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  1. Sorry if I’ve missed this but how on earth do I get the desktop version on my iPhone? If I hold the refresh button down I get ‘Request desktop version’ but the forum software overrides it and it stays in mobile. I literally cannot use the forum at the moment as this mobile version seems terrible. plz halp, miss AS.
  2. JJ0063

    Free Peugeot 205

    It won't actually be free though
  3. Anyone know how I’d go about getting these identited? They were dug out of the garden
  4. Correct DOC’s covers you to drive somebody else’s car as long as it’s insured. I.e. you can’t drive your own cars on the extension and the car must be insured elsewhere. Another thing people often don’t realise is that driving other cars third party is exactly what it says - cars. Doesn’t cover vans, pick ups, car derived vans etc. Private cars only. The only way around this is through wording, the odd policy states ‘driving other vehicles’ and therefore can’t be restricted.
  5. JJ0063

    Abandoned shite

    They've already said the location is being kept private - Cornwall is a big place!
  6. JJ0063

    Abandoned shite

    Check this little lot out.... Would love to have a gander!
  7. It’s her private reg.. name is amber & her nickname has always been Bam! It’s a 2003 TD4, all new VCU, diff and prop mounts etc. Roof comes off at the back and it’s got twin targa top type sunroofs that can come out and be stored in a bag in the boot.
  8. Thought I’d stick a couple of pics up of the replacement for anyone that might be interested Amber absolutely loves it
  9. Wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing what the story turns out to be. It’s not currently showing as stolen on the PNC...
  10. I knew a post like this would appear and fully expected it. As I posted before, I have a lot of admiration for the enthusiasm Dez has and think it’s fantastic that a young lad is so keen on a car like this. I genuinely care, hence pointing factors out for Dez to consider. It’s easy for us to all sit bank and say fuck it, buy it and worry about everything else later on but keeping my sensible head on here, where’s that going to get the poor lad? Dez is referring to having saved up a few hundred quid and some odd change. I couldn’t think of anything worse than him blowing it on a car that needs loads of work, having to keep it either at some else’s house indefinitely or risk it on the side of the road and hope for the best along with no restoration funds or the money to get the license to actually drive the thing! Call me anything you want but I’m a realist and just don’t want to see Dez rush into this and regret it. He’s clearly a great lad and deserves some luck with it.. me giving some advice to him (clearly educating as he admitted he wasn’t aware) doesn’t make me complicit in the process of insurance being a scam. Trust me, I hate insurance as much as anyone else. Dez - genuinely hope this goes the right way for you, apologies if I come across like I’m raining on your parade but I have made enough mistakes in my 50+ car purchases in the last 10 years to want to offer some honest, caring advice. I won’t make any further comment on this thread as I’m clearly being seen as going against the grain for the sake of it.
  11. Hagerty and almost any insurer I work with and can think of will run a mile if you called them to insure an Invacar for a mother/son combo on the road in London, guaranteed. Regardless of what you hear, the large majority of insurers will not touch a young driver unless the policy is in their own name. I could bore you for hours about underwriting, risk analysis and stats/figures but it’s all quite obvious when you think about it. Regardless of what you know about in your area, in the eyes of an insurer I’d say there’s a bloody high chance of an Invacar in Hackney being vandalised or stolen within weeks if it’s parked on the side of the road. They have no security and would be hilarious to your typical joy riders. Regardless of whether you or your mum insured it, it’d still be a bad risk to any insurer unfortunately!
  12. The first part sounds like a plan but you won’t be able to be added to someone else’s policy as a named driver, ‘fronting’ is illegal and classed as fraud. 10-15 years ago you could do it but it’s been stamped out now. Almost all insurers now will not cover named drivers under 25 for this reason. How old are you Dez? I can have a think of options for you.
  13. Insuring a Q plated car is difficult Insuring something like this as an only car is difficult Insuring on the road in London is difficult Insuring as a young driver is difficult Insuring as a provisional license holder isn’t difficult Insuring this type of car as a provisional license holder is difficult I’ll always try and help when it comes to insurance as I have others on here but it’d be virtually impossible for Dez to insure this. If you can find somewhere free and local to keep it, you’re doing bloody well.
  14. Agreed You’re obviously super enthusiastic which is awesome but you’ve got to be realistic here. You’re referring to decimal places of amounts of money you’ve managed to save - this car is not simply going to need a set of brake pads and be fit for every day use. Any car let alone a classic that has been off the road will need regular maintenance, a car like this moreso. It’s going to quite literally cost you thousands in driving lessons, theory & practical tests, Insurance in London is a nightmare (I work for a specialist so know the full ins & outs) plus as said, you can’t legally restore this on a public highway. You’ve already said you have no tools or mechanical knowledge of fixing these either. You simply can’t rely on other people funding, fixing, storing etc for you. (Kudos to those that have offered though) I’m really impressed by your enthusiasm and honestly would love to see this become a reality for you but it just doesn’t seem realistic on a shoestring budget and in your situation. This type of car to me would be suited to someone as a second/third car.. someone with a workshop, tools, knowledge and a bank account to suit too. My honest thoughts would be to put your money into some lessons, get the pink card and some experience behind you in a ‘normal’ car then invest once you’re in a better position. Seriously not trying to dishearten you but I’m a realist and just can’t see your plan being viable! Best of luck either way though Dez,
  15. Golf hit 163k today, I fitted a second hand eBay EGR as I was skint and it's been sweet since. Love this car.
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