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  1. Went to that bloke with the missus' Metro as he's got the only hydragas pump in the area (afaik). Not sure what his plans for the B are, he reckoned someone had offered him ten grand for it, even in that state. Looks even worse now. He's had all sorts of BL chod parked there over the years, including three production-spanning Allegros all there at the same time. Was a sight to behold!
  2. Can't help but wonder what the 700 mile journey over must have been like...
  3. Few more from Greece. The yellow SJ was very badly painted. For some reason the ancient Japanese pickups are very numerous here. Suspect a lot of the owners have had them from new.
  4. A few Greek spots from today. Not quite as many old shitters on these streets as there used to be.
  5. Yank meet in Halifax today, might be of interest to some.
  6. That last one is particularly shit...
  7. A couple of underwhelming ones from me here.
  8. Pretty sure I've seen that too, I was similarly elated.
  9. More papperation, with a wonderful, aptly plated, poo brown, seemingly daily driven Aggro 3 kicking off the proceedings! The Mini Clubman is for sale at The Motorist, and they want EIGHTEEN FUCKING GRAND for it.
  10. Oh, fancy that! At least yours looks much happier. I actually briefly wondered if the one I papped was the AS Sierra, but then concluded it probably wouldn't be dumped on a drive in Manchester after all that community effort!
  11. I bet getting stuck in traffic in that thing is far from a pleasant experience.
  12. One of my dream cars. Oh, and a Challenger. I reckon these lower end ones look better than the Hellcats, et al.
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