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Anyone on ‘ere got….


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I had an Activa, it's pretty difficult to find parts for them, even knowing specialists.

Main reason I don't have mine anymore is loss of space, a car I'd wanted forever and I really didn't want it to leave.

The chap bought mine last year and had it transported to Scotland, then paid for a full respray, it looked superb afterwards.

They drive like nothing else on the road, and look brilliant as well, its such a shame Citroen no longer make proper cars with hydropneumatic suspension, I'd buy a new one tommorow if they made one.


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My C6 was a Gumtree find, under £2k with stacks of history and a fresh ticket. 

It has a leaky thermostat housing at the moment but TADTS. So check that when looking at one. Check the heater blows the same temperature on both sides (which mine doesn't). Check the suspension goes up and down as it should, of course. A check engine light may or may not be something to worry about. Check the windows go up and down as they should when you open the doors. 

They're awesome, not as "proper" as an XM or CX but still a comfortable, rare, distinctive and quirky way to get around. Can't comment on any other engines but the 2.7HDi in mine is a really good fit for the car, surprisingly smooth and plenty powerful enough. 

I have a baby on the way and although I think we'll be fine with me having a C6 as my daily driver, I would swap for something more practical and cheaper to tax and run. 

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6 hours ago, chaseracer said:

@Six-cylinder to the beige 11-sphere courtesy phone please...

We have had our Activa for 2 1/2 years, it was Mrs6C choice. It has not needed much so far. Manual Xantia’s make my ankle ache on a long drive.

I have had many Xantia’s as company cars when they were new, working for a Citroen dealer. I also got to play with the dealer launch Activa frightening friends with the amazing suspension!

Our red one has quite a lot of lacquer peel. It often but not always sits a bit lop sided and one day needs that sorting, but no rush as it still seems to drive well and passes its MOTs ok.



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