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  1. Just an update that this has started beautifully every time since I did the long journey to Essex and back. It was also a day or two after I did the glow plugs so I’m still not sure whether it was the plugs or if the battery had got a bit low. I’ve been using it regularly so I guess the battery is being kept topped up at the minute - I’m sure winter will finish it off if it is that.
  2. You’re an absolute magnet aren’t you, must do your head in. Does it not put you off bothering? I get pissed off with them just seeing the screenshots let alone actually having to deal with them.
  3. I owned this a few years ago, first one in the country on air suspension.. I think it would have been pretty safe from thieves in general as it wouldn’t even move in that position!
  4. Well that was a fucking mission. couldn’t for the life of me find my jigsaw so I shot down to the Saturday morning auction in town and picked up a black and decker for £7, swung by Screwfix and got a pack of decent quality HSS metal cutting blades. Cut the hole out, cut was a piece of piss albeit a bit wobbly but it doesn’t really matter, you can’t see the cut when the window is in. Primed the body, primed the glass, started gluing… got until I had about 8” left and ran out of glue 😂 this was 5:30, the glue is quick setting and Halfords shuts at 6. Jump in the car, flat out to Dereham Halfords, 2 tubes of tiger seal, flat out home, scrape all the original glue back off, glue up again and throw it in. It’s far from perfect, but it’s in and all done for £50 odd including the glass. I’ll leave it a week and make sure it’s water tight then can make up an internal window frame to box it in. Will also need to get the Nato green paint out to touch up where I got a bit enthusiastic with the black body primer.
  5. Bloody lucky to not be dead!
  6. I don’t honestly know! Will have to investigate It’s a Hayter, il find out the model but it looks like this - from Google it looks like it’s a 10/30. Located in Norfolk
  7. Now our house purchase is finally moving forward I’m wanting to think about clearing some things we will not need once we’ve moved. Mainly garden type things that I can sort and sell before winter hits. Other than the obvious FB/Gumtree/EBay, is there a place people would recommend selling a ride on lawnmower? I would roffle but it’d be a bit of a collection mission… Will also have a couple of other bits like petrol strimmer/hedge cutter multi tool thing.
  8. Late night browsing is dangerous, but yes it’s time for a Boston green E36…
  9. https://fb.watch/fQnDft4Z07/ Outside Mildenhall air base the other day. Apparently the 18 year old driver was arrested as he was on drugs. No injuries apparently! From what I’ve heard, the car was a US one so LHD… if it had been RHD I think there could well have been a death!
  10. Now I’ve changed the plugs and have used the car a lot more, it’s starting lovely now. It has made me wonder whether perhaps I actually need a diesel car these days with how little I use it. In the back of my mind I’m wondering whether to change the battery and do a couple of jobs (it needs one of the height sensors for the dynamic suspension and very occasionally it throws a fault for the cam sensor so il replace that too) then flog it. I’ve still got a massive itch for an E36 coupe, even Mrs JJ was saying the other day how now we have her little fiesta, her car is fine if we need to go on longer trips or whatnot. We’ll see. I can’t really be bothered but I don’t have any other hobbies!
  11. That went bloody well apart from my Ferex multi tool just died but luckily I had the Dewalt cordless car boot special to save the day. Was actually really simple. As per pics, cut a hole roughly in the middle, felt with my hand where the edges of the window cut would be - luckily pretty much bang on with the edge of a cladding slat. Did the same for each edge just making the hole bigger each time. I now just need to clean all the shit out, hoover the area I’ve cut to get all the loose kingspan out then do a final trim cut on the edges as I only did it by eye so it’s not going to be dead straight. Once I’ve fitted the window I’ll get some nice wood and make a box frame to slot in, that way I’ll have a window ledge, somewhere to mount a curtain and it’ll look neat. Well chuffed, multi tools are the one.
  12. Seen this? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202207207950052 Seems a bit more genuine
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