas aren't really rare. Yes, they're rare in such nice cosmetic condition and what are the chances of finding another in the exact spec? But the Mazda is properly hen's teeth by this point at least locally and while that gives zero actual street cred it's still an obligation to keep it going at least a little further while, unlike the plentiful Corollas.
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