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  1. I forgot “Shonky”, I heard that used for the first time in 1972; perfect word to describe an unloved, unwashed, down trodden, rust bucket, using excess burnt engine oil to subdue the flies drawn, in swarms, to it. (I’m going to use Shonky tomurrah!)
  2. Hello Ian Fearne,

    I worked with a chap with the same name, many moons ago, in Alderley Edge @ North Cheshire Garages.

    Uncommon surname Fearne!

    Kind regards
    Paul French

    1. Ian_Fearn


      Hi Paul, it definitely wasn’t me! Did my career at Rolls Royce.

    2. Frenchenstein


      Never mind, was worth a punt.


      Happy Easter to you and yours👍🏽

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