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  1. Can’t stop looking at motorcycles and now I’ve got my heart set on one I want to buy one ready to go. I might let this go if anyone wants it for £2200 MOT til Feb 191k Clutch/gearbox/transfer box done earlier this year according to the guy I got it from. All I’ve done is clean it, change the front bumper, fit new number plates and a set of seat covers. Done about 500 miles in it, hasn’t blown up, doesn’t overheat or use coolant etc.
  2. Currently trying to stop myself selling the Disco already and buying this, bearing in mind I won’t take my bike test until March. Very local and very nice though, especially if knocked down to 2k.. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/triumph-street-triple-2400-ono/1417675605?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  3. I’m a big fan, I’ve found a Lithuanian chap who is brilliant but barely speaks English so it’s a bit boring sat there! I don’t plan on working in a professional role so my other hand is covered too…
  4. Become a bit addicted to tattoos in the last couple of years. My favourite tattooist had a spare hour today so managed to ruin some more skin.
  5. Very kind offer thank you! I will hang on though as knowing my luck they won’t fit either. I’ve found a pair of matching leather bottoms on eBay which say size 38 on them so should be plenty big enough as I’m a 32-34 waist max, these have a decent adjustment so I’d rather them a bit loose then I can just do them up tighter! Will see if the auction stays low enough.
  6. I’ve just put the jacket and trousers on Facebook for the price I paid so I’ll see if I can shift them on 😂 I won’t be taking my test until March, sorted the training out the other day - CBT is Feb as I want to get Xmas out the way so no rush to get the kit but just thought I’d be prepared! At least I’ve got some nice boots!
  7. Well that didn’t go to plan. Boots are great, fit nice and whatnot Jacket just fits with a t shirt, I assume that’s all you’d want under the jacket tbh so will see. Trousers, Jesus Christ. Unless I’ve misunderstood the RST size guide which says these should be a 32-34 waist, man alive I barely got them past my thighs. Nowhere near doing up round my gut. Gonna see if I can flog the jacket and boots then just hang on to the boots, if not I’ll just get another pair of trousers as the jacket is about right. Boots seem to be worth £80 odd on their own so I’ve done alright with those and they’re actually really nice.
  8. As do almost all providers - hopefully there won’t be too much of a surcharge for immediate response. Best of luck! Second thought, if they charge a fortune then are you a member of one of those local community FB groups? Usually one of these banger racing scrap car collect and 24hr recovery cash in hand types that will be fairer priced. Poss worth sticking a post up?
  9. Cleaned the 335D for the first time in ages and topped up the fluids.
  10. Thanks! Having had it a couple of weeks now I must say I’m really liking it. With the normal bumper, standard backbox and a hoover out it’s really not a bad place to be and drives very well. I probs won’t keep it as long as I planned as it looks as though I’ll be able to take my motorcycle test in Feb so I’ll want a bike soon after. I imagine I’ll stick a FS thread up in Feb/March latest, it’ll have a fresh MOT and will be around £2500 for those who have shown an interest.
  11. “4D” plates arrived today. Fresh.
  12. Just won this lot on eBay.. I’ve measured myself and checked the RST size guide so let’s hope they fit! £185, they’re virtually new so I’m happy with that.
  13. Thanks everyone for giving me your experiences, thoughts, advice etc! Much more of a response than I anticipated so I genuinely thank you all. Ive got loads to think about now. I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking online at bikes but I think I need to get myself to a showroom and have a look at bikes in person and sit on some to gauge what style will suit me best. So far my favourite style bikes seem to be the naked style - Yamaha MT, Triumph Street Triple etc. I certainly won’t be buying new as the budget won’t allow it and I refuse to get into debt. I’m quite surprised at the used bike market though, I didn’t expect to be able to pick up such new, modern looking bikes for such little money. After spending a fair bit of time comparing the costs of clothing, I’ve decided to go for very good condition used leathers but will obviously go for a new helmet which I’ll pick one up at MCL in Dec along with gloves. Boots I’ll see what is available but if I find some well looked after used ones, I can’t see that being an issue. Thanks again for all the tips!
  14. Thanks again all, just about to sit down and read all these replies! Whilst I’m doing that, anyone know of any bikes which look similar to this Mutt 125 but with a bigger engine/more size to it? I’ve seen these in person and they’re quite small but Mrs JJ loves the style.
  15. Yeah will try it on of course. It’s only 15 mins from me so might go and have a gander. The Dainese website shows a size 48 should be about right - I’m 5’10 and 13st which seems to be around a size 48
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