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  1. Been making it more legal, front bumper fitted along with a legal number plate.
  2. Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or having a moan - either way, sorry if it’s offended you! Im 99.9% sure the tyres are not illegal with the 75mm wide arches on. The photos certainly make it look wider than it actually is. Appreciate the concern either way but I’ll take the chance on them. If I got a conviction for running this setup, I hold my hands up then as to me it’s just about right in terms of coverage. Exhaust has been sorted today, factory back box fitted and it sounds ten times better now! Front bumper/number plate is next on the agenda.
  3. Norfolk & Suffolk ?
  4. The plate is definitely illegal as it’s too small and has no markings on it. I have a legal size/correct marking one on the way but will keep it on the bonnet, it’s something I’ll have to take the chance on - last one never had any issues so fingers crossed.
  5. Cheers! I can’t get a photo that shows it as clear as it looks in person but it’s not as wide as the pics look. The arches are 75mm.
  6. In what sense, Police attention? This was my last one which never had any issues and had smaller arches on the rear:
  7. This has a complete turbo back straight pipe and it’s embarrassing at the moment. I volunteer as a 4x4 responder so am getting it sorted ASAP. Can’t exactly be assisting the Police and ULSAR whilst breaking the sound barrier! It did just pass the MOT with an advisory for them. The pics make them look wider than they are, if you’re stood next to it they look pretty much covered by the arch - I’m not too worried about those, my last one definitely stuck out more and I spent quite a bit of time near Police/emergency services through the aforementioned 4x4 Response.... ?
  8. After selling the camper, I fancied a mk2 Golf GTI... Looked for a day or two, got impatient and bought another TD5. Don’t ask. This one is an Auto which has been remapped and it pulls like a train (m8) It’s got 33” tyres so handles terribly and the exhaust I’m pretty sure causes sonic booms, sound barrier breached at redline. Standard exhaust going back on as a matter of urgency. image uploader
  9. Or as close as poss... You’d need a big car or a van. I’ve purchased a full interior for my Discovery but it’ll cost me a fortune to drive there and back in my Disco because of the 33” tyres. its the front 2 seats, rear row of seats, 2 folding seats in the boot, 4 door cards and centre console. Oh, and the carpet. If anyone wants to earn a few quid and collect it and bring it as close to somewhere near Norfolk as possible then shout me. If not I’ll hire a van for the day as it will still work out cheaper than driving it in my Disco. Cheers.
  10. Life with the new fleet is going well. The 5 series got some black grills and my plate fitted. I took the Disco to the Norfolk Fire Service Charity LR Run and it got a lot of attention. image hosting
  11. So the other half’s Freelander died so I gave the Golf to her and got myself a new daily go compliment the Disco.. 168k 5 series.. why not..
  12. Luckily mine has no previous welding and bar a small amount of surface rust it’s clean. Not planning on full pay & play style off roading, just some green lanes at most really. Took it for a spin today, love it.
  13. Honesty time.. I love it, I find excuses to go for a drive all the time now. It’ll go anywhere, it’s comfy, it’s high up so visibility is great. They tow brilliantly. however I’m glad it’s not my daily.. it’s quite thirsty (28-30mpg on a good day) In standard form, absolutely. Mine is a bit obnoxious, very loud, it’s wide now with these wheels too...
  14. Planning on the waxoyl! Boot floors were D1, these don’t tend to go on D2’s thankfully!
  15. Front arches are on properly now.. too scared to do the rears!
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