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  1. Is this Facebook? If so, I'm not surprised, I left that stinking cesspit of misery years ago. Ebay classified listing, with lots of detail like you put in the above ad, and I'm sure you'll sell it to someone that doesn't breathe through their mouth, or have tattoos on their hands.
  2. The radio was always naff in my 1990 MX5. I decided a speaker upgrade was on the cards. When I removed the grilles..... NICE ONE
  3. Surely nowadays, a sufficiently strong gearbox could be put together by someone who knows what they're doing? There's plenty of Minis running around with way more power that don't suffer gearbox problems.
  4. Clean the split carefully with brake cleaner and superglue the bitch back together. Worked for me in the past.
  5. Very good work SiC, but you'll need the car on its wheels to set the door gaps. I have Midgets, Bs and TRs on my lift every week, and every single one of them open and close their gaps when the weight comes off, or goes back onto the wheels. Absolute worst in this respect is the TR6. You can usually not open the doors when they're on a 2-post lift, seemingly regardless of where you place the ramp arms and the door gap changes by a good cm when you lift it. Also, Minis had their doors aligned when they had been fitted up with all the trim, window mech, locks etc as a perfectly-fitted bare door would hit the B post when it was assembled!
  6. This. We have visible cameras at work and I also have a CCTV system at home- just small modern cameras that don't look ott but are still easily spotted. Visits have greatly reduced, John Smith and his brother (also John Smith) don't like being filmed.
  7. Wow! I thought the Astra-F convertible was extinct now! 2.0 and a black dash, a nice spec one!
  8. Cav in Rioja. You total winner!
  9. Wow, that is something. I sort of thought it would have been scrapped shortly after I sold it. It wasn't really that rusty though. An XE would have been way too much for it. The thing literally wobbled all over the road. The steering is frightening enough on a Mk2 Astra, even with a metal roof!
  10. The one that bought it for £300 when it was 14 yrs old was too embarrased to drive it with the roof down!
  11. Current convertibubbles are a 1990 MX5 and a 2004 Boxster S... but this one (from many years back) was clearly the best- Utterly tragic and fantastic in equal measures. It was a proper GTE with the digi dash and the marvellous 2.0 8v lump under the bonnet. Scuttle shake was comical, but not as bad as the contemporary Escort. Trim was awful, baggy, damp and mouldy of course. Sold in 2003, no idea if it survived. I guess not!
  12. The Disco is all anyone needs in a big 4x4, but the constant threat of rust is a very real thing! I sold my lovely 300TDi because it was breaking out everywhere, and it was a very decent London car all its life with no obvious grot a year previously. P38 on the other hand is very rust resistant by LR standards, as I'm sure you know. It's just the 15mpg thirst and liner slip threat of the V8 that would put me off. In conclusion, sell both and buy a Ssangyong Rexton 😆
  13. I've never seen one that bad ever come back together again. Kudos to your pal if he manages to get it back to the point it'll support its own weight, but realistically, that one is done, regardless of panel availability!
  14. Boxsters are absolutely fine on E10!
  15. That battery is totally knackered. It's not a 'Lion' ECP special is it? 😆
  16. Amazing Trigger! I love it. I bet these things felt like a revelation when they came out, compared to the Ital/ 1100 etc that people were running around in at the time.
  17. Mk1/2/3 Minis are lovely things but not overly usable in standard form. My orange car is a (1975) Mk3. It's in essence very similar to the earlier cars as it still has a solidly-mounted front subframe. Mk4 cars (1976 onwards) were dubbed the 'new quiet Minis' which sounds ridiculous now, but the improvements did cut down on NVH a lot. They had a rubber isolated subframe, anti-vibration panels on the floor and roof, better trim and controls, larger fuel tank, 2-speed wipers etc. Last summer I drove the Mk3 to the Mini Cooper 60th celebration show at Beaulieu. Four hours each way for me. The journey was extrememly tiring. Those tiny 10" wheels are spinning very quickly, even at 50mph and anything over that speed means the little A series is revving hard. The all drum brakes fade after a couple of 50 to 20mph stops (like approaching a roundabout on a dual carriageway) and the bolt upright seats cripple you. The later cars, say from 1984, had disc brakes, higher dif ratio and much better seats. My point is, a Rover Mini is a very different car compared to the early ones. Non-car people think they're all the same, but, speaking from experience, there's a massive difference to usability.
  18. Wheels are standard BL Special Tuning 'Reverse' rims. They are only 4" wide but the offset is very different. They were made for drum brake cars to increase the track to that of the S disc brake cars, which are 1" wider at the front! Genuine S wheels are a different offset again, but the other way so the tyre stays under the wings. No plastic arches as standard until 1984 (or the 1979 Mini Special!)
  19. I have BL Minis. I'm surprised they have managed to exist this long, too! Err, and a 1972 Range Rover that is too awful to photograph.
  20. Excellent work. I think it looks perfect as it is.
  21. Rusty_Rocket


    Lovely car! Just make sure your axle breather is clear and the dif oil level isn't over filled. You'll probably never stop a little oil from the seals. As long as its not contaminating the shoes, it's ok.
  22. Selling your existing car for something unknown that (might) save you a tenner a week on fuel is never a good idea. Particularly if your current vehicle is reliable, dependable and something you know has been well looked after. A single big bill on the new motor will easily wipe out any potential savings. Better the devil you know.
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