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Who's got the biggest....lacquer peel

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This wins, do not paint


28755461858_3661cabe06_4k.jpg20180606_182747 by RS, on Flickr

41910691654_8f16bff017_4k.jpg20180606_182816 by RS, on Flickr

42628324981_0e6920907b_4k.jpg20180606_182822 by RS, on Flickr

27759459957_2c18739377_4k.jpg20180606_182806 by RS, on Flickr

28755466178_126c8905d5_4k.jpg20180606_182830 by RS, on Flickr

27759465057_711b56527f_4k.jpg20180606_182842 by RS, on Flickr

41728304095_0f045fc201_4k.jpg20180606_182923 by RS, on Flickr

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