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  1. Relevance? It’s the what makes you grin thread, it made me grin this morning.
  2. Sounds like it was just left loose, fingers crossed it should be fine.
  3. Could be a previous mechanic leaving it very loose and getting distracted? Better than my old VW bus where I found the plug still on the lead flapping about with all the ally thread from the head on it!
  4. I loved the one I had, the indicators could just be the dash not seated correctly. Mine had weird issues which were all due to the dash not being replaced correctly. It was a stunning motor and took us on our honeymoon, it was swapped for a Xantia.
  5. These are great fun, it’s what the new mini should have been.
  6. Thanks mate, much appreciated. The worst bit is that is pretty much nothing we can do, can’t even visit her until she is out of the icu 😟
  7. 2021 the year that keeps on giving, my Mum broke her hip three days after getting out of hospital, emergency 7 hour op and she has a new hip but will be ages before she is out of hospital again. At this rate I will have a personal parking space at the Derby Royal. Thankfully she still keeps her spirits up somehow.
  8. You would be surprised how small some pedals are, I have one that’s about 30mm x 30mm, but it’s only the switch that matters really.
  9. It makes it a proper pleasure to work on, no scraped knuckles, no inaccessible shite, job times that modernz could only dream of (love to see someone swap a focus gearbox in an hour). I love it, been great to get out and about after a shit few weeks. Went to see my Mum today who is in respite after a month in hospital, she is doing great so brilliant day all round. And great pizza!
  10. Yours will be a work of art when it’s finished though, mine is definitely a ten footer.
  11. They look similar to a Ronal design from the 80s, but never seen them on a Ford or Rover.
  12. On the MK3 the rubber window trim fits into small clips that attach to the ally strip that clips on the top of the door. Is the mk2 different? It’s a stupidly complicated system if you ask me, and leaves nasty possibilities for rust.
  13. Perfect so far, no issues at all. It runs better on super (no surprise) and happily cruises at 70-80mph. Still got the minor air leak on one wheel, but I will be getting steels powder coated soon so it’s not a major issue. It’s a pleasure to drive and is great fun hustling along country roads. How is yours getting on these days?
  14. Back to an old haunt, used to park my first Capri In this spot 30 years ago.
  15. Thanks mate, I haven’t posted much on here but have been undergoing a load of tests/ procedures for suspected cancer, thankfully they have come back clear so far but have such low red blood cell count that even small jobs leave me knackered. Just need to find what’s causing it and then hopefully get it sorted. Capri and nice weather are a good combination though and I might take the Capri for my next scan as can take the country roads back.
  16. Been a funny year, after a few weeks in and out of hospital I am home and trying to get my mojo back. I changed the oil on the Capri this afternoon. They are so easy to work on it’s beautiful. I was properly fucked after though but good to be doing something! I may take it to my CT scan on Tuesday.........
  17. Amazing service from our wonderful NHS again, finally back home after a rough couple of weeks but cannot speak highly enough of every member of staff at Burton hospital. Fuck clapping, they need 10% minimum.
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