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  1. Just caught up with this thread, and boy am I glad you're doing another resto! And a MK2 Cav to boot! T'was one of these that earned me my first clip round the ear when I volunteered to help my dad clean his, and took a yard brush to the bonnet. Really enjoyed the MK1 thread and this is looking like it'll be more of the same, your thoroughness and attention to detail is something to behold! Keep up the excellent work!
  2. Thanks everybody! As Spiny Norman said, you're not going to be burning people off at the lights, but they're quicker than they have any right to be. They're fairly willing from standstill, although as the tyres are laughably skinny, cornering at anything more than 5mph is suicidal. I've just ordered a couple of new tyres for it, and the tyre bloke asked if they were for a caravan. Certainly does! And yeah, it's fucked.
  3. Nowthen, shiters. Just thought I'd share some pics of my '86 340 DL, my third Volvo 300 series. If it looks familiar to one or two of you, it's because it's practically identical to my last (CVT) 300 which also graced these pages, albeit with one crucial difference: Had really fancied another 1.4 manual after my first one bit the dust in about 2006, but before I moved house I didn't have space for a second car. The above-mentioned Variomatic was my daily smoker for a while but I couldn't get along with it, I dunno if it was knackered or what, but it didn't feel right and I sold it on. I know they're a bit weird to drive for the uninitiated, with the engine winding up while you're slowing down and vice versa, but nah, wasn't for me. I actually first saw this car at a local car show, had a right chinwag with the owner, nice bloke. He mentioned he'd been wanting shut of it because 60s stuff was far more his thing, he'd only picked this up because he saw it at an auction and couldn't resist it. Alas, he said he'd a buyer lined up it, so that was that. Bah. Few months on, and I'm idly flicking through the pages of carandclassic, and what should pop up but this filthy little strumpet! I was straight on the phone. Same bloke, he said the previous buyer was a no-show so he'd just decided to hang onto it for a bit longer. So now here it is with me! I've had a few bits to sort out on it, and I think the carb wants adjusting (not by me, I hasten to add), but overall she ain't looking bad at all! Ta for looking, be gentle!
  4. Ooof, that's fucking HOT! Always surprised me that even the sporty-ish wedge noses on these and Preludes didn't keep the giffers away! Auto box on this would suggest just such ownership.
  5. Don't know what it is with these cars and water getting into strange places (although granted, this one is a cabrio). Ours had loads of it sloshing about in one of the sills, so under hard braking/acceleration it sounded like a water mattress. Ended up just taking a drill to it. We also had water pissing in through the interior light during heavy rain which, by all accounts, is fairly common with Peugeots of this vintage. Loving this thread anyway, it looks very smart now!
  6. Sexy. At first glance I thought someone had drawn a cock and balls on top of the block, but it would appear, in fact, to be a cock and a pair of oddly shaped tits.
  7. Wonder what it looked like in service as a surveillance van? Can't help thinking it would have been somewhat conspicious, especially packing a V8.
  8. You have obtained a shit example of the 'Stang in what is undoubtedly it's most miserable incarnation, bloody good shot sir!
  9. I'm another one confused by the hate. He was ace on Phoenix Nights.
  10. Personally I think the Civic looks ace! Properly jealous of your tin.
  11. Brilliant reading! Keep it coming. Spitfire wheel(s?) look pretty good on the Harold.
  12. This, pretty much. While pressed plates are cool in the right application, there's too many scene wankers in their slammed VW Lupos using them now.
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