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  1. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Not much to update, it’s currently sat under our kayaks.. Did find a tape out the other week and took a drive to Hunstanton in it, surprised a few people came over and took photos when I parked up. will be taking it to festival of the unexceptional next month
  2. Bought my 2dr non sunroof 318i in Nov 20 for £2800 IIRC. Fantastic car and I have plans to keep it as long as I can, I barely drive it and it’s hidden away but I enjoy knowing I own it. main thing I’ve learnt about E30’s is that if you think you’ve found a rust free one, you just haven’t found the rust yet. I need to get my inner rear arches/inside the boot welded on mine but I need to save some money first.
  3. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Went to the beach, 60 mile round trip and nothing fell off. Win.
  4. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Sorted the height today, went for a bit of rake. also introduced it to its younger sister..
  5. Haha, I’m in love with it. It is just Le Mans, just cleans up well and iPhones take pretty decent photos in the right light. it doesn’t look as good, or as bright when it’s out of the sun...
  6. Before, during and after on the 335D I’ve used lots of snow foams over the years and recently got a load of cheap Autoglym Polar Blast.. Jesus it’s thick, it’s like shaving foam. I used to fuck about with 2 bucket methods etc but in all honesty as a daily driver it’s going to get swirly so I just enjoy a clean car rather than perfectly detailed these days.
  7. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Agreed, just going to leave it for a week or so now it’s all fitted so it can settle and find it’s height. I’ll then adjust anything that needs it next weekend - I imagine I’ll leave the front as is and just raise the rear to match it.
  8. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Made it to Waitrose and nothing fell off. Success.
  9. JJ0063

    My new e-furty

    Finally finished the coilovers, I’m going to give it a couple of weeks to settle but the rear is going to have to be raised a bit as the front is as low as it goes so currently looks like it’s dipping it’s arse. The sump is also stupidly low.. I can fit my fist under it that’s it.. apparently you can get engine raisers for these though. also fitted the new AS sticker but it’s made me realise the other one is wonky.
  10. Closest I’ll ever likely be to a car show with me being in Norfuck. Get in. Will likely be the debut show for the e-furty to attend.
  11. Spent a lot of money to me at the time on a 2 year old Astra. Flip key had gone floppy so on my lunch hour I decided to take it apart and fix it. Only had a butter knife and a tiny screwdriver. Prized it open. Knocked a bit of the circuit board with said butter knife, fucked the whole key up. only key I had, had to get recovered home then have an automotive locksmith out at great cost to supply 2 new keys. I was a bit annoyed with myself.
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