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  1. Upto about 2014 or 15 I think they are 5 cylinder, when the facelift came in, or roundabout then, they all, including the D5, became 4cyl 2.0 engined. Pre facelift D2 were a 1.6 4 cylinder, but they are a bit underpowered by all accounts.
  2. Only common problem seems to be door latches and a couple of common engine sensors failing. Sensors are cheap, latches a bit less so but nothing extravagant. D3/4 (the 5cyl ones) are seemingly more reliable than the D5, twin turbo set up can go wrong, they also seem to have more issues with injectors for some reason. The later 4 cylinder 2.0 VEA engines seem less reliable, lots of high oil consumption reports I'd buy another so they must be ok!
  3. 2 0 5cyl 20v Turbo. They sound ace for a diesel.
  4. Our V60 is a superb old rounder, we use it a lot more than the XF tbh, from here to Scarbados, and with a week of pooling round, it will average high 50 MPGs, will fit absolutely everything we need in it, and is so quiet, especially on the new 235 45 17 Bridgestone Weather Control Evos. And it possibly one of the best looking estates, to my eyes at least!
  5. The XF is by far the best all-rounder I've had, but that's to be expected given the cost of it. 50 MPG on a run, 5.9 to 60, 1200w stereo, will pull the caravan like its not there, is comfy in standard mode, handles superbly in Dynamic. Can't think what I'd swap it for. My S60 is probably next, but the D9 406 V6 is close, that was a superb car. Shame Peugeot lost their way. But, I'd be interested to try a new 508 Peugeot Sport in a couple of years to replace the XF if they prove to be reliable. As that seems to be the closest they have got to the 406 formula in recent history.
  6. Definitely worth a trip for a noob, really wakes them up, especially with a 3 inch downpipe. Does it have the as2 or 3 stereo, I think I had to buy a harness for the amp to retain it, but I can't remember now, it was a long time ago! Make sure you change all the vac hoses if they haven't been done, they go all funny and fall apart due to the heat after a while.
  7. Yeah they're Xenons on the outer lamp unit. I've got a double din to single din adapter with a Kenwood W808 Mask somewhere for this if I can find it if your head unit is broken. Was from my 2001 car which was pre facelift so not sure if they're the same though. +1 on a Noobtune, if just to have a chat with Karl, he's a nice bloke.
  8. You will need a scan tool capable of reading data from the ECM When you go into it there will be 3 things, calculated oil level, actual oil level, and oil dilution. If its 6% or thereabouts, the oil needs changing. Mine was changed in January and I'm at 1.4% now. Only reasons for it to go up are if you are doing lots of short journeys so there's a load of failed DPF regens, or there's a fault, I.e leaking injector etcs. If you don't have a scan tool, change the oil, if there's no record of it being done recently.
  9. Shouldn't be smoky unless someone has removed the DPF! Make sure cambelt has been done and check the oil dilution if you have a diag computer, if not and you don't know when last oil change was, get it done. Seats have come up well πŸ‘ Before you refurb wheels have a look on ebay, loads of cheap sets seem to come up, with decent tyres as well!
  10. Cento16v

    Winter tyres

    Hopefully they will come this week so I can get them on this weekend, the Evo is apparently better than the old 005 on Snow, but we will see! Or, I will if it ever does actually snow.
  11. Try some fallout remover, you may be surprised how easily that comes off!
  12. Cento16v

    Winter tyres

    Just bought 4 Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVOs in 235 45 17 to fit to the V60. Not many tests out for it in car sizes yet, but I thought I'd have a change from Crossclimates or Vector 4 Seasons. Only 104 quid a tyre including delivery from Oponeo, should be here later this week so I'll get them fit and see how they are!
  13. I guess this I saw today is quite a late Escort?
  14. Cento16v

    Winter tyres

    Had Goodyear Vector 4 Season Gen 2 on the Peugeot and they were great. The Crossclimates on the V60 are worn out now almost so I'll replace them with 4 of those, they're great tyres, but not cheap. Won't bother with the Jag, if it snows 285 30 20s aren't going to be great regardless πŸ˜‚
  15. Once we get moved house, as long as I keep the Activa, I quite fancy a 205 to pop the engine from the Activa into, then pop a V6 into the hole it left in the Activa. Or a 9-3 Aero convertible or C70 T5 or similar for summer fun, I'd love a 911 but we tried, and we don't all fit in one πŸ˜”
  16. The X300/308 was better riding than the X350/358, but had much worse handling. My XF rides well at speed as long as the dynamic suspension mode isn't on, and that's on 20 inch wheels with 35 profile tyres. Crap round town though.
  17. The Disco 3 made my wife feel a bit car sick and she's never had that before.
  18. Peugeot 406 rides just as well, if not better than a Xantia. My 9-5 was a much nicer riding car than my P2 S60, even when it had a grand of springs and dampers chucked at it. Skoda Superbs ride nicely as well.
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224586917506 😳 Where do I sign πŸ˜‚ That would be awesome for towing the caravan.
  20. 20210826_183806_1.mp4 On the button after sitting for far too long. I'm stuck as to what to do with it. The money I've got to sort it appears to be needed for a house move, and with the size of mortgage we're getting I think it will be a while before I can chuck 3k at a respray. I don't want it sat deteriorating as cars are for driving, not for hoping and waiting I'll get time, when it appears we're going to have a lot on at home. But I really don't want to let it go πŸ˜” But, it might be in the cars best interests, or I could just MOT it and drive it all scabby, which I won'tenjoy, I love having a clean car
  21. White vinegar in a spray bottle kills mould as it burns it, smells a bit though it does fade eventually! A wet/dry vac also is a great thing to have for the extractionphase after you've scrubbed and shampoo'd, as is a drill brush. Also make sure you get a proper mask, as its a very bad thing to inhale.
  22. So I've put 2k miles on the XF since it was repaired, all F.O.C under warranty, and a great service by my local Jag dealer as well. V60 also back up and running properly now, I fancy some polestar wheels for it, just working up the courage/foolishness to buy a set at 1k without tyres πŸ˜‚
  23. So as per various breakages here; The XF should be home today after been at Jag all week, whilst they waited for an Intercooler to come in for it, all paid for under warranty. Quite a common issue with them, surprising for one to last as long as this one did tbh, 70k miles on it now! Fitted new rear calipers, that come with the EPB motors, and new rear pads to the V60 on Monday, bobbed some new fluid in, and off it goes, back to being a reliable Volvo *touches all visible wood. Back to the caravan this afternoon, hopefully a more successful weekend this time πŸ˜‚ Think I'll take the XF, mainly due to the fact the rear DVD system will be keeping our little passenger entertained!
  24. Have you got a can of tyre slime anywhere knocking about? They have one as part of the kit. My XF has one with its inflation kit for this reason as well as it has no spare wheel. Worth a check if any of your cars don't have a spare wheel.
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