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6 minutes ago, Formula Autos said:

As the originator of this thread, I can’t help but think it’s degenerated into a catalogue of eBay listings terminology. 

Oh well ....

Perhaps only temporarily.

It's definitely useful as a reference, I've had to refer to the useful bits a few times!

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Hopefully this fits in here, I've nowhere else to post this snippet I've bounced around a few times:

Solihull Roulette; the endless fun caused by JLR using the same warning chime to tell you it's a bit chilly outside, or that the gearbox is about to fall out - and you never know which one's going to happen next

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On 12/7/2017 at 1:22 PM, flat4alfa said:


One of those is in Somerset.


A Chevrolet Monza SR, brought in from Venezuela.  Was on eBay earlier this year, in a state so didn't sell at almost £2k.



s-l1600.jpg img_0327.jpg   I think the fire is out now though.

The man on RR who has this shonky Monza also mentioned:

I forgot “Shonky”, I heard that used for the first time in 1972; perfect word to describe an unloved, unwashed, down trodden, rust bucket, using excess burnt engine oil to subdue the flies drawn, in swarms, to it. (I’m going to use Shonky tomurrah!)

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On 3/22/2021 at 12:24 PM, Leyland Worldmaster said:

Fucquilibrium. That fucked up equilibrium one experiences having paid for some expensive preventative maintenance; fuck me that's expensive/ well it is better to get this fixorated now whilst everything is off the car... 

I've defined it to myself in the past, as that moment when I've spent a small fortune on parts and/or repairs, and the bloody thing resolutely defies fixing. It's the moment just before going full Basil Fawlty on it, when the entire universe is humming along just nicely thanks, except that bit I'm currently inhabiting, without two brass farthings to rub together.


Right, that's it, you're going to get a damn good thrashing...etc.


Also -and I'm not sure it's entirely relevant, but bear with me - as a result of someone mishearing what I was saying the other day, when 'valerian tea' became 'Bavarian tea'...

BAVARIAN TEA - a bottled brewed beverage from the Rhineland, sufficient consumption of which is helpful in overcoming the disappointments typically experienced after FUCQUILIBRIUM, FTP, FTS and IFFMBT among others. Analogous to, (and sometimes resulting from a misfortune induced by) DUTCH COURAGE.

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On 14/05/2021 at 12:37, Talbot said:

As was prevalent in Kit Car circles a goodly few years ago:

"Video build" = A knackered VHS video of my mate ragging it around a field a few times, followed by 4 of us standing around the engine bay while it boils over.

Sounds like an episode of Top Gear in the Clarkson/Hammond/May era.

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