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  1. Nothing in comparison to you guys but my current F11 520D is on 184k (2012 ‘62) and about this time last year I had the timing chain done along with clutch/DMF. It’s a great car and I only paid £4800 for it when it was 7 years old (would have been a 35k car new) My old E90 325D I sold on around 200k IIRC. Another great car. IMO, people miss out on so many really good cars because they’re afraid of mileage. It’s never something that has remotely bothered me.. you can tell by the car whether it’s been cared for or not, I’ve viewed some awful 50-70k cars in the past.
  2. Learnt in an early 00’s Bini, was fine. No complaints - can’t remember much about learning bar my first lesson where the instructor couldn’t understand how I was so good at clutch control.. I never told anyone I used to take the keys for the B reg Sierra Ghia we used to have and take myself for a run up the cul-de-sac when I was about 14! First car was an L reg Citroen AX in a weird Matt brown/red colour. Paid £120 for it from a chap on camp at RAF Marham. One driveshaft was absolutely shot and the crank seal was shagged. Main thing I remember about the first day or two of driving was how
  3. The actual car was a decent one, it was my particular one that was dreadful. air suspension was absolutely terrible for comfort, I hated it within about 15 minutes of driving the car. Jesus Christ, with enough PSI in the bags for it to be a drivable height it was so bouncy it’s ridiculous, soft enough to be comfy it scraped everything. had a starting problem that no-one could get to the bottom of, it just sometimes absolutely would not start for ages. The worst car I ever had in terms of just having to have a car at the time was a P reg Cinquecento, wow. Awful.
  4. There’s a plate for coming up in a ‘future auction’ according to the DVLA site which I’m keen on, I just hope it doesn’t reach silly money.. I really want it but can’t afford thousands.
  5. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Nail on the head! Making it exactly how I want it with a couple of very mild, easily reversible parts that I can return to standard with no evidence within an hour or two. Happy days!
  6. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Yeah that’s kind of how it came across. He said it reminded him of the touring he had 25yrs ago..
  7. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Is that a subtle way of you saying you don’t like the wheels? 😂 I do like an E36 but to me it’s the Mk3 Golf of 3 series’ They’re nice cars but I don’t think they’ll ever have that iconic side that the earlier ones do. Much like how a Mk2 Golf does in comparison to a Mk3, I feel an E30 does compared to an E36.
  8. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Got the wheels on properly today - 15mm spacers on the front, spigot rings and BMW gel badges for the centre caps. Haven’t bothered refurbishing them yet but I’m pretty happy with how it looks - just looks a bit high now.
  9. Out: Discovery 2 Vivaro self conversion (Only pic I still have is it in the background of the 5 series) Trusty Mk6 Golf of 3yrs. Another Discovery 2 - loved but way too thirsty In: Vivaro that I self converted (Sold again) Discovery 2 (Sold again) Bini for other half (Still current) E30 (Still current)
  10. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Absolutely, Lenso BSX. Plan is a refurb and some BMW badges for the caps so they look a bit more OEM. Ah 15” OEMs, the centre caps alone for those are £50+ each now, wheels are £350 without the caps.. I’ll stick to reps! I’ll look to get a set of 40mm springs on it at some point to bring it down to a more sensible height.
  11. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Thanks Yeah I think I like them, I’ll give them a refurb and try them for a while.
  12. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    I’m massively torn. I got these cheap, they need a refurb and I’d get BMW badges for them but I thought I’d stick them on as a test fit. I think I like them.
  13. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    I’ll give it a watch! Thanks
  14. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Took it out for a drive today so got some better photos. It was fantastic, sat in an E30 listening to The Jam greatest hits cassette with the Feu Orange hanging from the rear view.. 1989 all over again! I have also picked up some wheels tonight but I’m having second thoughts so going to test fit one side tomorrow so I can decide to keep or sell.
  15. That’s what I thought but it’s a “garage” so is designed to be closed, surely?!
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