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  1. 😂 I’ve been having a browse today. There’s nothing screaming out at me yet, did see a 2009 T5 with a facelift conversion, lowered on 18” Amarok steels but £6k not converted, 263k miles and a leaky turbo oil return just doesn’t appeal to me for that sort of money. It’s only 15 mins away. I really cant be bothered to travel far though so unless something amazing pops up I’ll just find something close to home I think. Scirocco goes in Wednesday for MOT along with belt and pump then I can sell that, should leave me 10/11k to spend as I want to keep a couple of thousand back to clear a loan I’ve got a year left on, want to be completely debt free so this seems like the time to clear the bit I’ve got left..
  2. £8500, when I asked on the FB groups people were saying £10-11k but that just felt mad, bar what I’ve spent on paint and the window etc I’ve made £4500 profit in a year so I’m well chuffed with that Yeah it was straight forward, couple from Southampton drove up had a long look round it and knocked £250 off my asking price so I can’t really complain
  3. Sold for £8250, pretty happy with that
  4. So finally got round to cleaning this as a few people on FB have asked for photos Apparently a couple are coming up from Southampton tomorrow to view it, they had a 45 min video tour last weekend and loved it but I’m not sure they’ll want to come now as when I washed it I poked a suspicious looking area of outer sill.. im really not that fussed if they no longer want to come (I’ve been honest and sent the pic) but we’ll see. I know somewhere I can get it plated up worst case.
  5. It doesn’t bother me personally but it bothers the inner me that knows it will likely bother the person I inevitably sell it to in 6 months. As part of my job I deal with weird and wonderful vehicles all day and I’ve seen some mad numbers, I think one of the highest was an old series 2a which has 41 previous owners but it was what a ~1960s vehicle.
  6. I’ve had a Primastar before, I wouldn’t rule one out but they still feel like a van, the T5s feel like a car, I dunno what it is Bar a T5, the only other van I’d consider is a Transit Custom but I know their engines aren’t the best and they also command a higher premium as they’re also newer. I think I’ll be waiting until I’ve sold the Transit, sold the Scirocco then I’ll see what’s about. I plan on spending £10-£11k absolute tops I wouldn’t have anything like a T4 again as I want something that at least feels a bit modern - I know I like T5’s so I’d be confident buying one.
  7. Seems like I’m destined for a trip to Scotland! Another nice looking van that ticks the boxes and is a 1.9.. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/motorhome-details/202301203437025
  8. Ah, bugger. OK cheers for the heads up!
  9. Checked out trains for the kraken van and it’s surprisingly simple… drive to Peterborough, direct train to Edinburgh then one train to Kinghorn.. £63 Its definitely a viable option but likelihood is that it’s going to be at least another month until I’m ready to buy something
  10. 45 minute video tour with a potential buyer today, they’re planning on coming up next Sunday… I trust no one after the T4 so let’s see…
  11. Nah it’s because it’s fucking massive, I don’t like fitting in 😂 The driveway isn’t really big enough to fit the transit, scirocco and the fiesta.. if I sell the scirocco and the transit I can replace them both with a daily driver sized camper… I don’t care about blending in at all, it’s physically fitting in that is a concern 😂
  12. I imagine it’ll be long sold before I’m ready - someone’s coming to view the van next Sunday then I’d also have to flog the scirocco to clear enough funds!
  13. This is a bit of me, T5 2.5 TDI, pop top, awning, diesel heater, rock and roll bed, fridge etc Kraken graffiti paint job by a Scottish artist its located in Kinghorn however, slight collection mission but I love it
  14. I’ve accepted it now, I am one of those people that once we’ve agreed on something, that’s it done - Amber is ok with the idea, it’s already sorn and my insurance runs out 6th Feb so it just makes sense to shift it now I’m pretty on board with the idea of then selling the scirocco and getting a T5 sized van with a pop top. It’ll be just one set of tax/insurance, something more economical for longer distance trips too. For how often we use it, I struggle to justify the expense of running 2 vehicles these days
  15. Yup. The van fits JUST if I have the bonnet touching the garage door, doesn’t fit if I reverse it as it’s too tall and will hit the gutter. Looked awful there though as it completely overshadows the bungalow next doors kitchen window. The pics make the drive look longer but when the van is on, it looks from some angles as though it even overhangs the path slightly. I think because we’re a bit of a corner plot, it’s a bit deceptive
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