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  1. Or as close as poss... You’d need a big car or a van. I’ve purchased a full interior for my Discovery but it’ll cost me a fortune to drive there and back in my Disco because of the 33” tyres. its the front 2 seats, rear row of seats, 2 folding seats in the boot, 4 door cards and centre console. Oh, and the carpet. If anyone wants to earn a few quid and collect it and bring it as close to somewhere near Norfolk as possible then shout me. If not I’ll hire a van for the day as it will still work out cheaper than driving it in my Disco. Cheers.
  2. Life with the new fleet is going well. The 5 series got some black grills and my plate fitted. I took the Disco to the Norfolk Fire Service Charity LR Run and it got a lot of attention. image hosting
  3. So the other half’s Freelander died so I gave the Golf to her and got myself a new daily go compliment the Disco.. 168k 5 series.. why not..
  4. Luckily mine has no previous welding and bar a small amount of surface rust it’s clean. Not planning on full pay & play style off roading, just some green lanes at most really. Took it for a spin today, love it.
  5. Honesty time.. I love it, I find excuses to go for a drive all the time now. It’ll go anywhere, it’s comfy, it’s high up so visibility is great. They tow brilliantly. however I’m glad it’s not my daily.. it’s quite thirsty (28-30mpg on a good day) In standard form, absolutely. Mine is a bit obnoxious, very loud, it’s wide now with these wheels too...
  6. Planning on the waxoyl! Boot floors were D1, these don’t tend to go on D2’s thankfully!
  7. Front arches are on properly now.. too scared to do the rears!
  8. Cheers! Just a 2”, enough to get the wheels on safely. Cheers mate, I honestly love it. There’s so much you can do and so many parts around! So here it is, 2” SuperGaz heavy duty lift kit fitted. Not a huge increase but the wheels now don’t catch. All that’s left to do is fit the arches but I need to get the angle grinder out first... Really pleased with it and can’t wait to go for a drive!
  9. It’s just a £6.99 eBay special however doesn’t have any BSAU markings so I’ll probably end up putting the import plate back on the winch bumper. I don’t! I only have one sticker on it which is sadboiraceclub - a club raising mental health awareness and part of the money goes to charity so I like to support them. don’t have a spare wheel currently, maybe I’ll buy one of those wolf fleeces that old women buy from markets to make up for it?
  10. Thanks! Some will say ruined, I’m honestly really pleased with it so far! Once I get the lift kit on this weekend along with the wide arches I’ll be happy (can’t currently drive it as the 31” tyres are too big without a lift) and they’re obviously not legal without the wide arches. Nothing much else planned for it, I’ll want a winch one day but just want to enjoy it. I’m surrounded by green lanes and have a pay & play site 10 mins away too. Roll on winter...
  11. Thanks mate. Surprisingly good, I had a good check over when we fitted the turbo back straight through exhaust... it’s never had any advisories on rust, no previous welding and doesn’t need anything. In an ideal world it needs a wire brush then an under seal but there’s nothing more than slight surface rust anywhere I’ve looked.. so far...
  12. Hello guys, Been out of the picture for a while, had quite possibly the worst few months of my life, started with returning from 3 days at Silverstone Classic to find my dad dead in his house.. then someone fell asleep at the wheel and wrote the Golf off, step dad diagnosed with cancer, mother in law died, all in the space of two months.. currently pretty head fucked but bearing up. That aside, after the Golf got written off I was paid out a decent amount but felt as though with the amount I’d recently spent on it (new tyres, brakes, suspension etc) it was worth buying it back and putting it back on the road. Paid £334 to buy it back, £174 on getting it back on the road (wing mirror, wheel bearing, alloy, MOT test) then a week later someone crashed into the front of it in a car park! Gave me £350 for the inconvenience but I didn’t fix it. Therefore the Golf is now pretty much a free daily driver. I then decided to spend some of the payout on a toy so got this: I’m now addicted to buying stuff for it though, so it currently looks like this... So yeah, 2 shite cars now. Battered Golf with an odd wheel and the Disco which I adore but will probably bankrupt me... 2” lift and wide arches going on this weekend though.. Good to be back. Jordan
  13. Sorry if I’ve missed this but how on earth do I get the desktop version on my iPhone? If I hold the refresh button down I get ‘Request desktop version’ but the forum software overrides it and it stays in mobile. I literally cannot use the forum at the moment as this mobile version seems terrible. plz halp, miss AS.
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    It won't actually be free though
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