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  1. Spotted a cheap clean looking Honda Izy mower on Facebook so decided to treat myself to an upgrade. What a difference in the cut! Mountfield always used to leave a trail of cuttings too, Honda picks the lot up.
  2. And on today’s edition of weird things to mention in an advert; someone selling an MG TF:
  3. I’m having a bit of a clear out and have decided to let this go, happy to set up a roffle if anyone’s interested? It’s a fairly big item, bigger than the pics make out. Looking at eBay sold listings, just the truck, unboxed seems to be selling for £60+, I have the truck, with cars and originally packaging.. Any thoughts on value? Couple of quid a ticket?
  4. Some car sellers just seem to intentionally make life fucking difficult. See car on FB, spares or repairs but it’s a simple engined car and the fault sounds relatively simple - been parked up a while, now when started the EML is on and it’s making a noise. For the price of the car, it’s 100% worth a punt. Can’t really lose. Message seller - is it still available? Yes. Ok thanks, any chance of a quick vid so I can hear the noise, just to save both our time as there was no description of said noise. No reply. Ok, can I just come and have a look? Only 30 mins from me and due to the price, it’s worth the drive. Someone’s viewing at 6pm, will message and let you know. 8pm, no message, advert still live. I message - “Did it it sell?” ”No, they didn’t turn up” Ok, can I have that vid of the noise? “It’s stopped making the noise now, starts and drives just has EML” Ok, when can I come and view? ”im at work now, il message you later” I hate ones like this, the actual car looks very genuine. Only got 60 odd K on the clock, it’s a 2013 1.2 pez and would be a decent earner for £500 even if it needs a bit spending. The seller is a lady who claims to know nothing about cars and the actual description is fine, just shite at communication it seems. Not holding my breath but I’ll try and buy the shitting thing if I can arrange it. I have her address now, just no time as to when I can see it. I’ll take my diagnostics and see what the code is, if it’s nothing drastic it’ll get bought.
  5. When we moved in to our house, the gate between the house and garage (gate from driveway to back garden) was a really flimsy trellis type thing that was too big for the gap. Over the past year and a bit living here it’s gradually fallen apart a bit more each time I open it so I gave in and bought a new one in Wickes yesterday. Not a clue what I’m doing, just followed what looked right* Have I fucked anything up here? It seems to function fine so I’m happy enough.
  6. When you’re trying to think of as many plus points for your advert
  7. Really having to hold myself back on this, it’s beautiful Mercedes E320CDI Avantgarde Auto Diesel Estate - 7 seats https://www.gumtree.io/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mercedes-e320cdi-avantgarde-auto-diesel-estate-7-seats/1478695997?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  8. Yeah they are actually proper F30/F31 spec wheels luckily! They wouldn’t fit over the M performance (blue) calipers but mines poverty spec standard ones luckily! Annoyingly it doesn’t, I already have the Road Hero space saver kit in the back but luckily we never have rear seat passengers. Would much prefer a proper place to keep it! Can’t just chuck it in the boot either because of the dogs. Ive never used winter wheels before, I certainly wouldn’t have gone looking for them but when I saw them on FB marketplace, £50 just screamed out a bargain so I had to have them!
  9. Little bargain grabbed today. 5 x genuine BMW 16” steels with winter tyres, 4 Bridgestone Blizzak run flats and a 5th brand new steel with a Continental ContiWinter Contact on it. Doubt I’ll have much use for them but for £50 and being down the road I couldn’t say no. I would like to get my alloys refurbed at some point so even just as a spare set of wheels they were worth grabbing.
  10. Jesus! Glad you came earlier than first planned! Hope the Ibiza drove well and didn’t cause any issues. Thanks again for a simple sale, I do love this forum.
  11. Oh of course, I’m just the driver and labourer!
  12. Picked up a fellow shiter from the station earlier who had come to collect the Ibiza, then straight over to a local van hire place to collect a Luton as mother JJ is moving house this weekend and I’m the designated pair of hands it seems. On the way home I stopped and picked these up, no real need but for £50 I couldn’t really say no! Set of BMW winter wheels with matching winter runflat tyres and a 5th brand new winter tyre on a new rim. Bargain for £50 and 20 mins from my house. I’m sure I’ll never need them but for that price I was always going to buy them.
  13. Nice evening so managed to get a wash done, scrubs up well for 171k!
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