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  1. my uncle had one for years, but he did live in italy so that's not surprising really. Traded it in for a first gen punto under the scrappage scheme, think he still has the punto to be fair to him.
  2. It was 1500 which is sort of my cieling for what would be a toy tbh, I do recon they'll keep going up as everything else rots/gets scrapped.
  3. Renault five gordini turbo in timewarp condition, think it was about 900 quid, but it idled fast and looked like it had been parked in a garage rather than driven, so I had a real feeling of paranoia that it'd shit itself on the drive home.
  4. Saab 9000 and an Impreza WRX wagon, both of which are now going north price wise.
  5. I got a shiny copy of a biography of Lionel Messi, thank you secret Santa. I do enjoy a good biography and I doubt Messi ltd would scrimp on the ghost writer it'll keep me out of trouble for a while.
  6. amazon are saying it's going to be delivered after xmas, via royal mail so whoever i got apologies i thought amazon would be a safe pre xmas bet.
  7. Sent. Apologies to whoever receives it. I feel like i've really half arsed it this year, but with postal strikes and plus having sort of forgot I panicked. Hopefully you'll enjoy it regardless.
  8. go on then, why not. If i'm not too late that is.
  9. Honda CRV £450 What's the catch? 12 months MOT, but he took it off roading deployed the airbags and then cut off the cat to get scrap value for it. Honestly he sent me a video/pics and it doesn't look that bad, needs a windscreen and a passenger side mirror, but 12 months MOT for 450 quid? Decat already done!
  10. Does it have 6+ months MOT? Is it Japanese? That'll do.
  11. I'm not a diehard German car fan, but I'd take almost any German car over a ford. I generally buy Japanese cars with my own money. (Or anything else if it's cheap enough) But really polling autoshite is a shit idea, because lets face it we're not representative of the majority of new car buyers. For the record the last brand new car I bought was a Kia, the next will probably be a Dacia or perhaps another Kia.
  12. Depends how cold it is, the garages round by me aren't that pricey and I often suffer from cba.
  13. I mean, Sweden changed over in the late 60s not the 1900s they had quite a lot of traffic to deal with. Interestingly their road crash stats plummeted for a year or two after the swap, because people were all driving super cautiously due to the change. I think I read something about the reason we don't change being down to our motorway junctions being asymmetrical. So basically crap motorway design means we have to pay more for new cars than europeans. However it also makes our second hand cars cheaper as no one exports them, so the chod floats about longer.
  14. TBH the f150 might trickle down to the transit, but I can't see a Sierra/focus moment happening. I think with the Koreans etc arriving in Europe, it's becoming a less and less attractive market for the budget brand cars that ford builds. It sounds like they want to continue targeting the van markets which makes sense given the transits popularity. It announced a strategic tie-up with VW in 2020 that will see VW using the Ranger and Transit platforms, while Ford will use VW’s MEB platform for at least one passenger car. Ford USA no longer makes any car smaller than the Edge and Mustang Mach-E, so internal platform sharing looks difficult. Stuart Rowley was quoted in Autocar in May 2021 saying, “The mid-sized vehicle segment in Europe is very important, and there Volkswagen has a lot more scale than Ford, so it makes sense [to use MEB]
  15. Nah mondeo men moved to 3 series BMWs years ago. I wouldn't expect you to move to an A3 or a golf, that's equivalent of a focus, you'd be wanting a Passat or an A4 but realistically you'd be in a 3 series 😉 Honestly the die hard ford blue oval brigade is aging and dying out. Which frankly can only be a good thing. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/business-dealership%2C-sales-and-marketing/stock-take-what-caused-fords-2021-uk-sales-slip Looks like their future is going to be rebadging Volkswagens for the euro market anyway, so may as well just cut the middle man out. Unless you plan to just get a transit, although I'd still get that with a VW badge at least then it'd have a nicer interior. The comments section on the article is very telling, it's one thing for ford to compete with British Leyland but another altogether to try take on the Germans. I can see it going the way of GM where they wound up selling off their euro brand to their European partners, which for ford looks to be VW. The Americans will go back to the states and target their home market id imagine, why bother scrapping for Europe, when American lawmakers will give you such a monopoly at home.
  16. Is it bad that you say pink and Corsa all I can think of is the first ones fading from that vauxhall red that always seemed to go pink?
  17. I can't remember the last time I saw a new ford fiesta, everyone here seems to be in corsas and the driving schools pick random stuff like a1 Audi's to try seem better quality than the other schools.
  18. I honestly think ford, the Mondeo man now buy German because why would you want a ford? So that leaves the fiesta, small town car better served by a fiat/Toyota/french brands. Then what else is in their range? The focus? It was decent when it first came out, but you'd just buy a golf/Leon/a3. Shy of something actually new coming from them I think they'll retreat back to America and their native market of pick up trucks etc, although I've heard the new f250 gets absolutely slammed as crap, but it is a ford so par for the course really. If America didn't protect its domestic truck market I think ford would be in serious trouble altogether.
  19. 1duck

    Sleeping in cars

    I slept in the back of a Mk7 with my other half, I'm over 6 foot so had to take the diagonal approach. However we had thrown a double airbed in the back then inflated it in situ, meant clambering over the seats to get in but it was remarkably alright! Did a long weekend in it, so 4 days? Honestly once you get your leg position right it wasn't bad, I was more cramped from just driving the thing, the seat didn't go back enough and the rake didn't let the steering adjust upwards enough.
  20. Yaris, but I'm only in my thirties.. Actually no I stand by my choice, it'll probably outlive ice cars being allowed in any city.
  21. 1duck

    Dad cars

    My dad had lots of chod before i was born, but in the time i've been alive. Vw Passat Renault 25 - Volvo Amazon Renault 25 - Mercedes 280ce Renault Safrane Renault Safrane Fiat Tipo Seat Ibiza Ford fiesta Fiat uno Citroen AX Fiat Panda Kia rio Honda Civic A couple of micras
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