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Anyone want to Rescue an old Fabia for £100 in Solihull?


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Has been posted over on the Skoda forum for a while now, but needs to be gone by the end of this week, seems a shame to just scrap it when it could be a decent project to get running again. Though it may be of interest to a few on here. Details in the link below.



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3 hours ago, worldofceri said:

Shame, I am just up the road so any other week I could have scooped this up and roffled off at £2.50 a go or something, but too busy I’m afraid to get there before next week.

Fuck I'd have had a transport quote off you for that as well but alas payday and the deadline for this car don't match up.

I'd really like it but finances don't allow at the moment.

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14 hours ago, dcd1979 said:

Collected this morning, and looks like it will scrub up well


Great news!! So glad someone  here saved it from mr scrap man😇. Just spotted you're only about 20 miles from me too, so may even get the chance to see it on the road when its working😉

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