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Great number plates - got any?


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I also saw a new "Mini" the other day with UG02 SLO. Not spaced according to her Majesties regulations, naturally.


My dads bike has something similar; SL0 2 BE U, spaced correctly, actually. I don't even think it's a private plate. If it's transferable (how can I tell?) I'm sure it'd be worth more than the bike.

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Oh, my 2cv has my mum's initials. But it's just coincidence- although we told the neighbours it was bought because of that. The next month they all had private plates!


At work the best one so far is the mclaren f1 with 4eb. But all the mclarens have MCL number plates. The long tails are all LTxx MCL, tourers GTxx MCL etc.


My next door neighbour's with the newish ML Mercedes has said she's bought LE12 WIN(I think) - they're from Leicester and like football. She did say it was very cheap and their new car isn't new enough for le16.

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No photos I'm afraid but there's a newish Merc (E-class perhaps) at the end of our road with UF0 5POT, he clearly needs to move house as I've never seen one round here.


Used to see an Alfa 164 kicking around when I was a lad with A 17LFA on it, bet he's waiting for the 17 plates to come out to be more grammatically correct with AN 17LFA


Around the same time my Dad bought a Saab 9000 off a back street dealer which was wearing his plate A5 NEW, rather liked that one - we had it on for a few weeks while the dealer transferred it back.

After a few months of the Saab wearing it's original F reg plates my dad decided it looked better with private plates and he got the pair 420 EOF for the Saab and A20 EOF for my Mum's Mazda 323 (both plates since sold on unfortunately as I'd quite like a matching set now)


Also saw a Range Rover 10 years ago or so with UP U 51R which I thought was rather amusing.

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Caught this (metaphorically, not literally) outside the doctor's surgery. No joke, it's regularly there or thereabouts. I really wanted to hang about and ask Miss STD what that was about, but then I'm not sure I'd want to...




Bonus shit Honda.


One I didn't catch was a nondescript silver car (maybe a Voxl) with SX15GUD on it. Wasn't far from the Inverness origin of the plate, so it could've been luck of the draw, but would someone buy a plate that might say SEX IS GOOD? Hmmm...

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